Vorteile der SAP Integration unserer ECM-Suite

Vorteile der SAP Integration unserer ECM-Suite

SAP-Integration with biz2ECM-Suite Business processes are mainly document-based. Therefore the challenge is to digitize various types of papers,
to archive them centrally and to automate operational sequences. An additional software system for this is laborious and costly not only by means of acquirement: Data has to be added anew, rights and security regulations need
to be defined and employees have to be instructed. A constant synchronization with the main management system will be necessary. Why not save money and time instead? Rather get an optimum use out of what you already have! Here at inPuncto, we consider SAP the leading
document management system and therefore focus on deep SAP-integration for all our products. With our biz淳CMSuite, we enable the solution of all
operational tasks entirely in SAP – Wether concerning digitalisation of different documents, automation of document-specific workflows or MS-Office-integration: Individually or as freely combinable modules, our add-on-Products
upgrade your SAP-system using different cut surfaces to adjust it to the challenges of your everyday business. Provide a clear added value through targeted expansion of your
already present system. Lean products that have been proven in practice guarantee
short introduction and non-SAP-users can also be seamlessly integrated in workflows. Intuitional user interfaces guarantee simple employment for all users. Find out how to get an optimum use of your SAP: Get more information about our products today
or make an appointment for your free webinar. And should you wish for any more functions or possibilities:
Let us know! In constant exchange with our customers,
we adjust our products to fulfill your requirements. Together we develop the solution that matches your business needs. Over 50.000 convinced users trust inPuncto. Benefit from our experience, too, and be part of the joint success.

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  1. Kurzes Übersichtsvideo über unsere #SAP  -Lösungen für Ihr #Dokumentmanagement   mit den wichtigsten Vorteilen für Sie. Optimieren Sie Ihre #dokumentenbasierte   #Geschäftsprozesse !

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