War Robots 5x New Robot Hellburner Kamikaze Gameplay – Test Server 3.6

War Robots 5x New Robot Hellburner Kamikaze Gameplay – Test Server 3.6

♫ [ Square Dance Music playing ] ♫ [ Boing ] [ Bomb Falling ] [ SMACK ] [ Bomb Falling ] ♫ [ Jingle Bells Music playing ] ♫ ♫ Ho! Ho! Ho! I mean what’s up Friends of the Good Mood this is Manni and WELCOME to this Christmas special ♫ ♫ here on War Robots with five times the Hellburner ♫ ♫ What better way could there be to celebrate the Holidays together than blowing up a bunch of robots, and yeah ♫ ♫ So I came up with this idea to put five of them in my hangar to see how much damage we can actually do together ♫ ♫ By using this bot as best as we possibly can five times, okay. So let’s test this right here ♫ We are in the test server of course And I just want to also mention you guys that I’m using this video as well to thank my patrons for their amazing support on [ www. ] Patreon.com Something that I found was also necessary here and long overdue by the way too. So here we go guys with this video which means at the end I’m gonna make a little extra bonus material where I’m going to thank my patrons for now let’s focus on this gameplay here. We’re doing the best we can to stay also alive not just to kill ourselves. This guy right here knew what we were gonna do so he runs away Oooh slightly out of my explosion radius. But you know at least for that he also has to activate his explosion radius, which means he’s gonna take some damage afterwards. So this guy he’s walking in there and look, they’re all standing here three guys at once BOOOM ! I just exploded in the middle of all that. There’s a fourth guy coming in. I’m igniting the ability once more 3……2…..1 BOOOOM ! And I just got three or four people at once with this one guys and this is just amazing because I think that this way we actually reach a high score at the end of the match right ? because keep In mind it deals…what was it, hold on, I have it written down here It deals around…… 27,000 damage when it explodes right ? And when you die you also deal another 13,500 damage on top of that. So there’s a lot of damage involved with being in the middle of a lot of guys, right ? And this way you can really, you know boost your damage rankings by exploding right in between although. That’s something it’s hard to pull off. It doesn’t work all the time, but when it works, it’s very, very awesome ! This guy right here was slightly out of my explosion radios unfortunately he activated his ability And I’m just gonna activate mine. Walk out of his range, and I still got hit though I want to show you this guys. That althougth I’m outside of his range. Because his range is the same as mine right ? And here it is. Here he is exploding, and I am out of my range, and he still got me with it somehow. So, I think that the radius and the explosion is still slightly higher than the radius of the circle actually displayed. And you can see this completely helpless Butch Zenit launcher there. And I’m just gonna explode twice in his face and put all the Thunder and Magnum right in. This way no problem there. Got him killed really easily, and he couldn’t really do anything about it. Now in this case I’m actually activating my ability just to get out of harm’s way. Because standing in the middle of the open with a Strider No wait Specter is the name with a four times Taran on aiming down this way isn’t exactly healthy. So what I did I ran out even if it cost me ten percent of my health it was useful. So I made it or dodged his explosion . And once again, I got two people caught in my explosion at the same time. Dude, This is amazing ! Now I don’t have to focus on the guy in front of me because he’s gonna die. No, he’s actually not going… Oh yeah he is. See, I got him twice. Because if you die you… basically… if your ability runs out you deal damage. And then you die. And you deal damage again, and that happened here. I focus the other guy….the same guy here They’re basically in a squad. I focused his friend here with my firepower and my weapons knowing that exploding will kill the guy right next to me anyways. Here runs my ability out, BOOM right? Explosion 27,000 damage, and then I’m getting killed BOOM explosion again 13,500 damage and he goes up in flames together with me. And the other guy is left with like three percent health. There he you can see right there. He’s actually going to kill himself now. I think Running with the ability. Yeah, that’s how, I think that’s how you use the the Hellburner a.k.a. kamikaze bot here in the game right? You try to make the best out of the explosion. You try to catch as many as you can. You try to dodge the enemy explosion and You try to also make use of the fact that when you die, you also explode once more, right? BOOOM ! Got him. Ha Ha. Hellburner bomb is the special ability called when you kill someone with it. And here once again we also exploded right next to him and took, you know, dealt a lot of damage, and now we are dead, right ? I don’t have any further robots to spawn in, but I still want to see how much damage we have done at the end of this round guys. This is gonna be crazy. He killed us here with his Spectre bot and look how much damage he with four Orkans splashing the heck out of this Fury over there Holy moly! This guy is really taking a lot of damage. He’s almost destroyed you can see there’s one weapon missing. BUT, it doesn’t matter. Here we go with these statistics you can see we have done a million and sixty-eight thousand damage with five