Scrooge (1935)

Scrooge (1935)

you Merry Christmas to you
will you step in please set the screw to Marley’s I believe this is there
anything I can do for you sir well if it is quite convenient I should like to
speak with a member of the firm hmm you well you wish to see me I presume Sam
yes have I the pleasure of addressing mr. Scrooge or mr. Marley tamales been
dead these seven years Oh GERD is a doornail guide Tim years ago
Billy night oh we took the liberty of calling on you at your chambers mr.
Scrooge thinking that you would have finished business for the day but we
failed to make anyone here that’s not surprising
I’m the only person who lives there wait consequently we have called here at this
festive season of the year mr. Scrooge it seems more than usually desirable to
make some slight provision for the poor and destitute who suffer terribly at
this present time many thousands are in want of common necessaries hundreds of
thousands are in want of common comforts sir are there no prisons yes plenty of
prison the Union workhouses are still in operation aid they are still I wish I
could say they were not worn on the treadmill are in full vigour than a very
busy sir regret eh a note from what you change something in the current to
interfere with them in their useful cost lady Airy under the impression that they
scarcely furnish Christmas chair of mind and body for the multitude some few of
us are endeavoring to raise a fund to buy the poor of London meat and drink
and means of warmth we choose this time because this is the time of all others
when want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices now what shall I put you down
for nothing nothing oh oh I see you wish to be anonymous I wish to be left alone
chat since you asked me what is my wish that is my answer I don’t make merry
myself at Christmas I can’t afford to make a lot of idle people day I am too
the institution’s we’ve just mentioned they cost enough people are badly off
they’d better go there they can’t go there many would rather die well if
they’d rather die they’d better do it and decrease the surplus population excuse me sir I don’t know that but you
should know it’s not my business sir a man’s got enough to do this world to
mind his own business without didn’t fear him with a lot of other people’s
buying occupies me constantly good evening Tommy to express my regrets that
if I have said in unity may I inquire mr. Cratchit what you’re
doing with that shovel full of coal I think your pardon sir but the outer
office is intensely cold and my fire you know your father I should have said your
father yes sir it shows symptoms of going out and I
thought I might venture to the finish it with a small quantity of coal
yeah well of course you know it’s really evident to me you know mr. Cratchit that
you and I left apart Boise Noel furniture you don’t pay for
the coal so you can afford to be reckless therefore very evident to me
sir you know that my interest is not your interest nor may will bear your
welfare get how money works huh that’ll keep you warm enough I’m not cold
why should you be I am your senior by a great many years I fancy you you have a wife and family to
support I understand yes sir yes I’m the killer they’ve got around
half dozen sir three boys and three girls
and I have whore wife yes sir Hey yeah I mean no sir
am i any children I don’t know sir hey no no sir I don’t want you my
constraint to pay you a we clear services 15 shillings man BT you’re
interested to see the job worth it Merry Christmas! what a beaut the time for paint builds
not funny hi everybody the superhero there not a
pin image if I add my laser every fool goes about saying Merry
Christmas they boiled with his own pudding and buried with a stake of on
into his yard should I go maybe you you keep this with your way let me keep it
in by and keep it but you don’t let me leave it around in much good is it dunya
much good will it ever do here it’s the only time I know of in the London
calendar of the year when binned and women seem by one consent to open their
shut hearts freely and therefore though it’s never put a scrap of gold or silver
in the pocket I believe it has done me good and will do me good and I say God
bless it here here yeah mr. gadget if I hear another word from you you’ll keep
your Christmas by losing your situation dear dear dear dear by the powerful
speakers here when you don’t go into Parliament don’t be angry
I’ll see you why why why did you get married because I fell in love because I
good evening you never came to see at the father ever I give that as a reason
for not coming now I wanted it so you won’t be disappointed
William never had a fault which I’ve been party the one up in a spot bread
good evening sir well I’m sorry with all the hard to find
it’s irrelevant I made the trial in homage to Christmas keep my Christmas
humor to the knot so a very Christmas uncle good evening sir
happy new year you’re a noisy little net would you answer
Merry Christmas Bob legend in the state to you sir and many other and not
forgetting your good lady mrs. Pritchett always ready and willing to quit your
work I know this okay it’s Tiffin o’clock sir that glugs fast the way I
suppose you want all day off tomorrow and if it’s quite convenient didn’t
convenient didn’t fare five the stub of a grant for it oh look my Dylan’s dad
the band wouldn’t you don’t think I believe you Julia and I have to pay a
whole day’s wages no work it only happens once a year sir there’s a pretty
excuse for picking a man’s pocket every twenty-fifth of December
well I suppose you’ve got to have it yeah there’s the key you see sure that
you’re here all the earlier next morning good night and a Merry Christmas bad way to go man did wake up and I can Merry Christmas amber because mr. Lavoie thank you thank you hold it yeah what it is right right don’t you stop that noise my lord will you make your speech now or
will you let the ladies and gentlemen continue to enjoy them call silence for
the loyal toast hello little and gentlemen great silence for the right
honourable the Lord Mayor of London you know ladies and gentlemen our most
gracious Majesty the Queen are you doing people at the witch look well evan is a Scrooge for only you
can see me but shipment with me in life I was your
partner Jacob Marley in life why did you trouble me it is required of everyone
that is buried within him should walk abroad among his fellow men and if that
spirit goes not forth in life it is condemned to do so after death my spirit
never walked beyond the narrow limits of our money-changing home so I cannot rest
I cannot stay I cannot linger anywhere you hurt why I wear the chain I forged
in life I made it link by link would you know the weight and length of the coil
you bear yourself speak words of comfort to me Jacob Molly
speak words of comfort comfort I have none to give I am here to warn you to
save you that be possible to warn to save me from what from such a
fate as mine to wander through the world and witness what I cannot share but
might have shared on earth and turned to happiness but you were always a good man
of business Jacob business and kind would have been my business charity for
parents benevolence all over my business as they should be yours now heed me
for my time is short you will be haunted by three spirits without their visits
you cannot hope to shun the path I tread you shall behold the visions of a
Christmas past the Christmas present and a Christmas yet to come expect the first when the clock strikes
midnight tonight mother look to see me no more I am the spirit of Christmas past I am
here to show you the things but healthy look back beyond the gulf of vanished
years the money as Joan must be made sir that’s impossible then I shall have no
alternative but to take immediate steps to recover it but Sir you must see that
if that is the way I conduct my business you don’t mean sell us up that is
precisely what I do me but Sir I couldn’t work in the hospitals I’m big
on you give us a little more time a week you come in soybeans you’re a man
without pity without remorse weighed everything in the scale of problem business if I would without sentiment
went in his counting-house I should be in the bank record with ania Nez for
that couple just gone out set your mind mr. Pat them worthless shiftless bare
head my good man in now avoid anything you’re not your good money
are you were to breathe a little time in which to pay epidural never I am ready
to make allowances for your feelings as a woman but I was asked to leave my
business affairs alone when you marry me I shouldn’t about you one passion only
engrossing you gain but then even if it went so I have changed water you are
changed changed everything our contacts alone maybe even poor and content to be
stem a be happy and the night chosen now look and see the happiness oh by the way better I saw an old friend
of yours this afternoon you get oh I don’t know it wasn’t mr. Scrooge mr.
