The New Kentico 8 Experience

The New Kentico 8 Experience

We knew it was time to truly revolutionize the experience of Kentico. So armed with masses of feedback from partners and customers, we set about creating a dramatically new and improved user interface for Kentico 8. Over the past 18 months, the whole Kentico team has been working hard to bring a brand new Kentico experience to you. Extensive partner, customer and user research has given us real-life insight into how you are actually using Kentico. With this knowledge, we created prototypes that we then walked through with users to ensure ease of use and scope of functionality, before reworking them to best fit your needs and to deliver a great user experience. We wanted Kentico to look great and be totally intuitive. So its interface underwent a complete redesign. The new Kentico is clean, calm and easy to navigate. We have removed all noisy distractions and barriers. Our goal is to make the user interface invisible around the work that you do with it. The new Dashboard is the starting point of your work and can be customized to show just the applications you need to hand. The navigation has been completely overhauled. making it quicker to get around. Your screen estate is now fully dedicated to getting things done and moving between applications is much more feasible, helping you get where you want to go faster. We decided to reorganize Applications to reflect what you actually want to do. Now, applications are categorized for different roles, so users can access the applications they need from a single location. This should greatly increase working efficiency, as now a store owner can get straight into managing inventory and a marketer can immediately find and manage his campaigns and content straight from his dashboard. We have replaced our entire help section with the new contextual help, rewritten to offer easy-to-follow how-tos that relate to the application you are currently using. Now when you are looking for information, not only will you be offered the help relevant to the application you are using, but its new “how-to” format should make it much easier to follow and get you the results you want faster. We’re proud of what we have achieved and we’re excited to share it with you. The all-new Kentico 8 brings a new and inspiring experience, revolutionizing the way you can manage your online business. The cleaner design, more intuitive navigation, and flexible interface have all been designed to make your life easier. Kentico is now sure to become the best part of your day. Have fun!

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  1. Looks great, looking forward to building my first site with it!

    It is a massive update in terms of functionality, nowhere near as 'clunky' as it used to be 😀

  2. Take a look into how we made the new #Kentico 8 smart, intuitive and sleek. Thanks to your feedback and user experiences, we were able to make a better Kentico for you! 

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