WordPress video slider with thumbnails

WordPress video slider with thumbnails

Login to WordPress admin Click on Plugins–>Add New Click on Upload Plugin Choose the pro version you have as zip file Click on Install Now Click on Activate Plugin Now Goto menu left side Video Slider With Thumbnails Click on Manage Video Sliders Click on Add New Fill video slider information and save it Now to add media click on Manage Media You can choose video/image etc Now here you can choose video site or custom video You can add custom video and choose mebm/mp4 etc files. Video also support fallback Before add video slider to front end you can preview it Now to add this video to front end. You can simple copy shotcode and paste to page/post Thank you for watching video..

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  1. instead of uploading the plugin you should really either go to the plugins add new section so we can see the picture of the plugin or show the website where you downloaded the plugin from.. this way it will make it easier to identify which plugin you are using. The way you do it in your videos can be difficult for beginners like me.

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