SFK Server Launcher

SFK Server Launcher

In this screen we can set the keyboard. In this screen we can set one of the GamePad present. Here you can join a game by entering an IP LAN or a server, now you just have to click on JOIN SERVER. We can also participate with two players by checking on Split-Screen. Possiamo cambiare il Nome del Giocatore 1.
E la lingua del Gioco. Here we can create a game. By clicking on ‘No’ open Garena with the settings you just made. We can also play in 2 players split-screen, putting a check on Split-Screen. We can turn on and off the tricks.
Placing or removing the check on Cheat: Now you just have to click ‘Yes’ to start the game with the selected settings. By clicking on the button of the ban can ‘Delete new mutations’ By clicking on the button with the cross we can ‘Add new mutations’ We can play custom maps, it can happen to charge the campaign two times as in the video, no more 🙂 To get full information just click File ->!!! Instructions !!! To open the console when you are in the game, just press `or F12 on the keyboard. For the Italian language and English is set both in the game in the launcher, for the other only in the game.

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