The Unit | 더 유닛 – Ep.28 : The Unit Final 2 [ENG/2018.03.15]

The Unit | 더 유닛 – Ep.28 : The Unit Final 2 [ENG/2018.03.15]

(Special live stage) Hello. We are back. This is The Unit’s final stage. I will announce the current candidates of the ninth place of Unit B. (Chan, Jeup, Hangyul, and Suwoong) Chan, Jeup, Hangyul, and Suwoong. They are the candidates. (Chan, Jeup, Hangyul, and Suwoong) (Suwoong) (Lee Hangyul) (Kang Yuchan) (Chan, Jeup, Hangyul, and Suwoong) We are halfway through the middle of the voting process. (The voting is closed.) With your mobile votes, the ranks will be changed all the time. I look forward to seeing your participation. It’s time to meet 18 members of Unit B. First, “Dancing with the Devil”. “Dancing with the Devil”. “Dancing with the Devil”. It’s a stage of nine members who will catch people’s hearts. I wonder who gets to sing the highlights of the song. Let’s see now. (Jun, Timoteo,) (Ji Hansol, Donghyun,) (Seyong, Jeup,) (Rock Hyeon, Hangyul,) (Suwoong) (A selection match for the killing part) – In two, three. Hello. / – Hello. – Unit Plus. / – Unit Plus. Since it’s the final, we would like to say thank you. Thanks for treating us like your brothers. We wanted to say thank you for a long time. – Thank you. / – Thank you. We’re the ones who are thankful to you guys. I think you guys do a better job than us. – Thank you. / – Thank you. We will see your performance now. – Good luck. / – Good luck. Let’s do this. I knew he was good, but he was even better this time. I like his idea about the sidekick. (Wild side-kick) You can elaborate a little. (Suwoong) I think there are some moves that you can work with. Thank you. The dance you do in the middle. (Dancing) (Hangyul) Hangyul didn’t really dance for that long. It was his first time to make dance moves by himself. But he did so well. (Donghyun) I think there is a key dance move. I groove with the rhythm. And the beating heart. It’s like a collect call. He looked relaxed and he didn’t look nervous. That’s something I always wanted to learn from him. (Jeup) Jeup, you are a good singer. I think you should concentrate on your singing. – Okay? / – Okay. (Rock Hyeon) (His eyes change.) He did it well. He did. (Thumbs up) Thank you. Amazing. You are good at singing and good at making dance moves. Amazing. What is this that you did at the end? – I did it like this. / – Does it mean anything? I learned the meaning of whisper. Since the song is about the devils, I wanted to express devil’s whispers. He said, “I won’t be able to do this.” I could see he prepared so much for this. (Top three dancers are nervous.) A choreographer is here. A choreographer. I feel so nervous. – You can do this. / – You can do this. You look great. Gosh. Your gaze is sexy. I can only see his eyes. I can feel something strong. My life depends on this. There are so many choreographers here. There are. (Seyong) There are some good dance moves. (Powerful) (Ji Hansol) Gosh. He did dance moves that we won’t be able to copy. He looked so good. (Who will win the part?) (Rock Hyeon) (We are supporting you, Hangyul.) (“Dancing with the Devil” by Timoteo, Donghyun,) (Rock Hyeon, Seyong, Suwoong,) (Jeup, Jun, Ji Hansol, Hangyul) (Rock Hyeon) (Jun of U-Kiss) (Jun, Timoteo, Ji Hansol, Donghyun,) (Seyong, Jeup, Rock Hyeon, Hangyul, and Suwoong) (You can listen to “Dancing with the Devil”) (on every music websites.) Awesome. I am telling you. These boys got class. They did their own choreography. They prepared a lot for “Dancing with the Devil”. They are awesome, right? Press the number to vote for your member. Write down your favorite member’s gender and number. Please do not put a space in between. (The voting is closed.) I am sure you can see it on the top of your screen. You can see their genders and numbers. For your favorite member, please do not put a space in between and send it to us. Their gender and number. (The voting is closed.) All right. Next up is the second stage of Unit B. It’s time to see their performance. I heard that they will show you guys explosive manliness. “Lead Me”, will be performed right now. (Euijin) (Ko Hojung) (Feeldog) (Daewon) (Kijung) (Dongmyeong) (Chan) (Marco) (Lee Geon) (A selection match for the killing part) (of “Lead Me”) – Hello, we’re / – Hello, we’re – High Five. / – High Five. – Please support us. / – Please support us. Let’s do this with good spirits. I thought you guys were going to hit me or something. We are all charged up now. The past five months felt short and long at the same time. We could feel your sincere messages and supports. We thank you all for that. There are times when you guys complimented us randomly. It surely encouraged us a lot. Thank you for teaching us. We will show you with our very last performance. – Thank you. / – Thank you. You guys can do this. – We can do this. / – We can do this. – We can do this. / – We can do this. Let’s go. (Kijung) You choreograph the dance moves pretty well, Kijung. I expected the contrary. – Thank you. / – My goodness. (They applaud at Kijung’s compliment.) Kijung shocked me. He improved a lot. (Marco) (The unexpected killer move causes laughter.) My gosh. (Looking cool) Will you work with me? I love stuff like that. You’re definitely a slayer. His moves are lethal. (Chan) That’s good. You did well. (Bowing) Thank you. I think Chan is really great. You can see a lot of effort behind his moves. I’d like to work with his choreography if anything. (Ko Hojung) You seem like you’d have a delicate personality. Am I right? – Yes. / – Right? It all surfaces through dancing. It’s like looking at an oriental painting. – Gosh. / – The delicate guy. (Delicate guy) (Lee Geon) The overall flow is great. Thank you. I think he brought out the point moves well. He plotted it out thoughtfully according to the song’s concept. Hello, I’m Daewon. Everyone in front of me got complimented. The pressure kept building up. (He begins his routine full of pressure.) (Mistake) Can I try again? I’m sorry. I was nervous. – I’ll try again. / – You can do it. – You can do it. / – You got it. – You, go. / – Nice. You can choreograph well too. Thank you. You’ve definitely gotten better since you started The Unit. You’ve been resourceful to everyone starting with Dongmyeong. You’ve gained a lot here. I really thank The Unit. Thank you for putting together a new dream for me. Feeldog. – Feeldog. / – Feeldog. – Feeldog. / – You, go. I’m Feeldog. Hello, I’m Euijin. (Full of expectation) (Their dancing only deserves praises.) When it comes to their dance skills, I cannot dare be compared. Euijin’s moves are well suited for the center. It matches well and it’s just beautiful. You’re both talented without a doubt. (Of course, they’ll get praised, right?) But I’m a bit disappointed this time around. Individually, you’re both amazing. But for group performances, you have to tone it down. It’ll be better to complement the group’s flow. Maybe I was so focused on making my highlight that I forgot to be considerate to the members. At that moment, I just felt selfish. I’m disappointed with myself. – Dongmyeong. / – Oh, no. – Dongmyeong. / – All right. (Gosh, Dongmyeong.) – I made a mistake. / – Good job. That was good. You’re a surprise too. This was your first time, too. This was my first attempt ever at choreographing. – Gosh. / – You killed it. – Dongmyeong. / – You’re really something. You’re amazing. You have talent. In terms of progress, Dongmyeong has come the furthest. In the beginning, during “My Turn”, you were almost hopeless. Now, you’re here choreographing dance moves. It’s a true success story. (It’s a prime example of success.) After hearing that, I was glad to have joined The Unit. I didn’t make the wrong choice. I’ve done well up to this point. I just had a lot of thoughts running through my head. It kind of teared me up. (Who will have the highlight of “Lead Me”?) (Unit B, “Lead Me”) (Daewon is the center.) (“Lead Me” by Hojung, Kijung, Daewon,) (Dongmyeong, Marco, Euijin, Geon, Chan, and Feeldog) (You’re the best, Kim Kijung) (Lee Euijin) (We love you, Feeldog) (Euijin, Ko Hojung, Feeldog,) (Daewon, Kijung, Dongmyeong) (Chan, Marco, and Lee Geon) (You can listen to “Lead Me”,) (the song for the final performance,) (on every music website now.) That was the performance by the coolest guys I’ve ever known. All right. As this was the final performance, the members choreographed “Lead Me” themselves. You know how to send the text message to vote, right? Please make sure to send the name and the number of your favorite