WordPress – Create a Secure Password Protected Page or Post

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  1. I loved this video, you rescued me! So, I liked and subscribed.

    Here's what I cannot figure out. I've followed your instructions. Page works great. I have a forums set up for the public. I want to install a separate forum on this page that only Board Members can get to. So, it's NOT seen in the other forums. Any sort of way to do that? I especially like the easiest way cause I love solutions like that since I've been using WordPress and BuddyPress for only 2 weeks.

  2. Good video. This plugin can work on my desired project. What I really want IS a plug-in which allows students to access the course material once they have paid for the course online. Access to the course material is by entering a password. But only if the clients or students have paid upfront otherwise anyone can access the syllabus for free which will NOT work. Help me on this one please.

  3. Hi there… I tried this but where I log out from admin panel and trying to access the page after putting the password. It shows You do not have sufficient permissions to access this data. Am I missing something? Please help.

  4. Nice, but the main question is… how can i change the layout form where you've been asked to enter a password. Because i would like to let my visitors ask for a password so i can get in touch with them.

  5. Thanks for this. I am having an issue though were when I log out of wordpress, I paste the URL, it takes me to the login page. However it also wants a username. Only when I'm still logged into to wordpress do I get only the password request which is what I am looking for so that people can log in with a password only. Do you have any suggestions? I'd be most grateful as I've been at this for some time trying to figure it out.

  6. How do I change the layout of the password protected entry page? And how do I make it so they have to enter the password every time they visit this page?

  7. Once I've published a page, is there an option to make it private – after the publication? This is the shittest site I've ever had to use… Nothing makes sense, it's completely unnatural and counter intuitive.

  8. Hi there, thank you for this video! But I have some problems with this password thing. The page goes all together, the footer is right underneath the header. The field for the password is going through the header. It's impossible to fill in the password, because when you click on that field, the click goes into the menu and navigate to another page. The theme is Astra and I use Elementor. Do you (or anyone) know how to fix this? Thank you in advance! (Sorry for my English, I'm Dutch ^^)

  9. Ok, I have set up this password protected page but if I enter the wrong password, the page does not tell me it is wrong or try again. It just shows me the box to enter the password. How can I put a failure notice on there?

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