Tutorial 1 :- What is sharepoint 2010 , sharepoint foundation 2010 and sharepoint server 2010 ?

Tutorial 1 :- What is sharepoint 2010 , sharepoint foundation 2010 and sharepoint server 2010 ?

So let’s start with the first question from SharePoint questions and answers videos series what is SharePoint SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server so in this video what we will do is we will first try to understand that why do we need SharePoint what are these two terms SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server So let’s go step by step now the biggest benefit of SharePoint is it increases organization productivity now in order to understand that how basically sharepoint increases organization productivity it’s first need to understand how basically typically a organization actually works so let’s first understand that how typically organization works how people coordinate what they do exactly now the most important thing in a organization is people so you have people with different roles for example probably you have a person who is CEO of the company probably you have Accountants probably you have a Sales person probably you have technicians who help you execute project or whatever it is so there are people and people have different roles in the organization now as per the roles each of these persons they would be generating data for example the accountant must be maintaining all of it’s data in a excel sheet so all the balance sheet must be day to day general entries are all entered into the excel sheet the sales person would be maintaining it’s presentation into power power presentation into PPT files the technical person would be documenting lot’s of his technical details in to the word document the CEO of the company must be maintaining he’s data into Emails so all of his data all of his important conversion are stored into outlook so in this way every person in the organization is generating data and all this these generated data are in different formats or are in different forms now using this data which are in different formats people would like to collaborate with each other for example probably the accounts department would like to send a daily sales report which is in excel sheet to the sales department the sales department would like to do a verification on that excel sheet and we would like to further send this excel sheet to the CEO and the CEO would like to make a final approval and give a green flag to the accounts department for the cheaq clearance or whatever it is so in other words using this data which are in different formats people would like to collaborate with each other they would like to discussed with each other and they would like to achieve shorten goals of the organization in simple word what people want is they want one central point from where everybody can share information and they can collaborate so basically they want one point of contact or one point central place where every body comes and post his documents then it is go via approval process etc.. and that’s what exactly SharePoint does for us now as a name says Share Point in other words it’s a central point in our organization where people can share data they can communicate they can collaborate now when i say central point at the end of day this is a website a central website which can be a internet portal which can be internet portal defining what is sharePoint SharePoint at the end of the day is a platform which can be used by your organization people to connect collaborate and to share data in a seamless manner now the next question you would ask me is that what will be developer do in this because when we say that people want to collaborate data they wan to share data it look’s like this is mostly for the end users who are like accountant or who are like sales person so what is developer doing in this or what is a role of the developer here in today’s world business process any business wants customize software so customization is one of the important aspect when be talk about software industry now even though SharePoint provides a ready made platform where people can share data they can collaborate they can communicate but still people want to tell her this platform as per the requirements and there is were exactly developer coming to picture what SharePoint does is SharePoint is exposed his own API or i can say rather in technical words i will say a SharePoint object model and this object model we can consume in visual studio and tell her the complete SharePoint platform as per the new requirement or as per the requirements of organization so in other words SharePoint exposes complete object model which the developers can leverage and a tailor and customize as per the current process so now let’s defined SharePoint completely end to end SharePoint is a plateform where different kinds of people or different roles of people can share data they can collaborate and this platform can also be customized as per your current business process so at the end of the day SharePoint is nothing but it’s a platforms where people can share data they can collaborate and we can also take this platform and customize the platform as per our need now there are two flavors of SharePoint the first one is SharePoint foundation now the SharePoint foundation is nothing but it’s it’s free version you don’t have to pay any money for SharePoint foundation now the second version of SharePoint is called as SharePoint Server 2010 now this is the paid version of SharePoint now this SharePoint foundation is nothing but its is your base framework it is a base framework of SharePoint on which SharePoint server 2010 actually stands so you can think about that SharePoint foundation is for basic requirements while SharePoint Server 2010 is more of enterprise requirement enterprise solutions for example if you want to really differential between SharePoint foundation and SharePoint Server 2010 let’s just make a small table for comparison so this is the SharePoint foundation and this is the SharePoint Server for example let’s say search now in