member without space. (The voting is closed.) That was the end of the performances of Unit B. Rain. What do you think? First of all, I’d like to say both the team who sang “Dancing with the Devil” and the team who sang “Lead Me” are great contenders. It’s hard to decide who is better. But I’d like to compliment a few. Rock Hyeon. I didn’t know he was such a talented choreographer. I was surprised this time. Rock Hyeon secured the overall background singing with his voice and so did Jeup. I want to praise on that. And I want to praise Dongmyeong in the team of “Lead Me”. I got to realize that you can achieve what you want if you try so hard. At first, he couldn’t even dance at all. But now, I can see that he has improved a lot, which makes me pleased. Thank you. Now, Hwang Chiyeul, what do you think of the performances? Although this was a live performance, they showed us wonderful and attractive performances. Thank you for that. I think those who watched both the performances would be really confused about whom to vote for. It’ll be so hard to choose. I was mesmerized by the performances of the two teams. I’d like to say thank you to the members for showing the best performances without being nervous. So now, we’ve watched all the final performances with their new songs. There is not much time left until the text message voting is over. As the performances are shown, the voting state changes rapidly. So, it’s hard to predict the rankings. Did any change happen to the candidates of Unit G and Unit B? Or are the former candidates still in there? Now, let me reveal the candidates for the ninth places. First, the current candidates for the ninth place of Unit G. Please show them to us. (Lee Suji, Jiwon, Woohee, and ZN) Lee Suji, Jiwon, Woohee, and ZN. These are the four candidates. Next is the candidates for the ninth place of Unit B. Please show them to us. (Kijung, Jeup, Hangyul, Suwoong) They’re Kijung, Jeup, Hangyul, and Suwoong. These are the four candidates. (Kijung, Jeup, Hangyul, and Suwoong) If you want your favorite idol singer to join the final members, please vote now through your text message. (The voting is closed.) We don’t have much time left until we close the voting. Before we check out the result, let’s see why the camp the 36 members stayed became full of tears all of a sudden. Let’s see what happened to them together now. (The snowy, last day on the camp) (Those who’ll be in charge of the killing parts) (will be revealed.) Which member of our team will be chosen? I think it’s Lee Geon. It’s like a movie is starting. It’s either Timoteo or Rock Hyeon. (The one who will sing “Ting” is) (Somyi, the cute oddball.) It is a great choice. Who is it? What is it? – What? / – What’s the matter? Hi, Jun. It’s your dad. (It’s the voice he never imagined.) It’s your mom. It’s your mom. Surprise. – It’s your mom. / – My goodness. It’s your mom, Jiwon. – It’s your mom, Jiwon. / – Gosh. (Suddenly standing up) Hi, Kijung. – Hi, Dana. Good job. / – He startled me. Hi, Hayoon. Surprise. Yoonjo, my daughter. It’s me. (Startled) Hi, my son Hyunggeun. (Shy) We’re pleased to see you happy. I hope you can enjoy yourself as you are. My dear Donghyun. I saw you have a cold and lost a lot of weight on TV. My heart is broken. But what else can you do? This is what you have wanted to do so much. – Right. I have no choice, Mom. / – Right. – She is… / – I’ll enjoy myself. – Hi, Dongmyeong. / – Goodness. – Gosh. / – Are you doing well, my brother? – Gosh. / – He is more handsome than Dongmyeong. I’ve never said this because it makes me cringe, but I like the fact that you’re my twin. Keep up the good work until the last moment. ♪ You will be looking at me ♪ ♪ You will love me ♪ Let’s go, Yebin of DIA. Yeoeun. Peekaboo. Good luck. Good luck. (They crack up at the cute message.) Hello, my son. The most beautiful daughter in the world, Semmi. Are you doing all right, my son? I miss you a lot. Hi, Euna. You’ve been doing such a great job so far. You’re nearing the end, but please try your best until it’s over. – Hi, Suji. / – Goodness. – Gosh. / – Your mom is beautiful. Your dad and I wanted you to feel better to see this nice view, so we’re sitting here. But his legs are shaking now. I can feel that. I’m cold. There is a song about the light of yours. I’m sure you guys will be the light in the world someday. Your mom and I will support you with all our hearts. Let’s go, Hangyul. I’m sorry that I can’t be of much help. When you hurt your leg, I was so upset. But you kept moving on as if nothing happened. I’m grateful for that and I love you so much. You’re having a hard time shooting the show, right, Seyong? If you make this time as a great chance to overcome the hardships on your own, I think it’ll be of great help in your future life. My daughter Yebin. When you said you wanted to become a singer at first, I didn’t like it a lot, so I feel really sorry about that. When you said you’re happy even if it’s tough, I was touched a lot. There are not that many people who feel happy while doing their jobs. To do the things you love, you must stay healthy, so please take care of your health. I love you, Yebin. Good luck. – Good luck. / – Good luck. You start it first. My beloved son, Daewon. When I think of all the things you’ve gone through so far, I suddenly get teary. I’m proud of you, but I have been frustrated because your dream is not something that can come true fast. I was so glad to see that chasing your dream made you happy. – Just like this. Yes. / – Like this? – We love you. / – We love you. This is embarrassing. Your mom is adorable. Even though Timoteo is my son, he’s close to me like a daughter. On the show, I realized how great of a singer he was. I was really happy when I was watching the show. I know how hard you are trying, Timoteo. So, I can’t tell you to try harder. Instead, I’ll wish you luck. Bye, Timoteo. One day, (NC.A’s mother) I asked this without giving it much thought. I asked you what you had been doing with your life. And what I said hurt you. When you told me that you wanted to have a part-time job like your friends, so that you wouldn’t have to get an allowance from me, I realized that it was wrong of me to say that. That’s been bothering me always. I will root for you as your fan for the rest of my life. I hope that you’d continue to put on great performances. I love you, NC.A. (I love you, NC.A.) When he first made his debut, it felt really great. It was a joy bragging about him to other people. Before The Unit, when he was on a break over two years, I asked him about the possibility of making a comeback. He told me that he would be performing again shortly. I was heartbroken when he kept telling me to wait a bit longer. Suk, we’re always rooting for you. My favorite performer is you. – My gosh. / – Good luck, my son. – Rock Hyeon, my acquaintances / – My goodness. compliment so much about you. So when I go out, I’m always smiling because I’m so happy. I wish you would be happy with the outcome. I wish you’d be part of Unit B and perform on a lot of shows. Thank you, Rock Hyeon. We’ll be praying for you. I love you. (Rock Hyeon’s mother) Where did he go? – Goodness. / – What? – What’s happening? / – What is it? – No way. / – What is this? – What is it? / – No way. – No way. / – What is this? What? Why? (Her mother has shown up.) – Why? / – Really? – My gosh. / – Hey. My goodness. Seriously? What’s going on? Why are you here, Mom? – No way. / – You’ll never cry, right? (A sense of security after a long time.) – Hello. / – Hi. Good job. – You’re really here. / – Seriously? (Their existence is their strength.) My goodness. Hey, Timoteo. (With untiring passion,) (their families have been protecting them.) – What is this? / – Why are you crying? – I don’t know. / – This is… My gosh. He’s so adorable. (Their families are their permanent fans.) We’ll let you listen to the song first. And we’ll show you what we’ve been preparing so far. – Right now? / – You guys know what to do, right? Yes, the one we just did. – It’s the ultimate fan footage. / – Right. I’ve never been this nervous before. (Video filmed by their parents) (They want to put on the greatest show) (for their beloved family.) Look at Timoteo. He’s putting in a lot of effort. (They give a standing ovation.) – Seriously. / – My goodness. – It was too intense. / – I mean… – Let’s bring them to our practices. / – I agree. – I love it. / – We did a fantastic job. Everyone did so well all of a sudden. – Hansol was so good. / – Thank you. But your son is right