Hellburners. Keep in mind this is all level eight equipment. So if you level this stuff up…. imagine you have a level 12 mark 2 Hellburner for example and you just run in there. I don’t know how much damage it would deal then. But I would assume it would be almost three times as much as it does right now. Maybe even more. It would be crazy. You could actually deal a ton of damage with it. If you catch half a team with that, that’s a damage boost like crazy guys. Here I’m just gonna show you a one on one between my Hellburner and a Strider bot. Okay, so I’m down to 94,000 health like I’m almost full strength, that’s okay, right? I’m not down to half health or so. And there is a Strider coming in you can see him dashing around. That means that he’s probably gonna use his dashes. So when I run towards him now he may not be able to escape my my explosion radius again and that is also the intro sequence that you have seen. So I’m activating it now I’m hoping he has no further dashes I’m running in, exploding in his face, and also shooting with a thunder and magnums right ? And [ explosion sound ] And I got him there pretty good. The running speed of this thing even allows you to dodge 9,000 Aphids coming in or uh…things. And then we have this Rhino. The Rhino has a good amount of health, but the Hellburner has too a lot of health, and a heavy thunder weapon. And with the constant explosion around this, you can actually take out Rhinos with this in a close brawl. Even twice in a row, as you can see there. This is crazy guys. I just destroyed two full Rhinos there, by exploding over and over with the Hellburner bomb ability and of course firing with a thunder and magnums at the same time. That is crazy guys. I did not expect to be able to kill both Rhinos. I just want to go in and deal as much damage that I could. I was really surprised to see that this was possible. Anyways, let’s see what we can do against a full Spectre bot with four hydras, okay? Well hydras aren’t exactly the most brawling weapon, and he’s busy with something, so he just jumped here. He doesn’t have his jump ability active. The moment he sees me cominghe ‘s trying to get out of range. But I still catch him here. BOOM ! See he got his, I don’t know, 20… that or maybe I didn’t get him I’m not sure. But and he dies anyways and I got close using these friend abilities, so it’s still useful. And I’m not 100% sure if I did get him with the explosion or not Still we are here spawning again with four times scourge and having the stealth ability active. Of course there isn’t much I can do. I mean I can’t really target to him he deals much more damage than I do and Yeah, I mean I can try to explode right next to him But it’s a I need to get much closer than that. The problem is if I had kept running at him Okay, maybe I would have been able to explode next to him, but the problem is that Umm That I can…. what was the problem? Oh yeah his scourges just do you way too much damage. That’s the problem. I was hoping here his scourges are empty now. I thought he might have a reload now. That’s why I went in but unfortunately I was not lucky He did not have a reload. Apparently he was enough ah.. firepower in there. So look there’s another Hellburner with me running into these two Lancelots are fooling around over there And they’re both being destroyed so bad They have no chance to be…they just get completely ripped apart by these two exploding Hellburners Imagine you have a full squad of these people just running at you I mean yeah, you will be dealing some damage to them, but you know they all explode next to you with that much speed A Lancelot can’t really get out of the way from this one and imagine how much damage you will be able to do. And imagine more and more enemies are there you just run in with a full squad and they all [ boom boom boom ] And then they explode when you kill them too, it’s crazy. It’s gonna be a lot of damage done. This time we’ve only done 600,000 damage. And I just want to show you that it’s really hard to actually perform incredibly well on it Umm Because yeah, you have a bit of damage output yourself, but usually this happens… Enemies see you coming, and they don’t really allow you to explode right next to them, right? That’s a very common thing that I’ve noticed a lot when I played this and and in a situation like this there’s nothing I can do. I could just run in circles, and hope he will miss me a little bit. But there’s not really…. I can’t target this guy he’s on a higher ledge And he’s got way too much firepower for me to survive it. Here he is again with the same bot and Thankfully this time though I catch him and while he’s jumping up here And I got him with this explosion. And the moment he loses the stealth he’s thankfully reloading now at 2,300 hit points of myself. And I was able to get him here with that, but um, you know see It’s incredibly close, and it’s incredibly difficult to actually pull off. Normally you don’t get to be victorious against a Spectre bot with this one. Here he’s busy, and I can run in now and this is… Now I’m good. Now I can hit hit him really good. With the explosion BOOM ! And he goes up in flames. That’s how I want that right ? That’s how you want to kill guys when you play in the Hellburner. You don’t want to kill them with a thunder you want to kill them with the explosion. That’s the main thing. That’s the thing that gives you the fun factor here in this bot. And yeah, I really enjoy playing five of them. Although I wouldn’t really make it as a serious