SHYVANA BEST LOW ELO CHAMP?- Ranked Journey 8 (League of Legends)

SHYVANA BEST LOW ELO CHAMP?- Ranked Journey 8 (League of Legends)

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  1. Let's be frank, you suck knots.
    But, you are genuine and you persevere. Even if I am a diamond player, I still enjoy watching your videos.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I live in Houston, and I've been playing League ever since the hurricane hit with an occasional power outage here and there. Started at B5, now I'm at Silver 4 lol

  3. Warwick is a powered up version of Shyvana. A beast for carrying games, harder to kite, extreme sustain, great speed, more CC. The only downside is you have mana, that's it.

  4. the lolhounds also known as one of the only guy on youtube making videos shorter than 10 minutes because i'm guessing he's one of those who still do it for the pleasure of it. I'm proud man 🙂

  5. Shyvana is great but too unreliable since your early game is weak and you spend it farming. And in low elo your teammates will bitch if you don't help them and give up easily. That's why the best low elo jungler is Rammus, because with your speed you can gank all lanes and be good in both early and late game.

  6. shyvana is actually the one that got me to gold 3 quick, 14 wins 1 loses with her, have 23 wins and about 7-9? loses in total… then they nerfed the W and I never won a shyvana game again and that fuckin 23w/7-9L went shit I had more lose at one point lol,, don't have to prove that cause I'm in a garena server, just scroll down, the fist game there is actually my first time playing her lol

  7. Use Shyvana with ghost, is SO MUCH BETTER than flash. You can even gank at lvl 2/3 because once the ghost builds up its ridiculous. You can use it to escape aswell but if you are smart you will never need to escape (or flash) and you can duel and juke better with W+ghost. You can chase people down if they flash or ward hop walls, hunt them and escape from their team. With a good macro Shyvana is a god split pusher, trick2g style but more forgiving (you only need to worry about dragon kills because when the enemy gets it, it hurts you more than dying).

    Also blue smite > red smite: You are not korean and the blue smite give dmg+slow, its a lot better than red smite which gives vision and duel advantage but you need to know how to use it. Shyvana doesnt need any duel advantage, you just have to stat check them to see if you win and run away if you dont. Q > E: Again, I dont know why the korean guy maxes E second, but since Q resets with AAs and you will build bloodrazor, Q gives you a lot more than E, just care about hitting E for the %dmg debuff (the main source of damage imo).
    I climbed from bronze 3 to gold 4 with shyvana, wukong and other bruisers and tanks and I keep climbing right now, if you wanna win with bruisers and tanks stop following "korean builds" and build what is best for each match (sometimes I even need to build bloodthirster to beat the enemy, sometimes I need to get cinderhulk + Solari locket, be flexible)

  8. After watching your last few videos I began to play Talon a lot. I now have mastery level 7 and got to my promos to get into g2, started at g5.

  9. Fun fact for next time. You actually can outduel Kha'Zix at lvl 5. It's a weird power spike between you and him where if you're both 5 you win the 1 v 1 (especially if he can't reset his passive.)

  10. You did a good thing dodging with Ram Hornn. I played with him on his first time Orrn (literally the game before you had him in champ select) he lost us the game so hard.

  11. with shyvana dont start with dagger start with talisman it makes your clear a lot healthier and start with your E for the red buff then get W. once you have your Q at 3 start maxing your W and then Q and last E.
    Your Q is an AA reset so pop your E then W go in and AA,Q and build blood razor and BOTRK on her and you shred everything after that just build tank depending on what the enemy team has

  12. you can get better at league by trying this.. it has helped me moved from gold to diamond v

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