here. (But your son is right here.) Why is she looking at someone else’s son? (Her son is Timoteo.) She should take care of her son. (Meanwhile, this kid looks very serious.) (They are captivated.) (Looking chic) – Wish us luck. / – Please wish us luck. – Just say, “First place.” / – Right. – Look at him. / – Please. Please just say that once. – Please. / – Say it just once, please. If you do, we might win. Wish us luck. Good luck. Thank you. He’s adorable. (They are ready to reveal) (what they’ve been preparing so far.) (NC.A) Right next to me, we have the other performers of The Unit. 90 idol singers whom we had to say goodbye are joining us today. – Joo. / – Yes? What have you been doing lately? Well, I have been enjoying writing songs after the show. I’ve been focusing on writing songs I didn’t get to write. – So, you spent a very blissful time. / – Yes. Are there any changes after starring on The Unit if there are any? Firstly, I met such great friends and colleagues through the show, so I have been spending a lot of time building friendships. – Right. There are many of you. / – Yes, indeed. – You made a lot of friends. / – Yes, I did. I bet this will be a hard question for you. Which performer are you supporting today? Should I be honest with you? Please be honest with me. I… – I got it. / – Okay. Now, I know which performer she is supporting. – Thank you. / – But when we look behind us, we can see familiar faces who joined us on The Unit. I’m very happy to see them. I’m happy that they seem content. (Kim Jiwon) Please root for them. I ask you to show them your support. Support The Unit. All right. While the clips were being shown, I spent the time to vote. My gosh, but when I saw the parents in the clips, they were just like my parents. You’ll watch the last performance from these 36 singers soon. When the performance ends, the voting will come to an end. If you haven’t voted already, please hurry and cast your vote now. (The voting is closed.) Just like Joo, whom we saw just now, you must have been curious to find out what the other performers who left The Unit have been doing. Let’s check out their story after The Unit. (An outing of familiar-looking girls) We came here for a photoshoot today. So, I was dragged here after being woken out of sleep. (Anne, Gaeul, and Sebin starred on The Unit.) (They are growing into respectable ladies.) My participation in The Unit provided me with a lot of learning opportunities. I will try to put the best performances as a member of S.I.S. in the future. To Unit Makers who had shown me support, I love you all. Thank you. These are sausages with vegetables. They’re serving this today. (She loved the sausages with vegetables.) Thank you for the food. (The sausages with vegetables were a hit.) Hello, I’m Soya. After going through hard training on The Unit, I found sides of myself that I hadn’t known. I realized that I was capable of doing something. I think that motivated me into releasing an album. Hello, everyone. I’m Casper. I came here to promote a film. (His pitch is shaky.) (Casper is a creator of new lyrics.) (He’s broadening his range by acting in a film.) Please support The Unit. Don’t forget about me, and I’d like to ask for your support too. Bye. (February 5th, 2018) (It’s freezing as the temperature falls short) (around minus 10 degrees Celsius.) (Who is about to fulfill his military duty?) Hello. (Raehwan of Bigstar) (Screaming) I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to hang out before my service. You don’t know how hard I tried. No, we will hang out. You did a great job, Raehwan. You were great, my friend. Well done! – Yes, well done. / – Great job! Great job! I gave it my all. (When he has been chasing after his dream,) (he faces a turning point in his life.) – Thank you. / – Be safe. Just as the performers on The Unit are beginning their career, please don’t forget about me. Please remember me. I will serve our country with bravery. Salute. – Goodbye. / – Take care. – Bye. / – Write to me! Reply to my letters too! (We look forward to seeing stronger) (and improved version of Raehwan.) (Knowing how hard the 126 performers) (tried to achieve their dream,) (we sincerely wish the best for them) (to be the youth with full of light.) (Present by The Unit) (Dana, Semmi) (The voting is closed.) (The voting is closed.) (The last night at the training camp) Everyone, today is our last night here. My gosh, it feels so weird. It feels like it was just yesterday we did the mission for “My Turn”. Before I realized it, there were only 18 of us left. I’ve been waiting for this to end, and now I feel like it’s all done. Our long journey on The Unit. I came onto the show while thinking that I couldn’t do anything here. Me too. I was really scared. I’m not a good dancer. I’m not that expressive either. I thought that I’d be eliminated in the process. I thought that it could be a waste of time, but my time on The Unit… – I learned so much on this show. / – So did I. – I learned a lot about performing. / – Right. It toughened me up too. Ms. Hwayeong helped me a lot. I’m happy. This show made us famous. This is a bit sad, but we weren’t famous enough – to be invited to awards ceremonies, / – That’s right. so I’ve never been invited nor performed there. But we get to perform on this show like performing is given. As an idol singer, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I think I’m slightly scared. I have mixed feelings. If I don’t make the cut and go back to my old life, I don’t have a lot of work anyway. Sometimes, I can’t wait to work. – Stop feeling dejected. / – Exactly. Let’s do this! To be honest, both of us don’t have any work lined up after this. I think I’m going to feel so empty and sad when this program ends. When I first started, I didn’t have a lot of fans. People didn’t know who I was. I started with nothing, but after seeing my rank go up, I wanted to give back the support. It meant people acknowledged me. I was so thankful. I’d be sorry if I don’t do a good job. That’s why I wanted to do a better job. Since everyone joined this show, – everyone’s goal is to make the cut. / – That’s true. We must make the cut. I think I benefited a lot from starring on this show. Even if we are not on the same team, we are like a big family. – Okay. Let’s sleep. / – Everyone. – Good luck, tomorrow! / – Good luck! – Let’s do this! / – Good luck! – Bye. / – Get some sleep. – Bye. / – Team High-five, good luck. – Good luck. / – Rest up. I’m going to bed. Bye. (And the day of their departure) One, two, three. – Great work. / – Well done. (Their last practice ends.) – Good work, everyone. / – Good job. – Let’s do this. / – Let’s do a cheer before we end. – One, two, three. Let’s go! / – Let’s go! – Thank you for your help. / – Thank you. – Thank you for your hard work. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Jiwon. / – Bye. – Seriously. / – Yang Jiwon. – ZN. / – What will happen? – Let’s finish strong! Good luck! / – Good luck! Let’s go! Let’s go home now. – Let’s go. / – Go home! (What does The Unit mean to you?) Right before a candle goes out, it’s in its last embers, but when you kindle the flame, the fire starts blazing again. It’s something like that. It’s like when the fire was about to go out, it started again. This program, The Unit, was like a mirror to me. I got to look at myself as a singer. I have learned a lot. During my time on this show, I have grown mature. A sign? It showed me the road I should take. It felt like belated growing pains. I felt quite a lot of growing pain on this show. I realized that in some areas, there are things that I could help other performers. I felt that I could give small advice to others. I found that very intriguing. I created choreography and ended up doing it on stage. We came up with our own theme too. We always did things that we’d only get to experience on this show. It’s finally over. Everything we prepared for half a year is finished. My gosh, it’s our last performance. It’s all over now. This is the last. – It’s all finished. / – They’re making me feel sad. This is making me sad. – It snowed a lot. / – I know, right? – Thank you. Goodbye. / – Thank you, KBS. – You’re the best, KBS. / – Goodbye. Our last day at the training camp is over now! – Let’s go home! / – Let’s go! – Bye. / – We’re going home. Bye, bye! It feels weird. Take care. Goodbye. – Take care. / – Hurry, hurry. – Good work. / – Get home safe. Bye. (They head toward a new start.) (To friends of Unit B) I joined the show with the intent