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  1. What if user is logged with FB/G? Can I verify email? Because when I check user token I get email is not verified (only for non google accounts).

  2. How can I manage multiple languages for the email template ? Cause, you know, i18n world. #AskFirebase

  3. I am having a super hard time finding a developer that knows firebase well. I have tried and upwork to find a freelancer. Is there a link that I can use to find firebase certified developers for my humanitarian app for Liberia Africa?

  4. send verification is work and received the mail and click link showed email is verified but android how to check verification is true to redirect another activity i'm using (User.isEmailVerified()==true ) but it's not working and verified to redirect plz answer

  5. I want to observe/listen and redirect to another page whenever the user verified their email address on their inbox, onAuthStateChanged is triggered when user logged in, updated their profile, and logged out, but is not triggered when the user verified their email address on their inbox. Is there anyway I can detect when the user is verified? #AskFirebase

  6. how to setup Email address verification
    "customise action URL" . Why is show hard to make a simple example to work for all app and if somewane want a harder metod is free to change that

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