Sell Videos & Online Courses On Your Website,  Monetize Live Streams AND Keep 100% Of The Revenue

Sell Videos & Online Courses On Your Website, Monetize Live Streams AND Keep 100% Of The Revenue

do you want to sell videos and online courses maybe you have premium video content or an upcoming live event that you plan to
stream live but instead of making it
free to watch you’re thinking of making money from your content with pay per
view if this is the case I bet you’re wondering what is the easiest and best
way to make the most amount of money from your videos and live broadcast
without paying Commission and waiting for many months to receive your payments
yes YouTube is an option but the biggest issue is that the majority of content
owners on the platform do not make much money plus you’ve got almost no control
about pricing security copyrights and other important aspects of your videos
so what do you do here at streaming video provider we’ve created the
ultimate pay-per-view system so content owners like yourself can sell their
videos right from their own websites blogs Facebook or Twitter pages by
embedding a video player and setting up the paywall that comes up when viewers
are trying to watch your video or live event no technical knowledge is required
and anyone can do it it’s the most advanced and yet easy-to-use solution on
the market when setting up the paywall you can choose your own pricing
structure let viewers purchase access to individual or group of videos set time
and usage limits it’s easy flexible and can adapt to your needs your clients
don’t need to open any accounts to buy or view your videos also every time your
viewers make a purchase each payment goes instantly from the viewer to your
online payment processor such as PayPal making payments instantly accessible and
remember we take no Commission’s so you keep 100% of the revenue for yourself
other competitors such as Vimeo take a minimum of 10% from your sales revenue
on $10,000 worth of sales you would pay a minimum of 1000 to them with streaming
video provider you get to keep the full ten thousand dollars of sales it’s hard
enough to create valuable content without having to deal with complicated
and expensive pay-per-view systems that’s why we created a simple
all-in-one pay-per-view system for you selling your videos online opens amazing
opportunities with our pay-per-view system you can start making money today
and sell to anyone in the world 24/7 365 days a year
even whilst you’re sleeping this gives you time to focus on creating amazing
content like premium courses seminars and how-to video tutorials here’s how
one upload your videos or prepare your livestream to set up your pay-per-view
or subscription offers three connect your PayPal or use any of the other
payment processors and methods we offer embed the video player on your site or
social media accounts for create the buzz among your online viewers as an
idea you can even create a short trailer teaser that you can put on YouTube and
drive traffic from there to your site where the pay-per-view videos are five
the buyers can then simply pay for the pay-per-view or subscription and have
instant access to your video content the best part is that the pay-per-view
system works on all devices including PCs Macs tablets and phones your videos
are secured against video downloading tools thanks to our industry-leading HLS
encrypted global content delivery network you can ramp up and apply extra
level of security such as IP geo and domain locking restrictions which are
all part of our service are you ready to start making money you’re just minutes
away from selling your videos, online courses and live streaming events online

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  1. Great, I tried your video platform and I am very impressed. Glad I found you guys. I can now sell my video courses and get the payments directly unlike vimeo who keeps 10% and I have to way to receive my money.

  2. Really like the idea and I'm testing it now. I have a few questions…
    1. If there is no sign up form, how is a business owner to collect email addresses to keep in contact with customers to alert them to future releases?
    2. On this video, the PayPal checkout screen pops up while it stays on the video hosting site. On my test, clicking on the pay now button takes user to PayPal's website. How to create the pop up and stay on the host website?

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