Warehouse Management System in Excel- Complete New 2019…. !!!

Warehouse Management System in Excel- Complete New 2019…. !!!

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  1. Managing the inventory of the warehouse on excel for the storing purposes will ease down the quantity of the stock in various ways. It can be stored, saved and a back up can also be created in the cloud for future references.

  2. hello sir
    thanks for your video, please make a video on below scenario.

    I have stock in my warehouse for 10 items. I received 20 purchase order with these items. how can I use excel to know to which PO, I can supply and how much qty I should order to fulfil pending orders?

    waiting for your video and comment

  3. Very good and instructive video, I would like to know if you could help me to create a simple spread sheet to have control of the assets in my office? Or share this file. Thanks

  4. Thank you for this video dear. I would like to introduce Aliphia, an online inventory management software which makes stock keeping easier and less complicated than using an Excel sheet.

    We invite you to visit our website where you can create a free permanent account:

  5. I bet this video would have been 15 minutes long if every typo was edited out..

    My work keyboard is a Logitech K400, so my excel workflow looks the same as this video.

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