TablePress Tutorial: Add WordPress Tables Without Coding

TablePress Tutorial: Add WordPress Tables Without Coding

Displaying information in a concise table
is an effective way to break down your data and make it easily accessible to your audience. Unless you know how to code, installing a
WordPress table plugin is the best way to create and display tables on your website. Hello everybody, my name is Robert and In this video, you will learn how to use the TablePress plugin. Without further ado, let’s get started! To set up TablePress, you first need to install the plugin. Once the process is complete, you’ll have
a new TablePress section in your WordPress dashboard sidebar. I want to mention that with this plugin, you can import or export tables as well. To add a new table to your WordPress website, first select Add Table from the tabs along the top of the TablePress interface. You will now need to give your table a name, add a brief but optional description and then finally choose the number of rows and columns you want your table to display. Then click on Add Table at the bottom of the page. You will now be taken to the Edit Table screen where you can edit your table. The Edit Table page provides options to edit the content and structure of your new table. These options include inserting text, images or links, changing the table’s features, as well as deleting, moving and hiding columns and rows. Here’s how you can use these settings to
customize your table… Scroll down the page to Table Content. Here you can add content by typing directly into the table. You can also easily rearrange your table by dragging and dropping columns and rows. If you want to insert images into your table, scroll down again to Table Manipulation. Click on Insert Image. Then, click directly into the box in the table above where you want the image to appear. You will now be taken to your WordPress Media Library. Choose the image you want to insert into your table or upload a new image. Then click on Insert into Table. To check out how your image looks, select the Preview button at the top of the page. You can also insert links into your table. To do so, click on Insert Link in the Table
Manipulation section. Then, click into the box in the table above
where you want the link to appear. A popup will now appear where you can configure
your link using the standard WordPress interface. Once you have finished, select Add Link. You will now find that the link has been inserted
into your table. TablePress allows you to easily alter the
structure of a table. Under Table Manipulation, you will find a
variety of options that enable you to combine cells, hide or add rows, as well as duplicate,
insert and delete rows. To modify your table, simply click on the
row you want to alter. Then select the appropriate effect, for example,
I have chosen to Hide Selected Rows. Once you are happy with the edits you have
made to your table, select Save Changes at the bottom of the page. If at any time you want to re-edit any of
the tables you have created, select TablePress>All Tables from your WordPress menu. You can now select the appropriate table that
you would like to edit. After you have created your table, all that
is left to do is to insert it into a page or a post on your website. To do that, open an existing page or createa new page or post where you would like to display a table. Then select the TablePress Icon from the Editor toolbar. Choose the table you want to insert into the post and click on the corresponding Insert Shortcode button. You will now find that the shortcode for the
table you selected has been inserted into the content area of the post Editor. Click Preview and, if you are happy with the
table, go ahead and save the page, or publish it. As you can see, if you are looking to add
tables in WordPress, the TablePress plugin is a great option. With it, you can quickly create professional
and stylish tables that will help display important data and information to your audience
in easy-to-read layouts. And with numerous customization settings,
TablePress will enable you to design tables to your exact specifications. Have you used TablePress to add tables in
WordPress? Please share your thoughts on the plugin in
the comments below. Thanks for watching and see you in the next

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  1. Hi nice video. I am having "Extra Class CSS is Invalid" error when saving my tables. I disabled all the plugins but same problem. Any help will be highly appreciated. Cheers!

  2. I really like DIVI but TablePress integration is a problem that has not been properly addressed by DIVI nor TablePress. Many workarounds, but life would be much easier with a DIVI-class integration.

  3. Thank you for your video. I would like to ask an advice, how can I style the single rows. I need to differentiate items which are free to buy (green), reserved (yellow), saled out (red).
    And also, if there is any possibility to add the click on detail and show gallery.
    Thank you very much.

  4. Hello Nice plugin. If I use this plugin to create some tables and later if I have some technical issue or want to deactivate this Plugin for some reason, how can I retain the tables that I have created in the existing posts using this plugin?

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