YouTube KEYWORD TOOL Free | YouTube Keyword Ranking

YouTube KEYWORD TOOL Free | YouTube Keyword Ranking

In today’s video, I’m going to show you
tools, that will help you find the best keywords for Youtube. Let’s start with the free keyword research
tools The first tool is HyperSuggest HyperSuggest pulls data from Google, YouTube,
ebay, instagram and a whole lot more. So its a good keyword research tool for many
other platforms too. With a slick UI and the ability to search
by country, this YouTube keyword tool only shows you the first 10 results without an
account, but it includes potential search volume and expands your results based on suffixes,
prefixes, and modifiers. The next
youtube keyword tool free is SEO Stack is a pretty decent youtube keyword
ranking tool. Considering it is FREE! It is basically an autosuggest tool that has
a Youtube specific option. What differenciates SEO Stack is that it also
has a ranking column to help priorities results. It comes with a few other search options to
help you get better results, such as: Choice of where to pull the data from (Google,
Youtube, Bing, Amazon, Ebay) Filters for language and country youtube keyword research free
Youtube gives us autocomplete options when you start typing in a search. So, to start with, you can simply type in
your core idea into the youtube search and see what suggestions it gives. Do you know the underscore technique for YouTube
keyword research? Here’s how it works: First, type a keyword in the YouTube search
box… But, don’t press enter. Now, put an underscore (“_”) and one space
before your searched keyword. YouTube will immediately show you few word
suggestions that appear BEFORE your searched keyword like this: Now moving on to paid options. Video Marketing blaster
This is the youtube keyword research that I use for every video. Not only does it generate keyword for youtube
video but it also provides the title, description and tags. I did a video on this channel below on how
I use Video Marketing blaster. Watch that video for step by step details
on how to use it. Let me show a few examples that it works. As you see here, I am able to get my videos
ranked on the fist page of youtube. Tube buddy
If you don’t have Tube buddy already, check it out. The link is in the description. Using the Keyword Explorer, type the keyword
that you are thinking of. It will show you weighted results and Unweighted
results. In the weighted results, You’ll see a score
that gives you a rating of how likely it would be for you to rank for that keyword. This score is generated by reviewing your
channel and other videos on Youtube. The Unweighted results are generic. You should focus on the weighted and if that
is green then go with it. With any keyword research it all depends on
your goals and the time investment you want to make. I hope this list of Youtube keyword research
tools are useful for you. What do you use for your keyword research
on YouTube ?

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