Taekwando Tournament Training Tips : Explanation of Belt Ranking in Taekwondo

Taekwando Tournament Training Tips : Explanation of Belt Ranking in Taekwondo

Hi! I’m Calab Labarda with Tae Kwon Do Limited
on behalf of expertvillage.com. Visit our website at tkdarizona.com. Today we’re going
to talk about belts that you will go through as you get up and higher in competition and
where you start at. So first of all right here, you started nothing when you started
with martial arts. You do not start with the belt, you have to earn everything and then
you will have to learn your basic movements such as Chario, Kyoungye, shult, the guards
up stuff like that, then you get to earn your white belt. I’m going to say about for each
belt for about three months, you beginning belt should be there for about three months,
and then you move up to your gold belt, when you start to learn more like you have kicking
techniques, you got to be able to kick above your waist, and have to start moving a little
faster and then orange belt, this is more we will certainly getting the idea, you know
what you are doing, you start get the movements down. You start to just really pick it up.
Then as you get into your green belt, green to blue belt, this will be your intermediate
belt, so green belts are when you start to really get to know your stuff or you start
kicking harder, you start moving a little faster or you start to get a little more power
and chops. Purple belt is kind of in between green and blue, it is kind of when you are
starting to figure everything out about in your level in martial arts and starting to
get a lot more speed, a lot more power, figuring out your movements, trying to do more jumping
drills, jumping exercises. And blue belts when you start… this one of our advanced
belts, from intermediate to advanced belts, you start doing more advance stuff such as
spin kicks, jump kicks and red belts are when we really expect the students to really up
their levels, just really start jumping high, kicking hard and moving fast, so that they
start showing us, that they get ready close to the black belts. Now we have two brown
belts, one is our second degree and other one is our first degree brown belt. There
are kind of much of the same thing, but the difference is a kind of like from white to
black belt. So from here you got to show a huge difference to when you get your next
brown belt. Then a conditional black belt, this is a kind of there is just a pretest
for you when you are ready for your black belt that shows that you are there and you
are going to be ready for a testing for your black belt and then of course our last belt
is a black belt, our first degree black belt, and it takes about four years to get there
and having this belt is like having a degree in college. So when you become a black belt,
it shows that you spend just about the same amount that you would be going to a huge university
and you can also get jobs and get paid just as much also if you know how to do it right.

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  1. your joking right? you do realize that a lot of kung fu instructors don't use a belt system right? For those who do, it takes somewhere between 3-7 years to reach the lowest black belt(depending on how often you train and the instructor) i'm assuming your reaching for air on the information you gave.

  2. in my school the first belt from second belt transfer goes as white, white with grey stripe, white with two grey stripes, white with three grey stripes and grey

  3. The Original Taekwon-do Martial Art (I.T.F.) belt system go as the following:

    White w/Yellow stripe
    Yellow w/Green stripe
    Green w/Blue stripe
    Blue w/Red stripe
    Red w/Black stripe

  4. The Taekwondo Olympic Sport (W.T.F.) belt system go as the following:

    Before: Red w/Black stripe. Now: Red/Black

  5. thats how we do ours but we dont have whit/yellow and instead of having strip in middle of next belt color theyre black in ours

  6. starting of with no belt was the worst when i was a kid its like all the kids are eating ice cream but you that sucks

  7. ITF:
    White W/Yellow Stripe
    Yellow W/Green Stripe
    Green W/Blue Stripe
    Blue W/Red Stripe
    Red W/Black Stripe
    Black 1st Dan (then you continue till 8th Dan)

    From Blue you need 1 year of training to get your next belt. I've been practising for 5 years and own a Red belt.

  8. is this some renewed system ? when I started in early 2000's, it was white, yellow, green, blue, red and black, not purple or anything like that

  9. within TAGB the belts go as: White, White yellow tag, Yellow, Yellow green tag, Green, Green blue tag, Blue, Blue Red tag, Red, Red black tag, Black 1st dan all the way to 9th dan

  10. ermm, my taekwondo classes had all of those but you got 1 brown belt and no black belt with white stripe, there was brown with a yellow stripe, blue with a yellow stripe, red with a yellow stripe, purple with a yellow stripe, green with a yellow stripe, half red half black, half black half red (you just basicly flip ur belt over) then black belt, it took me like 4-5 years tho to get my first degree black belt

  11. @zedmlftw1023 Well i was a blue belt with red stripe at late 2010 and im targeting my red belt which i think i would get at july 2011

  12. It's white, yellow, 2nd degree yellow, green, 2nd degree green, blue, 2nd degree blue, red, 2nd degree red, 3rd degree red, black. I'm not sure why there are so many differences on belt colors. My masters are from Korea and teach what they have learned. Some belts are camouflage. I believe the belt levels in this video is for karate. 2nd degrees have a stripe in the middle of the next color belt. i.e. 2nd degree yellow has a green line in the middle on the yellow belt.

  13. my taekwondo belts go white yellow purple orange green blue blue white stripe brown brown white stripe red red senior then black.

  14. Actually it is call form white belt,yellow tip,yellow belt, green tip, green belt,blue tip,blue belt,red tip,red belt,black tip and black belt.

  15. No. Black belt 1st Dan is just the beginning. You have pretty much mastered all the basic skills in Taekwondo, but you have a LOT to learn. There is a huge difference between all the dans in black belt.

  16. Not similar to judo at all judo goes white,yellow,orange,green,blue,maybe purple depending on schools,brown,black. And in between there's half belts such as white/yellow and yellow/orange and so on.

  17. Ur wrong its white yellow purple orange orange white green green white blue blue white brown brown white red red black red white black then black

  18. This guy is like: yeah so when you are in brown belt you are starting to get taekwondo and you are starting to move a liittle bit faster DUDE ITS BROWN NOT YELLOW

  19. People who leave comments here are confused.
    the problem is that theres many schools that have weird unofficial colors. also theres two styles of TKD. one is the olympic style (WTF), which is the most common one in usa, and the other is the traditional style (ITF) which is more common in the rest of the world.

    wtf is a mess when it comes to standardizing stuff, they have lots of different colors which change often, and schools add and take out belts to their liking. its the cause of lots of confusion.

    in this video the school comes from the WTF line.

    the ITF on the other hand has a specific set of colors since the very first day it was created to today, and this set of colors is the exact same in every single dojang around the world.

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