to make it my last. That’s why I wanted everyone to do well more than before. I thought this would be a survival like a war. I ended up rooting for them. I’m thankful that everyone put on a great show. I’d like to thank other performers for motivating me. We shared all of our difficulties, happiness, and sadness, which made me feel like we became a family. They give me strength. I can rely on all of them. I feel like I’ve gotten a treasure. A treasure chest. The fact that I became friends with other performers has become the most meaningful benefit. Our sincerity to succeed is our uniting factor. Separating with friends whom we created such bonds with is the saddest thing. I just loved it when we all just smiled at one another. Just sitting all together talking and laughing… The time we spent practicing together is going to be missed a lot. I’ve always wanted an older brother. But now, I have so many. The opportunity to learn like this with so many seniors is very rare. I’ve been so thankful that everyone was so willing to approach me. We definitely worked hard enough. I hope we’ll receive a lot of support in the future and stay confident. I’ll sincerely pray for only happy days to come. We all took the courage to come here and did well. I believe that there will be many good things to come. Each and every person has become so precious. I hope we can end it all with only good memories. I’m very thankful for all the amazing memories. I hope I’ll see everyone doing great on stage. All the memories of the time we spent together and everything else will not be forgotten. Let’s do this all together until the end. It’s just the end of The Unit. It doesn’t mean we’re separating in real life. (Pausing) I love you, guys. We’ll be meeting often. (To our friends in Unit G) I’ve made so many good friends. I’ve become less lonely at The Unit. Just gaining friends to share a real talk with is a very thankful thing. The memories of us sweating it out and sharing meals are going to be the most memorable. I’m so thankful to everyone for struggling together. I’m so happy. I’ll never be able to forget. Things can either get harder or more joyful. I hope we can stick together through thick and thin. I’ve received so much optimistic and positive energy. You made me stronger. Thank you, everyone. You know, team spirit. That’s the one thing that I’ve learned about the most. The others gave me so much courage. They trusted me and rooted for me. That’s what enabled me to take courage and carry on. I’m sure there were times when I became a lacking burden. Thank you for guiding me and not leaving me behind. There was so much to learn from everyone. It’s an honor to have worked with everyone. There were so many younger ones. But it’s regretful that I couldn’t be nicer. I hope we’ll all meet again as we work. Let’s not forget the moments that drew us together. I hope we’ll all have the chance to shine. I want everyone to do well. I think there is no shortage of possibilities. We’re all stars that need to shine. I hope we’ll prove that all together and face the curtain drop with gusto. Good work, everyone. I hope we’ll all get to meet again on the other side. I hope we’ll all do well to hear success stories from everyone. I wish only good things and brighter days ahead. You’re all such precious and able people. Be confident. Have strength. Let’s go. This is The Unit’s Final. Facing me is a group of talented individuals who have proven themselves through five missions within an initial pool of 126 people. There are 18 people each from both genders. A total of 36 idols are standing before us. Among them, only nine people from each group will move on to become global stars with Unit G and B. Who will be chosen by the Unit Makers to create the final dream teams of nine? (Final Units Announcement Ceremony) The final members will be chosen through a combination of online and the text message votes. We’ll begin now by announcing the final nine members from each group. Should you be called, please come forward. Like the previous announcements, ninth place will be announced last. Now, we’ll begin by announcing the eighth position of Unit G. With a total of 61,023 votes, “the strong silent type” is the best adjective to describe this candidate. (Semmi) (Yebin, Chahee) Who will it be? (Unit G, eighth place) In eighth place, is ZN. Me? ZN. You’re in eighth place. Please come forward. Many people are congratulating you. Among the nine candidates of Unit G, ZN has been selected first for eighth place. (ZN, eighth place with 61,023 votes) Yes. Everyone is sincerely congratulating you. Please stand at the center. Okay. – ZN. / – Yes? I couldn’t have imagined, – but my name has been called. / – That’s right. I’m very shocked right now. I’m at a loss for words. – ZN. / – Yes? Don’t you feel a bit jumbled up right now? I do. But please indulge us by telling us how you feel. Gosh. We all worked together for six months. I thank everyone in Unit G who stood by me and the fellows in Unit B as well. You all worked so hard. I’m thankful to everyone who supported me. I’ll work hard. Thank you. – ZN. / – Yes? Are your parents here? – They’re not here today. / – How come? I really wasn’t expecting this. – Really? / – I told them to watch me on TV. All right. The final eighth place of Unit G is ZN. – Please take a seat. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – A round of applause, everyone. As you all may know, this was being broadcasted live. People are being selected on site. It’s making me very nervous as well. Okay, next up is the announcement for seventh place. Who will be our seventh finalist? (Lee Suji) The votes are being counted as I speak. The seventh finalist that we’ve all hoped for… She is… (Unit G, seventh place) Congratulations, Woohee. (Woohee, Unit G, seventh place) Woohee. Please come slowly to the front. (Woohee, seventh place with 66,054 votes) Our Unit Makers have thoughtfully spoken. With 66,054 votes, we have selected Unit G’s seventh finalist. Again, I congratulate you sincerely. (Seventh place, Woohee) – Woohee. / – Yes? How do you feel right now? I’m not sure how I can put this into words. I’m so happy. I’m so happy that The Unit has given me so many happy tears. Thank you so very much. Are your parents here with us today? Yes. Please say a word for them. Mom. Whenever I felt anxious, my mom always assured me that I’ll make it. I think that’s what got me here today. I love you, Mom. Woohee. My sincere congratulations. You always seemed to worry a lot. But congratulations. Please go ahead confidently and take your place on the seventh seat. Thank you. (Lee Suwoong, you’ve done well.) All right. Okay, now we have two finalists sitting here at the front. It’s now time to make the announcement for sixth place. Sixth place. Who will it be? The votes have just come in. This finalist has received 68,193 votes. This finalist has always inspired beauty with her enthusiasm for the stage. Who will be the sixth member? (Unit G, sixth place) In sixth place, is… Yang Jiwon. I sincerely congratulate you. (I love Yang Jiwon) (Semmi) Always tackling everything head on with optimism, Jiwon has always impressed us with her performances. The third selected finalist is Yang Jiwon. My deepest congratulations. Jiwon. Yes? How do you feel? Please give us a word. I really couldn’t… I was ranked eighth, so I thought I definitely wouldn’t make it. (Yang Jiwon sixth, Woohee seventh, ZN eighth) I found myself lacking so much when I came here. But I’ve learned so much from my younger friends. I’ve also gained so much confidence. Go on. I thank the Unit Makers and The Unit. Thank you so much. Jiwon. I love you, Spica. – Jiwon. / – Yes? Are the Spica members here today? – Yes. / – Oh, really? I see. Give them a shout out. Give a shout out to your fellow members. I’ve missed you so much. Thanks for coming. Narae isn’t here today. But Boa, Sihyun, Bohyung, and Narae, I love you so much. Let’s all get back together soon. Thank you so much. I love you. Okay. Jiwon, – I give you my congratulations. / – Thank you. I wish you the future with full of smiles as a proud member of Unit G. Please confidently sit on seat number six. All right. It’s time to continue by announcing our fifth place. Personally, I’m very curious to see who our dear viewers have select. Fifth place has received a total of 72,090 votes. Our fifth finalist, I think, is full of hidden charms and talents. Who will be the fifth finalist? (Unit G, fifth place) Now I know who has been selected. I actually