WordPress Tema Yükleme ve upload max filesize Hatası %100 Çözüm

WordPress Tema Yükleme ve upload max filesize Hatası %100 Çözüm

Hi dear bloggers ıf you’re whatching this video, you must have opened a blog and faced a problem when installing a new theme for it now, i will guide you to solve this problem first of all as you see, this is my brand new blog there is nothing in it as you can see by the way, i’m telling this for a blog that building on wordpress platform there could be different procedures for other platforms. fist of all, you should go to your wordpress admin panel for that, you can write here “admin” or “wp-admin” when you write “admin” it will redirect you to “wp-admin” already. here, we enter your worpress username and password here, our wordpress admin panel. normally you have to click on themes button under appearance you can see the theme that installed on your blog at present if you want to add a theme, you should click on add new button. here you can find wordpress’ own themes if you want, you can install one of them too to do this, click on theme, you can see the demo if you click on install, it installs theme, after that, after that if you click on actiate, the theme will be installed and activated on your blog. but there is no problem here, you face the problem, if you downloaded a theme, have a .zip file for the theme on hand, it could be one that you buyed or somthing else, and trying to install it on your blog. Normally to install a zip file theme, click on the add theme button, you should done this already, click on browse button, choose the downloaded theme zip file when you click on the upload now button, theme begins to upload, but after some time, you will face the problem which i did. now let’s see the error message… as you can see, “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” error message. now we will bypass the error and will install our theme. At this phase you should go to your cPannel just delete the text after “.com/” of the link and write “cpannel” and press enter. here you have to login with your cPannel account and, here is your cpannel now go to “file manager” select web root and click on “go” button, you will see your blog’s files and folders in a new tab, now, click on “puplic_html” then, “wp_content” wordpress content, “themes” folder, here is your theme which is already installed on your blog. now, click on “themes” folder and than “upload” button to upload a file to this level. you will upload a file from your computer to here click on “upload” button, click on “browse” button, find the zip file of your theme select and open it. now the zip file is being uploaded to my blog. finished, the zip file of my theme is uploaded to my blog. now you can close this tab. click on “themes” folder again, here is the zip file of theme. it is useless by now, right click on it and select “extract” leave the folder path as it is and click on “extract files” button. ok, the theme is extracted. Close the pop-up. and here you can see the theme folder that we uploaded, and here it is. All the files are under the folder tree. now you can delete the zip file that you uploaded you won’t need it anymore. click on “delete” click on the check box, so the zip file will not go to your trash. ok, it’s deleted. now, close this tab and go to your blog, go to wordpress admin panel, click on appearence, than themes, here is your theme that just uploaded. click on activate button. the theme is being activated. lets see it. click on view site, and as you can see, the theme is installed and activated. it’s full empty. now it’s your mission to fill your blog. good luck with your workings, i hope it helped you, you can find detailed information in the description section of the video. don’t forget to subcribe to my channel. have a nice day, enjoy your blog.

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