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  1. That's where I thought it was, but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the confirmation. Great video even though it doesn't pertain to me.:D XOX

  2. That's SO true! I was really afraid that I will keep gaining weight and I didnt believe what my therapists told me during weight restoration, I discussed every single amount of food..and I had a week where I randomly "gained" 3kg, so my ED was COMPLETELY freaking out, it was like the proof that my therapists lied about the weight gain..
    BUT the truth is: I didnt keep gaining weight, I stabilized around my target weight!

  3. I think what was really important for me was to understand that of course I'm gaining weight sticking to my meal plan during weight restoration, because I was underweight! But if you stick to the meal plan your body physically cant continue endlessly to put on weight unless you constantly increase the amounts you eat.

  4. I have a really great friend who helps me get through the loud voice periods. I'm reminded that food is the fuel for my body… that without it I can't do things I love – run, dance, pull the car gear stick down! I was banned from mirrors because that was a MAJOR trigger… I learned to feel good about myself without having to get acceptance from something that is continuously telling me otherwise 🙂 It's hard and takes A LOT of work… but it's totally worth it in the long run!

  5. Crying. This was the one last fear stopping me from committing to recovery. For some reason my head only accepts that I'm either going to be gaining or losing, I can't seem to accept the concept of maintenance. As soon as I manage to gain weight, I always instantly panic and switch to trying to lose. Watching this and reading everyone comments has really helped me see things more clearly. I think I'm ready.

  6. I think it is important to remember that once you've gained the weight your body still takes a year+ to heal. Weight redistributes. It is a hard process & I think it is important to have a team who get that there is A LOT of work to do post healthy BMI. It is SO good when you realise that you maintain on what seems like 'a lot' of cals. It shows you that 'but I maintain on x cals, I'm different my BMR is different' is a load of ED rubbish.

  7. It can be so hard to up ur intake in the beginning but after pushing through and being in a healthy range again you'll feel so freed!! I felt way more energetic and could do much more things than I could when I had been underweight. I didn't even realise how weakened I had been until I gained back the weight and noticed how much better this actually is for the body! Stay strong, we can all do this together 3

  8. Kati, thank you so much for your videos, I can't stress enough how helpful & inspiring you are! 🙂
    Please could you consider filming a video on how to let teachers know about struggles with your eating disorder and how it effects your work without making it too long/personal? I've journaled about it but what sounds ok to me might not be appropriate?
    (I am in 6th form -age 17- studying for A levels but having to restart this year!)
    Thank you, but I know you're super busy so don't worry if it'

  9. I honestly don't know what I do without these videos. This one made me cry because that is the ONE FEAR THAT HAS KEPT ME STUCK FOR SO LONG. I want to get better, but I am scared getting better means getting fat. Thank you for this video, it is really helpful. I think I will watch it after my weigh-ins so I feel better. Thank you SO much. You have a wonderful gift when it comes to helping those with eating disorders.

  10. I have a close friend that has had an eating disorder and she's not on weight gain anymore, but she's way skinnier than I am and it's frustrating! I am not in treatment because I don't want my parents to know what I'm doing because my mom told me, a few days ago, that if I ever got anything like an eating disorder that she'd take me to arrange my own funeral because she says that I'm so selfish for wanting attention so badly. How can I tell her, but also tell her that I don't do it for attention

  11. Yesterday, I was freaking out about having to gain the weight my treatment team want. For me, it's always been a struggle to fully trust my treatment team because the ED voice gets SO dang loud. After I calmed down I kind of had an epiphany and realized that I DO want to gain because I DO want to live without ED. Sometimes you just have to step away, give yourself some perspective, trust your team, &realize that you won't be gaining forever. One day, I will be ED free& that is worth every pound.

  12. what if you are gaining without any professional help though? and you've reached the point you needed to get to but keep gaining…

  13. But… I have been following my meal plan. And I am exercising… and I've kept gaining weight. SO MUCH WEIGHT. :/ I'm now "overweight". n

    And yeah, I stopped seeing my Dr. In part because I'm so ashamed of how high my weight is and I don't want anyone to know. I feel like I've failed recovery.

  14. Hey I have major anxiety rn so I finally noticed that even after 6 months of recovery I noticed that I gained a little more weight in my lower stomach my whole weight I gained is only in my lower stomach my boobs haven't grown neither have my thighs do you know if the weight even out or will my weight always be in my lower stomach

  15. I think this video is a little triggering. You say “People don’t gain weight without overeating and underexercising” – but the thing with ED recovery is that our hunger queues are all messed up and our brain/hormones need A LOT of time to regulate and send the right signals again. There is also a thing called Extreme Hunger from months/years of starvation which many go through during recovery as well. On top of that, we’re advised NOT to exercise in order to rest the body and get back into the right mindset. So really in recovery there is NO SUCH THING as overeating and underexercising.
    My second problem is the thing with meal plans (which btw not everyone in recovery has a dietician or ed team to help them with). Following a meal plan is obviously a great start, but once you reach that supposed “healthy weight” or “healthy BMI” that your team set for you – then what? What if you keep gaining because this weight is not the weight that YOU are supposed to be at naturally? It’s not a one size fits all, just like we are all a different height! Every ‘body’ is different and has a difference weight in which their body deems “healthy”. For some it could be a BMI of 20 while others it is a BMI of 25. So you could keep gaining after you reach your “target weight” because you are not actually weight restored for YOUR own unique body!
    I love your videos and I know you had the best intentions but this was really triggering and I feel you should have addressed this stuff too so people don’t potentially relapse. X

  16. I gained weight while I was calorie restricting and exercising like crazy.This statement hit me the wrong way.I gained a large amount over time, even though I was restricting.I would try to eat a little more and I put on weight.The cycle kept happening.Look this up and re think your statement.I knkw for a fact I lowered my metabolism little by little and thinking,"Oh,why am I not losing,I'll try another diet and so on.I do not have binge disorder and I exercise regularly.

  17. The only way to not gaining weight is… by EATING. Seriously i started gaining weight when i started to restrict myself. Actually you gain lots of water due to water retention. So throw away th scale. Because your body will do everything for you to survive. Also try not to exercice because if you don't eat enough you'll still be in restriction. So eat, rest, and try yoga, walking and wait… But also the hardest part is to admit that you're not just only a body.

  18. im scared as im self recovering just trying to eat unrestricted as im not underweight or anything. but im scared of letting go of control completely even tho thats necessary… but if i do, i might really become overweight… or obese! thats just a reality i have to accept if i want to recover i guess

  19. This video really spoke to me. One of my biggest motivations for recovering was knowing that eventually I’d reach a healthy weight where I would be allowed to exercise. Finally I was able to run and get that endorphin rush and be sure it’s good for my body.

  20. CAMHS in the uk actually made me keep going up even though I was at a healthy weight and completely dismissed it and it made me relapse i don’t know about the US But in the uk they make you just gain a load of fat and don’t care about nutrition, bone density or muscle weight

  21. I literally keep my food in a normal range and exercise and I’m still gaining weight and I’m now overweight. Idk how much I believe in the “it will stop” anymore

  22. I eat what ever I want but I am scared I will pick up bad habits from it and don't like it but want to put on weight

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