What is Server – How does Server work – Server explained – How server works

What is Server – How does Server work – Server explained – How server works

Hey Guys Wassup, This is Yatin and welcome
again to my channel Tech Karle, Guys you must heard about servers and its
errors like server down server fail or unable to connect to the server. So what is Server in the world of internet
, Today i will tell you what are the servers
actually and how servers are working. So please watch the entire video and Without
wasting time let’s get started. Guys everything which is connected via internet
and has data that is working with servers and uploaded onto servers,
Server is basically a machine or program which is serving us. Friends on daily basis we are mailing to someone
,chatting with friends on any social sites or browsing any website. All content of any channel is stored in any
DATA centre in anywhere in the world so server comes hare to provide you data on your request
from the data centre. Servers can be in form of Normal Programs,
Virtual software’s, Cloud based servers or any dedicated server. Basically all the servers has different working
criteria like you uploaded any photo on your facebook account in 2007 and still you can
find that photo into your facebook account. The uploaded data by you is stored on Facebook
server and its facebook responsibilities to store data and make servers upto date for
all the user around the world. Like everything happening in world on internet
is working with help of servers, No Matter Power down, or any fault in servers.because
every big company has backup of data servers like facebook google and youtube. I hope you understood what are the servers
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  2. I could understand that in a computer when we install server program/software program to act as a server, then the computer machine acts as a server. Now we call that computer machine as a server which contains lots of information and the information in it can be accessed through requesting(search engine) the server. Am I right ?

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