SharePoint foundation you can do a basic search for example you can search with a document you can search by using a text by putting some and conditions or conditions but in SharePoint server you can definitely do all this things but addition to that let’s say that you want to search within a page or let’s say that you want to search through out the site site level search or let’s say that you want to search only in the user data base let’s say so here like the search requirement very basic where else if you look at SharePoint Server the search requirement actually it’s bit advance or it has more futures like on the page level on the site level or one the User database the second point is office integration in SharePoint foundation we don’t have a great office integration actually like very basic once we have you can view the document etc in excel etc but it’s not tightly integrated but in SharePoint server what you can do is you can connect to the SharePoint server using excel or access or power point etc.. so all office software’s can act as a direct client to your SharePoint Server so you can use MS-Access you can use Excel you can use Power Point word to connect to Microsoft SharePoint Server so that one big difference between SharePoint foundation and SharePoint Server the one of the other big difference is from the reporting as aspect in SharePoint Server you have you can derived report of analytic of how many users have to come to the site from where etc.. in SharePoint foundation you don’t have anything as such for the aspect of knowing the analytic of the website so in this way there are endless differences between SharePoint foundation and SharePoint Server but set and done SharePoint foundation is the core framework on which your SharePoint 2010 is actually extended and definitely free version is a free version definitely there should be limitation on different services provided by the free version and paid version paid version definitely you will have extra futures on that so before you initiate any project what i will suggest is to look at the requirement and see that if the SharePoint foundation is enough for it in-case SharePoint foundation is enough for it the probably you do not need to buy Sharepoint 2010 because definitely it is costly as compare to SharePoint foundation 2010 so that’s the first thing there are two different product in SharePoint two major difference product in SharePoint one is the foundation which is a free version and the other one is SharePoint Server which is a paid version now let’s discussed about the different hardware and the software requirement we need for SharePoint to function properly the first thing is your box your machine let’s talk about that let’s talk about the hardware first now the hardware on which the SharePoint should be installed should be minimum 4 GB RAM it should have at least 80 GB hard disk NTFS minimum it should be 2.5 gigahertz multi-core when i say 2.5 gigahertz then this should be per core so if you have dual core then every core should be at least perform with this rate of 2.5 gigahertz and very important is this hardware should be 64 Bit compatible remember that now we don’t get SharePoint in 32 Bit so we have either 64 Bit or either nothing so insure that the hardware what you have should be 64 bit compatible on this hardware we need to installed windows server 2008 64 Bit again remember 64 Bit is very important there is no instillation for 32 Bit so that’s surprise which is there in SharePoint 2010 so windows server 2008 again 64 Bit and with this don’t forget to install IIS 7.0 so at the base you have hardware of 64 Bit compatible with 4 GB Ram 80 GB hard disk dual core multi core whatever it is on this hardware you need to installed windows server 2008 64 Bit and ensure that IIS 7.0 is also installed now in SharePoint all the data get stored into Sql Server so in other words you create a site configuration of the site the date of the site everything get stored into Sql Server so on the top of windows server 2008 you need to installed Sql Server 2008 enterprise or express edition remember that if you are installing express edition then it has a limitation of 4 GB probably for the SharePoint site that won’t be enough of a long run the next thing is at the end of the day SharePoint is website so it also needs ASP.NET now once you have installed all these prerequisite on the top of it first thing you need to installed from SharePoint is the SharePoint foundation which we just discussed in the previous section of the video without SharePoint foundation you can not install SharePoint Server 2010 so because this is the core framework and then of top of this in-case you have paid money and what SharePoint then you can install SharePoint Server 2010 so that’s complete hardware and the software requirement for SharePoint so if you want to minimally run SharePoint these are the necessary requirement you need to fulfill so in this video what we have did it in this video we started first we discussed why do we need SahrePoint and we defined SharePoint first then in the next section of the video what we did is we talked about the two flavor of SharePoint that is SharePoint foundation and SharePoint Server and we discussed the differences between them and then finally what we did is we talked about the hardware and the software requirement which is need for SharePoint in the next video will talk about how exactly is SharePoint architect ed because as i said that this complete video series is for developers which is not for end users so as a developer what we are interested is we are interested in this API this SharePoint object model which is exposed which we can consuming visual studio so if we know the structure of this API then we can take better control of the SharePoint platform so in the next video will talk about the architecture of this API or of this SharePoint object model and will see that how we can better use the same in our visual studio to customized the complete SharePoint platform THANK YOU VERY MUCH 🙂

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