predicted this. In fifth place, is Lee Hyunjoo. – Gosh. / – It’s you. During the final performance, she showed us a bright and lovable display with “Ting”. In result, she has received many votes for fifth place. Congratulations. (Lee Hyunjoo) (Fifth place, Lee Hyunjoo) – Hyunjoo. / – Yes? I sincerely congratulate you. Thank you. Please tell us how you feel. During the past half year, I’ve been with The Unit. I realized how precious each day was here at The Unit. I’ve been so happy. I’ve gained such a passion for the stage. But, today was the final performance. I worked hard to give it a good send off. I felt that I did well. Thank you so much for a new start. – Okay. / – Thank you so much. Hyunjoo. Is your family here? – Yes. / – Where are they? Stand up, please. Are you her mother? Or… – I have my mom, / – Oh, you’re her grandmother. – dad, and… / – Is she making a heart? Your father is here too. Yes. Father, grandmother. Please express how you feel with your entire body. Okay. Hyunjoo, you must feel amazing. Yes, I feel great. Congratulations. Thank you. My deepest congratulations. Please sit confidently on seat number five. Thank you. (Lee Hyunjoo) Next up, we’ll be announcing our fourth finalist. You can tell just by her gaze, through The Unit, how she has gained newfound skills and confidence. She has secured a total of 78,519 votes. The fifth selection for Unit G in fourth place is… (Unit G, fourth place) Is… Yoonjo. That’s right. Many of your fellow members are congratulating you. Your work ethic was very visible. Your willingness to do your best has always been impressive. (Yoonjo, fourth place with 78,519 votes) – Yoonjo. / – Yes? You’ve managed to secure fourth place. Are you happy? Yes. – I couldn’t have even imagined. / – I see. Please tell us how you feel. First, I thank the Unit Makers for your support. I would like to first thank CEO Han Sungsoo. And also, my family, my friends from Hello Venus and NU’EST, thank you. I thank you, my friends. I’ll work hard to show you a better Yoonjo. Thank you. And I love you, Mom and Brother. Are your mom and brother here today? Yes, they’re here to see me. Are your fellow Hello Venus members here too? Yes, they’re here. – I’m on stage again, girls. / – Okay. All right. But, who did you miss the most? Who was it? Of course, that would be my mom. – I see. / – Yes. Mom, thank you for raising your immature daughter. I’ll look after you from now on. – I love you. / – All right. Now, please walk to your seat while showing us your charm. Sit charmingly, okay? We’ll expect something now. In one, two, three. All right. Okay. Goodness. Okay. My gosh. I think I’m going to cry. What’s happening to us? – My gosh. / – Oh, my. – This is real. / – My gosh. There are 13 remaining female idols on stage. However, only four seats are left. Who will be the next female finalist? Now, we’ll announce the third place. This finalist has received a total 82,074 votes. She showed us a perfect performance with increased stage confidence. In third place, is… Congratulations, NC.A. NC.A, congratulations. NC.A’s stage presence has always been solid. She has taken Unit G’s third place as a full-on idol. Congratulations. (NC.A, third place with 82,074 votes) (NC.A) – NC.A. / – Yes? Did you expect being in third place? Earlier, when my name was mentioned as a ninth-place candidate, I got very nervous. I didn’t expect this. I thank the Unit Makers for this fantastic position. As much as you have trusted me enough to vote for me, I’ll work hard to not let you down. Thank you. All right. Honestly, you were listed as a ninth-place candidate. Your mother was gazing on with such a sad look on her face. Ma’am. Where are you? Please stand up briefly. Your daughter has made third place. Are you still sad? (NC.A, Unit G’s third place) It’s the best feeling, right? Now, please express yourself with your whole body. In one, two, three. – Okay. Now, NC.A. / – Yes. I sincerely congratulate you. Please become a better daughter and look after your mother. Thank you. Don’t forget that sentiment you keep in your heart. Okay. Is there anyone else who you’re thankful to? Someone that comes to mind right now. There are so many people. But first off, I’d like to thank my fans who have supported me for so long. A lot of my fans have come to see my final performance. There are so many familiar faces. Thank you so much. I also thank my friends who took off their work to come see me. Thank you Sohee for coming. My sister is here as well. She always pretends not to care about me. But I know you always look me up online. – Thank you so much. / – All right. NC.A. You’re Unit G’s third-place finalist. Please confidently take your seat. Another big round of applause, everyone. (NC.A, Unit G’s third place) – I’ve been crying so much. / – NC.A. All right. And now, only the first, second, and ninth places remain for Unit G. Before, we see Unit G fulfilled, Unit B will… – No. / – What? – No! / – You can’t! Everyone, I’m sorry. I don’t choose the order of events. Let me say this again, but the fulfillment of Unit G will be revealed a little while later. Now, for Unit B. We’ll begin with the eighth place. This is Unit B’s finalist… The eighth place. (Unit B, eighth place) With a total of 70,000 plus 7,337 votes. Again, 77,000 and 337 votes. This person has incredible charms to become the stage’s focus point. Eighth place (Kim Jiwon) goes to Kijung. (Kim Kijung) (Kim Kijung, Lee Hangyul) (Eighth place, Kijung) Kijung, please come forward. (Eighth place, Kijung with 77,337 votes) (You’re the best, Kim Kijung) All right. He is the first member to join Unit B and is ranked in eighth place. Kijung showed great passion and worked hard. – Kijung. / – Yes? How do you feel? First of all, I’d like to thank the Unit Makers. Also, I want to thank my family including my grandpa, my grandma, my dad, and my mom. I made it! Kijung. – Is your family here? / – Yes. Can you guys stand up? (Eighth place, Kijung) I see. All right. Please say a few words to your mom. Mom. I’ll keep working hard so that you can concentrate on your health. I won’t let you struggle anymore. Also, I’ll be a proud son, so you wait and see. I… Mom, you can relax now. I love you! Something suddenly peaked my curiosity. When Kijung’s name was announced, San E was overwhelmed with joy. San E? Is there a secret partnership going on? Well… Of course, I’m happy that Kijung got the spot. But Hyunah said that it’d be Kijung and she was right. – Hyunah? / – Who will be in seventh place? I think it’ll be Suwoong. – Suwoong? / – Cautiously, she predicted that Suwoong will be in seventh place. All right. So Kijung, congratulations. Now that’s been said, please go and sit at seat number eight. (Eighth place, Kijung) Next, I will announce who is in the seventh place. He’s a hard worker who has a positive attitude. His bright smile is always impressive. Gosh. I secretly thought that he would win a spot. I’m happy for all the others, but seeing that he did makes me quite proud. In seventh place is… In seventh place is… Daewon. Daewon, please come forward. A total number of 77, 886 votes came in for Daewon. Daewon, congratulations once again. Daewon. Congratulations. Thank you. I know that you have been more desperate than others. Please say a few words. The standings kept on fluctuating earlier, so I was very worried about where I’d stand. This is a higher ranking than I expected, so I’m very grateful. I showed you all how much I desired this. I’ll work harder from now on to show you how sincerely I wanted this, so thank you. I want to thank my parents, and my biggest gratitude goes to my brother. – Thank you. / – All right. Daewon. Lee Geon, who you were in Madtown with, – is still waiting to be called. / – Geon… Please say some encouraging words. I’ll be waiting for you, so hurry up. – You better be here. / – All right. I can’t wait to see what he’ll show us as a member of Unit B. Please take the seventh-place seat. (Seventh place, Daewon) Next, I’ll announce who’s in the sixth place. He received a total of 78,504 votes. On stage, he is sexy and charismatic. But offstage, he is pure and innocent. In sixth place is… (Unit B, sixth place) Congratulations. It’s Ji Hansol. (Ji Hansol) (Sixth place, Hansol) At some point in the show, Unit Makers started to address him as a performer who always delivers. He delivers nothing but perfection. You’re in sixth place. (New Kid, Ji Hansol) – Hansol. / – Yes? Please say a few words. First of all, I’ve been through a lot of things. So, I’d like to thank the Unit Makers for supporting me and worrying about me. I thank all of my friends who came here tonight to show me their support. Also, I’m grateful to my family too. My mom, my sister, my brother, and my brother-in-law, thank you for coming here today. I’ll keep doing my best to look good on the stage I desired to be on. I promise to constantly improve to be the best version of myself. Thank you. Congratulations. Hansol, you are in sixth place. Please take your seat at the sixth-place spot. (Ji Hansol) (Ji Hansol, sixth place) Next, I’ll announce who’s in fifth place. His charming facial expressions and glances catch our attention on stage. He received a total of 81,606 votes. In fifth place is Marco. (Marco) (Fifth place, Marco with 81,606 votes) (Marco) (Fifth place, Marco with 81,606 votes) All right. The sweat he shed in every mission put him in fifth place today. (Marco) Marco, congratulations. Marco? Stand in the center. All right. