Turn your TP-LINK WiFi router to a NAS server

Turn your TP-LINK WiFi router to a NAS server

In this video we will connect an external USB drive into TP-LINK WR1043ND V3 router and share it using storage sharing function First, we just login to the router using username/password as usual admin/admin Now we will click USB Settings then
Storage Sharing Follow the prompt Plug an external USB drive into this Router, wait for 10 seconds and then rescan the volume. We will connect USB to the router now USB led is light up Back to Web guide, we will rescan to find the USB storage, and here you go Access router sharing folder by typing \ we can see the shared folder named volume1 We can explore it as other shared folders Now let’s try to stop the service and access the share folder again Cannot access Start it and now you can access Storage Sharing folder from your WR1043ND V3 router Thank you for watching, please subscribe and like us for more useful videos related to router, OpenWrt and DD-WRT firmware

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  1. If anyone is wondering how to access the files as a "'hard drive" instead of this method (ie you want to use it for plex, or other applications where you have to select a drive or folder and can't this way), you need to map it as a network drive. Go to "this pc", where all your folders, devices, hard drives are located etc and you should see "map network drive" at the top (assuming windows 10). Click that, and it will ask you what the drive letter should be, and the folder. For the folder, it should be \ .. where volume1 can be whatever you named it.

  2. This will not work. If you are trying to do this in order to just access your media without having your pc running, it will not work unless you have an actual NAS device. The reason is that Plex Media server is running off of your pc NOT THE ROUTER.

  3. Routers with usb using usb drive makes decent security camera nas storage for single camera.

    1 camera= good, 2 camera=crash (weak router processing power).

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