thing. I wouldn’t actually use them here. I’m igniting the ability before he used his ability I stayed out of range, and then I made it so that once I get in close I immediately explode in him. And here it happens what I told you guys before He was really lucky with the timing. His explosion runs off right now BOOM 27,000. Look at my health 66,000. His explosion goes up, BOOM 27,000, and then he explodes BOOM 13,000, and I’ve got both hits directly. And that’s why I lost like fifty thousand health because both things happened. If I had killed him one second earlier then only his explosion, his killing explosion.. would have hit me with 13,500 and the 27,000 wouldn’t have been in there but I couldn’t kill him in in time. Oh, yeah, so what I was gonna say. I would, you know, run around for fun with this bot. But you can’t really play it as a serious hanger. That doesn’t really work very well because the amount of damage you do is… normally like when the enemies are cautious, they will not allow you to run next to them and and explode multiple times. You might get them once, but that’s not enough for you to actually deal enough damage And you have done what 27,000 ? And you have lost a 100,000, so it’s not gonna work. It’s a very rare thing that you can make like a million damage out of this at level 8 That was only working because the fact that we had so many of the enemies standing close together But you know if it happens, it’s great thing nonetheless. Yeah, so I’m just gonna now, uh, this was the Hellburner part, and I’m gonna show you now a little bit more action with focusing on the new Dragoon weapon and while showing you exclusive Dragoon material, I’m gonna also Thank my Patreon(s) and that means I’ll disappear in the lower right corner now, but the gameplay continues. ♫ For those wondering the Patreon page is linked to the video description. It’s a platform ♫ ♫ Where fans and friends can support me directly on a monthly basis. And over the years ♫ ♫ I’ve been able to raise all the studio equipment: camera, microphone, green-screen, and so on directly from the people here ♫ ♫ and this way was able to improve the quality of my content in return, ♫ ♫ to the level that it is today. And in light of that I also want to thank them with all my heart ♫ ♫ So here’s a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to: Zindavy, TOXiC, ♫ ♫ Dominic, Giovanni and Gabby, ♫ ♫ Bammrs, Philip Lokie Jordan ♫ ♫ Hyprion, Maya aka (Keule), Anubis_DFL, MOOnGOd, ♫ ♫ Christ Schendel, Kaz, Stacy Thater ♫ ♫ Mirox 75, Wil, Luc 34, OmegaCybran, Skilgannon ♫ ♫ Dave, Damian, and Brian, Aaliyah’s but two of Nexus ♫ ♫ And also to those whose names are still being shown here ♫ ♫ THANK YOU guys sincerely for all you’ve done for me over the years, and how long you have accompanied me already ♫ ♫ Additionally also want to reserve a special ♫ ♫ Thanks for Dominic ♫ ♫ and Mirox75 for moderating our live streams, ♫ organizing viewer requests, and even ♫ video captions and translations on my videos, which leads me to one more special category to thank: ♫ ♫ eagle222 for French translations, Pablo Montez for Spanish, ♫ ♫ Mirox75 for German and English, G_Lise710 for Slovak and ♫ ♫ Dominic M for English too, and Faroq Alzaro for Arab language, if I said that right hopefully. ♫ ♫ And by the way doing captions and translations is a great way to help out the channel, too. ♫ ♫ This is how you can do it if in case you want to. Make sure to check ‘credit my contribution’ ♫ ♫ afterwards and submit your draft so I can see your name and approve the translation then. ♫ ♫ Yeah, so one more thing moving into 2018 ♫ ♫ I want to start co-op playing and streaming more with patrons. ♫ ♫ On this page there is a perk called co-op patron. ♫ ♫ And I think it’s a great way to make the Patreon page more interactive and fun so that’s what I’m aiming for ♫ ♫ for the beginning of next year. ♫ Alright, so let’s go back to the video actually here because you can see we’re using the Dragoon weapon a lot here But… the problem is that my team is completely losing and we have no chance to actually even turn this around and win this, and the funny thing is when you take a look at these stats later in a few minutes Maybe one minute or so then the stats come in and you’re gonna see it. It’s gonna be crazy Ha Ha Because my team is so Incredibly weak on this one. I don’t know how they achieved to be that weak, but yeah, you’ll be seeing that. So first Let’s take out this guy here With uh.. he’s got the Strider bot, he’s hard to hit. You have got to hit really accurately with these Dragoon weapons to score hits at low distances. And a Strider who’s dodging around is pretty hard to hit. Alright, anyways. Here’s the stats guys And I hope I didn’t promise too much [ frustration sound ] ♫ You know since I didn’t have the 30k subscriber special already because I haven’t had enough time to actually gather enough funny intro ♫ ♫ sequences in the short time you left me from twenty to thirty thousand subs you guys are crazy. It’s amazing ♫ ♫ How fast this channels growing? ♫ ♫ Thanks to you guys. But in light of the fact that I didn’t manage to do that ♫ ♫ I thought it’s time for a really cool Christmas special for you guys and at the same time ♫ ♫ Thank my patrons of course, and yeah, I just wish you guys the most ♫ ♫ beautiful holidays or Christmas season and time ♫ ♫ With your loved ones and enjoy the time. Have a good one, and see you guys around, soon. ♫ ♫ Manni-Gaming signing out, bye bye ♫

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