Toeka Stoor – Memorabilia that will Mesmerise you!

Toeka Stoor – Memorabilia that will Mesmerise you!

People from all walks of life and with widely differing interests all find Toeka Stoor is a fascinating place to visit. Toeka is an Afrikaans word that is difficult to translate. Google Translate’s best efforts are “past”, “gone by” and “long ago” which starts to give an idea what can be expected when visiting this amazing collection. Other translations could be “yesteryear” or “bygone”. The authors of South Africa’s biggest bilingual dictionary clearly also struggled with the translation and the best they could come up with was: “from the year one” or “from time immemorial”. Stoor simply refers to a store, warehouse or barn of which there are actually more than one on the farm, including lots of items on display outdoors. The owners, dr Johan van Deventer and his wife, Gesie (currently the Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality) both admit that they suffer from the same “disease”, being suckers for punishment when it comes to antiques. The amazingly diverse collection reflects exactly this, revealing that they must have attended numerous auctions in the past. Some of the descriptions for Toeka Stoor found on the internet include: “Toeka Stoor is the Afrikaans name for the Van Deventer’s fascinating warehouse of antiques. The collection stretches across various buildings, which also double as a coffee shop serving light meals and function venue. There’s a play area for children, clad with de-commissioned road-signs and enough to keep fascinated adults busy too: vintage cars, an old steam engine, antique sewing machines and many more. Every single thing here has a story.” “Toeka takes you down memory lane with antique tractors, old farming equipment, vintage cars and great food. A place for family and friends to experience the peace and tranquillity of yesteryear.” “If you are fascinated by ‘stuff’ from years gone by, there is a whole barn and yard to explore at Toeka Stoor on the farm Domaine Brahms, north-west of Paarl.” “Toeka Stoor is full of ‘goeters’ (memorabilia) to mesmerise you and some of it is even for sale. You can also join them for breakfast, light lunches and/or something to drink.” The theme even continues in the menu with John Deere Burger, Massey Chicken Burger, Chevvy Quiche of the Day, Volksie Ribs & Wings and McCormick Springrolls. And what better to finally swallow it down with Railway Coffee, very strong coffee & condense milk, enjoyed from a genuine blikbeker (tin cup). Many of the cars and tractors are still in full running condition while others, even though they cannot drive any more, their engines can still start.

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  1. Dit was so goed of ek was daar, baie goeie idee wat om te verwag van Toeka, ongelooflik, so bly vir mense wat die ou goed bewaar, weet jy of van die model speelgoed trekkers te koop is, baie dankie vir die video

  2. I have asked that the moon is not full in the 14th october 2019 video? And the black part of the moon is on the right in the video of june 10, 2014 and the bkack part is on the left in the video of october 14, 2019???

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