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. You’re in fifth place. – Right. / – Please say a few words. I honestly didn’t know that my name was called. Anyway… I’m happy. – Marco. / – Yes? This is your first time in the top nine. Thank you so much. – Thank you. / – You won by coming up from behind. – Right. / – I saw that when Marco’s name was called, his father yelled “Hurrah!” Sir, could you please stand up? Please say it again. Thank you. That is what I call the power of genes. You and your father look so much alike. – Marco. / – Yes? If there’s anything you have yet to tell him, please tell him now. All this time, I haven’t been the most obedient son. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him and… I don’t know. I love you, Dad. Mom, Dad, I love you. Also, my relatives are in the audience as well. I thank them all for coming out here today. (Marco) Marco, I still remember how you were the first time we met. You said very proudly that he’s from Gwangju. I thought that he had grown up somewhere abroad, but I liked his domestic swagger. It was amazing. All right. Now proudly go and sit on seat number five. – Congratulations. / – Thank you. Thank you so much. (Marco) Unit B is a group consisted of nine members. Out of the top nine, I have already revealed four of them. Right now on stage, 14 performers remain. But there are only five more seats to fill. Let’s continue and reveal who’s in fourth place. Watching him makes me want to perform on stage too. That’s how charismatic he is. He received a total of 82,170 votes. In fourth place is Feeldog. In fourth place of Unit B captivated the hearts of Unit Makers with his various charms. It’s Feeldog. Congratulations. (Fourth place, Feeldog with 82,170 votes) Feeldog. How do you feel? I want to thank all the Unit Makers for constantly voting for me over the course of six months as they got to know me better. I will cherish your votes and work hard to not let you down. I promise to always be great on stage. Thank you. – Feeldog. / – Yes? Your mom and dad are here, aren’t they? It wasn’t a short trip here. Please say whatever you want to say to them. I learned that my words and actions can hugely encourage someone out there. I want to thank my parents for making me who I am now. I love you. All right. – Feeldog. / – Yes? I think your father expected your name to be called because he brought flowers. He’s wearing a big smile on his face. I think he expected this. He brought his son flowers. Oddly enough, my dad was certain that I’d make it. I’m glad that I was able to make him proud. All right. Please take your seat as the fourth spot of Unit B. Sunghak, Jude, I love you guys. (Feeldog is adorable!) Raehwan, I love you too. The next member I’m going to call is in the third place. He received a total of 90,510 votes. He’s not only talented but also charming. He’s absolutely perfect in every possible way. (Third place of Unit B) In third place… is… In third place… In third place… In third place is… In third place is… It’s Ko Hojung. (Ko Hojung) The member in third place of Unit B is Ko Hojung who showed off his charms no matter what genre he was assigned to. Congratulations. (Third place, Ko Hojung with 90,510 votes) Hojung. – Yes? / – How do you feel? I don’t know what to say. First of all, I’d like to thank the Unit Makers and the fans of Hotshot for helping me stand here today. Thank you. Also, I want to thank the staff as well as the producers, writers, and cameramen for helping us take the stage. I’m also grateful to everyone, my friends, and colleagues on this stage too. All right. – Hojung. / – Yes? – Are your parents here? / – Yes. Please say a few words to them. Mom, I love you. I’m not good at saying so, but I do. (Ko Hojung) My members are here too. – My members. / – Your members? Call them out. Junhyuk and San, I love you guys. I made it. There is one thing I’m curious about. Jo Hyunah. Why are you so happy? – She’s insane. / – I… – She guessed everyone right. / – Yes. – Did you guess Ko Hojung right? / – Yes. – I did. / – She got three of them right in a row. – I predicted one after another. / – Did you? – I’m amazed. / – Can you not talk about that? – Please, I’m asking you. / – But… – I’m sorry. / – It was taking too long. She’s the one counting the text votes. – Exactly. / – Yes. – Hyunah, I’ll ask you one thing. / – Yes? Okay. Let’s make a prediction – Okay. / – for the male ninth place. The ninth place. It’s coming. Is he here? – All right. / – The ninth place is? In my opinion, I think ninth is… We don’t have much time left. Please make it quick. I will pick Suwoong. Okay, Suwoong. She predicts you will be ninth. What about the girls? Chiyeul, why don’t you tell us your guess for the female ninth place? I’ve been getting it wrong all day today. I trust Hyunah. What do you think? For the females, I think ninth is… She has good predictions today. – Yes, I made good guesses. / – Yes. It’s impossible. All right. – We’ll stop there. / – Okay. Now, it’s time to find out Unit G and Unit B’s first and second places. They received the most love from our Unit Makers. They’re also key members who will lead the two units. Who will be in first place? First, Unit G. We’ll meet the two first-place candidates through the screen. Please show us the candidates. (Unit G’s first-place candidates) (Euijin versus Yebin) All right. The first candidate is Euijin. The second candidate is Yebin. Even if one of them doesn’t become number one, she will be in second place. This means, they still made it into the nine-member Unit G. Now, who will be in the first place? All right. We will reveal the winner now. This is a decision made by Unit Makers. The honorary winner received 108,066 votes. It’s… It’s Euijin. Euijin, please come up to the front. Many people are congratulating her. The winner of Unit G voted by Unit Makers is Euijin. (Hong Euijin, you’re doing well. Go for it.) All right. Many people are congratulating you. – Euijin. / – Yes? Please say a few words. First of all, our rankings changed numerous times. I was very nervous because of it. I didn’t have high expectations, but I was awarded the first place. I want to thank Unit Makers for making this happen. Great. Are your family members here? Yes, my parents are here. So are my members! I see your father. Euijin. Great work. You worked really hard. Congratulations. – Thank you. / – Now, I want to call up Yebin. Yebin won second place. You should walk up confidently. Yebin received a total of 83,910 votes. She is in second place. Please come up to the front. (Baek Yebin) – Yebin, you won second. / – Yes? Please say a few words. To be honest, I was nervous due to the many changes. I looked to my side and saw my mom. She had her hands together and her eyes closed. I want to thank Unit Makers for voting for me. I want to thank my parents and DIA members too. Also, Somyi who participated with me, and our fans. Of course, the production staff as well. Thank you for helping me. I also want to thank all the contestants of Unit G and Unit B as well as our mentors. I will work even harder from now. Thank you. Great. They were in first and second places. Please go take your seats in first and second places. (Yebin, second place) Congratulations. Is that my seat? Hurry up and take your seat. Hurry up. – Sit down. / – Congratulations! – Sit down. / – Congratulations! Okay, we’ll continue on. Now, it’s Unit B. We’ll find out who is in the first place. Now, everyone. Which members do you want to see as the top two contestants? We’ll reveal the two contestants through the screen first. Show us the contestants. The first contestant is Jun. The second contestant is Euijin. Both of them are talented, so it wouldn’t be a surprise no matter who wins first place. (Euijin versus Jun) Now, who will be the winner? I’m curious too. The winner is… Hwang Chiyeul! Gosh, thank you. Please sit down. I thought I was in first place. You startled me. – You surprised me. / – The first place is… We’ll announce it now. The winner is Jun. He received 165,309 votes. He is the honorary winner. Please come to the front. (First place, 165,309 votes, Jun, U-Kiss) Euijin too. Euijin. Hold on just a moment. We’ll bring you to the front after we hear a word from Jun. Jun. Please say a few words. First, I want to thank you all. Also, my mom and my dad. They came to cheer for me. Thank you for raising me. Also, my little sibling is here. Thank you. U-Kiss members. Kiseop, Soohyun, Hoon, and Eli. – Great. / – I won! (First place, Jun) – Jun. / – Yes. You should say something to your parents again. When you talked about your parents last time, you cried a lot while singing. Right? Yes. Please go ahead. Jun’s hand… The hand holding his microphone is shaking. I know I’m not good enough. But, you always led me to the right direction. Thank you. I love you. Now, second place is Euijin! (Second place, Euijin) Euijin, please give your speech. I’m excited to see it. (Second place, 164,838 votes, Euijin, Bigflo) Please make your way to the front. Euijin, congratulations. – Euijin. / – Yes? In the beginning, – Euijin asked for my advice a lot. / – That’s right. He wasn’t sure how to map out his future. However, you won second place. Please say a few words. I started from the 17th place. I want to thank Unit Makers for making this possible. I won’t forget this. I will use this as my foundation to move further up. I’ll make sure not to disappoint you. Also, thanks to my parents for coming here. Bigflo members, and my crew members, the backup dancers, and everyone here including the staff, I want to say a word of gratitude. Lastly, I want to thank Rain. – Thank you as well. / – Thank you. Now, congratulations to you both. Euijin is in second place, and Jun is in the first place. Please take your seats with pride. Congratulations. – Euijin. / – Yes? How do you feel? Actually, I had a lot of concerns until now. I thought the age difference would become an obstacle. However, I was able to break free. – I will start anew. / – Great. Please make a nice pose. With the two additional members, I’m excited to see the future performances from Unit B. I will applaud all of you. With that, we have all the final members except for the ninth members. There is only one last spot left. We only have the ninth members remaining. We already have eight female and eight male members sitting down. Who will be joining them as the last members? It was a close battle for the ninth place. We will reveal the four candidates first. Everyone. The four candidates. First! We’ll start with Unit G. We will reveal the four candidates for the ninth place. (Jiwon, Euna Kim, Lee Suji, Somyi) The first contestant is Jiwon, second is Euna Kim, third is Lee Suji, and fourth is Somyi. It’s more surprising since some members weren’t expecting it. We can see how powerful mobile votes can be. I think all four of them would be anxious and nervous. I’m really nervous as well. Now, who will be the final member of Unit G? Who will it be? The ninth place is Lee Suji! – Lee Suji! / – Lee Suji! – Lee Suji! / – Lee Suji! – Lee Suji! / – Lee Suji! – Lee Suji! / – Okay. Congratulations. The twist was more dramatic than a Korean drama. The last member of Unit G received 60,954 votes. (Ninth place, 60,954, Lee Suji) What do I do? – Suji. / – Yes? Please say a few words. (Ninth place, Lee Suji) Right now… When you calm down, you can say your speech. First of all, thank you so much. Thank you for supporting me, cheering for me, and voting for me. I’m so thankful to my fans, the Unit Makers, and my family. I thought I would be standing here with Euna Kim. But, I’m here alone. Today, all of The Ark members came. I’m very thankful just for that. I feel like my dream came true. I’m very happy. It was such a precious time. I’ll try not to whine anymore like a child. I’ll do even better for Euna too. – Thank you. / – Great. Lee Suji received the honor of becoming the last member of Unit G. Okay. Please take a seat in your chair. With that, all nine members of Unit G have been selected. Please give them a round of applause for their future. (Euijin, Yebin, NC.A, Yoonjo, Lee Hyunjoo,) (Yang Jiwon, Woohee, ZN, Lee Suji) The mobile votes changed the ranking drastically. We’ll now reveal the male ninth place. Currently, we have ten idols still standing on stage. There is only one spot left. Who is the last member that will sit on this chair? Who will it be? I’m curious. Again, there are four candidates. We’ll reveal them first. Who will become the four candidates? Candidates for ninth place. We will reveal it now. Yes. The first contestant is (Chan, Timoteo, Jeup, Donghyun) Chan. The second contestant is Timoteo. The third is Jeup. The fourth is Donghyun. In the preliminary votes, Jeup had the highest ranking. Donghyun had the lowest ranking. Do you think the mobile votes could have changed this? Or did it stay the same? What will be Unit Makers’ decision? What will it be? We’ll reveal the result right now. Unit B! Who is the last addition to the team that is in ninth place? The ninth place is among the four of them. The ninth place is… Chan. The rankings changed the most for those in ninth place. Many people are congratulating him. He is the last member of Unit B. With 74,367 votes, Chan is in ninth place. Congratulations. (Kang Yuchan) (Ninth place, 74,367, Chan, A.C.E) Okay. – Chan. / – Yes. Please tell us how you feel. Right now… My mind is going blank. I don’t really know what I’m saying. First, I want to thank everyone related to The Unit for giving me the opportunity. My mom and my aunt came all the way from Jeju Island. I love you so much. I really do. Also, the members who are with me… My… A.C.E! A.C.E members! Also, everyone at our company, thank you. All the performers worked hard. I will grow to work even harder. I’ll become a good performer. Thank you. Great. Your members are here today. Are your family members here? Yes, my mother and my aunt. Please say a few words to your mother. (Ninth place, Chan) Mom! (Kang Yuchan) I love you so much. Thank you, Dad, Mom, and Aunt for letting me start this career. I will work even harder to repay you. I will… (Kang Yuchan) I will do my best to become a son that you’re proud of. I love you. Great. Now, you can walk up proudly to your ninth-place chair and take a seat. Thank you. I love you, Jun! Yes. It’s so moving. (Jun, Euijin, Ko Hojung, Feeldog, Marco,) (Hansol, Daewon, Kijung, and Chan) Yes. Now, please take your seats. With that, we now have selected nine male and nine female members for Unit B and Unit G, respectively. Seeing the final members of Unit G and Unit B gives me high hopes for their future performances. Please give your applause to the final members of Unit G and Unit B. You can meet the final members of Unit B and Unit G again through a special show. On The Unit Special Show, you will not only see a performance by the 18 members, but we will reveal the team name they will be a part of from now. I hope you look forward to it. That’s not all. In March, there will be a fan meeting at Gocheok Sky Dome. They will also become models of a global burger chain. You will be able to see them in various outlets. Unfortunately, some of them did not make the final cut. However, with the same dream, they put up a good competition. The 18 members in front of me as well as the 90 other participants, I want to thank you all. Also, great work. I want to tell you that you were all amazing. For many different reasons, many people (Thank you for watching The Unit.) watched The Unit. (You can go to our official website) (to check the rankings.) Thank you mentors and other celebrities for all your help. Jung Seongtak, Kim Hwayeong, and Kim Yongdeok. Thank you. While watching the show, you might have asked why you never recognized such talents before. If you thought that way even for a single person, that would be a grand feat for us. That is what I believe. Please join me in yelling out “The Unit” to close us off. Let’s put together a perfect idol group. We’re… – The Unit! / – The Unit! Thank you for everything. (I love you, Yang Jiwon) (You’ve worked hard, Lee Geon)

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  1. Suji break to my heart when she going something about euna….. . I’m so sad when she is not including inside the top 9 she is most talented girl allrounder

  2. I'm so upset. Dongmyeong's choreography should have been used for the chorus. It's honestly a lot better than the one they chose. And he isn't even my stan so I'm not being biased. (Was honestly hoping for feeldog or eujin to come up with smth cool. They did but like they said, it's not for groups.)

    In the end, the dance wasnt very eye catching and I fast forwarded a lot because it was so boring. Unfortunate :T

  3. There were so many talented contestants. It was good to watch but Rock Hyeon was robbed. He has an amazing voice, great dancer. Just all around great person and performer. Hopefully another music company will recognize a great talent and offer him a contract.

  4. Wait, so I don’t really understand this show. Are they in a group together now? Or did they just come here to show how good they are?

  5. This is so sad because literally every contestant I fell in love with from the beginning to the end and all of them deserved second chances

  6. Jun of U-Kiss is really consistent from the 1st ranking up to the final ranking…All Rounder indeed.. Can be a Rapper,Vocal or Dancer..

  7. Last year, I felt so bad because hangyul didn't made it in the top 9 but now, I'm thankful because if hangyul won in the unit, I don't think he will participate in producex101. I thank the unit because they made hangyul more famous and known. Now, hangyul is starting his own path… He is starting to bright, he is starting to shine.

  8. I came here for Jeup cuz this boy HIT THE NOTES & HAS THE FACE OF MY FUTURE HUSBAND AaAAAhhHHHHHH. I got into them too late huhuhuhu

  9. Instead of complaining that other contestants should’ve been in the top 9, why don’t you just be proud and happy for the top 9 contestants. They’ve worked hard to get there. Just saying because all I’m seeing is stuff about people complaining about how others didn’t get top 9. Just saying :/

  10. Yo the surprise parent segments always get me on these kind of shows. Cried like a little baby as if they were my parents surprising me

  11. Did no one notice Feeldog catching a random heart that was thrown at him? And putting it inside his pocket at 2:11:07? Love love love UNB they could have achieved so much more!! Miss every single one of them but especially Daewon ♡

  12. I realized why this show has brought so much tears and swollen eyes. They re like a drama in which Bi Rain scripted each move to catch your weakness.
    I know they re their parents but seeing them happy made me cry like a baby. I wished my mother realized the same thing about her daughter. Though I know what I’m working towards will bot be in vain however, to not supporter by your own mother and family is really pity…
    Anyhow, I wish you all success and happiness in the world. Stan UniB xoxo

  13. Marco's hair was legendary I was a little sad that they cut it but he continued to succeed since it was cut. I'm so glad he made it, he's too cute! I can't help but smile when he smiles!! <3 <3 <3 Go Marco!

  14. Now I know why our Hangyul did not make it to Unit B. Because a better and bigger plan awaits him, X1! 🦋
    I bet he's the most famous now among the participants in the Unit.

  15. I love how supportive and loving everyone is towards each other. Sure they were probably dissapointed that they weren't picked for the finale line, but they were still so happy to see the others being picked. They all connected so well during this programm. I hope they've all gotten a lot of chances to see each other

  16. I just HAD to read the comments before watching and find out my fav semmi doesn't make it… should I even continue watching? ㅠㅠㅠ.ㅠㅠㅠ
    (update: I feel so bad for suwong like he was predicted to win and then he wasn't even a nominee for 9th place 🙁 poor guy)

  17. Still fangirling over ACE Jun and the rest of MAS/ONEWE sitting together (during the run of the show they were my personal faves and the ones I cheered on the most)

  18. I feel like they should have just made 2 teams because they're all so talented but the ones who stood out to me the most that didn't get in were
    Donghyun, Timoteo, Hangyul, Jeup, Rock Hyeon, Kanto, and Suwoong

  19. watching this almost a year and a half later and I still cry when Suji gets announced and has to leave euna and both of them start to cry. Then her speech "I thought I'd stand with Euna but I'm standing alone" sends me bawling

  20. I only do this comment to see Chan's reaction to winning, 2:07:02 and from there to see the beautiful speech dedicated to his family and his shout out to Jun saying that he loved him and ACE too. I stan him hard, and you should do the same

  21. 2:06:56 loll i love this hangyul + chan relationship😂 they’re so cute❤️✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 also YAY CHAN (a.c.e. AND un.b) AND hangyul (x1)!!!!

  22. More power Unit Maker you make my hard days here in kuwait a very happy one.. love your choice 👍 though lots of those kids are very talented please be good to them 🙏🙏

  23. Dear Kbs…please make season 2 of this…we tired watching survival show on that M channel…we prefer this show because the rule is fair and some the contestant are already familiar with public….
    And here some recomendations for season 2:
    Tahiti, Mr Mr, Tasty, History, Ladies Code, evol, chi chi, chocolat, fiestar, jjcc, rainbow, high4, zea, nine muses, bap

  24. Here in 2020 because I loved this show for introducing me to so many talented but underrated artists. And I still miss Uni.T. Reunion please.

  25. I just realized there are several moments where you can see Dongmyeong's twin brother in the live studio audience! Hi, Dongju! Or — we should call him Xion, since he has now debuted as a member of ONEUS under that name…

  26. And again Their Band disband… All Korean survival shows have this issue… The unit all disband K-pop idols come to show their skills they got selection and win the final but again Both boy and girl group disband…

  27. Watched this for 12828268x times and still cant get enough of The Unit they are all so lovable and especially Pull Me Team asdjskdkd. I wanted to comment about the ranks and all like everyone else but since its been more than 2 years, let everything in the past and lemme focus on highlighting 19:48 where Feeldog just 'automatically' grabbed Euijin's arm and fanboying over Dongmyeong together with his hyung and both were just like "ASDHDJDNDKDK DONGMYEONG YOU SLAYED". Like lmao, cant you calm down 😂😂😂😂😂 FeelJin best boys. I just really love them even from the moment Rain 'matchmaking' them in the boot assessment lol. Im so thankful they're in Pull Me Team together. I was afraid they would separate FeelJin for the final since these two were considered as 'two top The Unit male dancers' and always being put as enemies throughout the show.

    And so thankful FeelJin were chosen to be in UNB as well. Cant imagine seeing them without one another 😭

  28. I can't get over the last "Jun hyung I love you" and the moment that he remembered A.C.E members and put his necklace out. Chan is so precious.

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