Scrooge it was I passed his office window as it was not shut up and there
was a candle inside I could scarcely help see him his populism on the point
of death I hear there he said alone quite alone in the world I do believe spirit I cannot bear it
don’t me no more I told you these were the shadows of the fees that heavy that
they are what they are do not blame it’s real o’clock I know geez and you have never seen like of me I’ve
never walked for the younger meaning I am very young my elder brothers born in
the later years I don’t think I had I’m afraid I have not a few many brothers
spirit more than 18-hundred tremendous family to provide spirit conduct me
where you will already I have been forth under compulsion and learn in the lesson
which is working now if you have aught to teach me let me profit time touch my
robe knock his portrait 15 shillings a week
which you so grudgingly dole out to him keeps Christmas touch my robe you get Tiny Tim the mother wanted league last Christmas
by Harvin ah with a dealer money finish up last night and had to caraway this
mover never mind as long as you are come honey come on sit before the park my
dear and get it all she’s not coming not coming not coming upon Christmas Day and I’ll be tiny I behave good and
better somehow he gets thoughtful sitting by himself so much and think the
stages enjoy our me he told me coming home that he did the people in the
church saw him because he was a cripple and it might be listen for them to
remember upon Christmas Day who made lame beggars walk and blind men see but he’s growing stronger yes growing
strong and Hawking I wish I could believe you ball the best goose we ever had mother and
even now we haven’t eaten it all you regarding the momentous question hoodie and nervous I have and anxious about
that pudding pray heaven all will be well
I’ll go to church you shall you know I’m anxious about that pony has been gone a long time
supposing the pudding is broken and turning it out onto pudding that
somebody has got over the back wall and student with all my dear God blesses everyone tell me the Tiny Tim with Liv I see a
vacant seat in the poor chimney corner a crutch without an owner carefully
preserved if the shadows remain unaltered in the future the child will
die Oh tell me that he’ll be spared if he is like to die had he not better do
it and decrease the surface population man and you’ll be in heart not an event
there that you have discovered what the surplus is and where it is will you
decide what men shall live when men shall die it may be that in the sight of
heaven you are more worthless unless bitterly and man’s child
jost I give you mr. Scrooge the founder of the feast found through the feast
indeed I wish I had him here I give you a piece of my mind to feast upon
I hope we’d have a good appetite for it’s not my dear the children Christmas
Day you shouldn’t be Christmas Day I’m sure on which one drinks the help of
such an odious stingy hard unfeeling man as mr. Scrooge you know he is Robert
nobody knows he’d better than you do poor fellow my dear Christmas Day
well I’ll drink his health for your sake in the days not his he’ll be very Merry
and very happy I’ve no doubt here’s mr. Scrooge’s help now children all together
mr. Scrooge’s health mr. Scrooge’s help mr. Scrooge’s help and now Tiny Tim will Christmas a comical old fella
that’s the truth he isn’t so pleasant as he might be well there’s a fences carry
their own punishment I have nothing to say against it but surely very rich at
least you’ve often told me sir well what of that my dear his wealth is
of no use sir he doesn’t do any good with it he can’t make himself
comfortable with it hasn’t even the satisfaction of thinking that is of
benefit well I’m no patience with your uncle I’m
sorry for him and here you sticking it into his head to dislike
us and he won’t even come and dine with us well what are you going to plan I’d
ask you up what does the following represent an animal rather disagreeable
animal a savage animal an animal it grunts and grown adults and lives in
London walk the street yes it isn’t even made a show-off no that’s never Roger II
know ghost of the future I fear you more than
any respect that I have seen you are about to show me shadows are the things
that have not been but will be the time to come and as I hope to live to be
another man from what I was I am prepared to pay you I don’t know much about it either way I
only know he’s dead died last night at leap why what was the matter with him I
thought he’d never die what’s he done with his money left it to his company
perhaps he hasn’t left it to me that’s all I know so old niggas got a doughnut low so I’m
told isn’t it you’re not the skater no I got something else to think about I do
not see myself in my accustomed place where am I why am I not there let the charwoman alone to be the first
the laundress alone to be the second and let the Undertaker’s men alone to be the
looking at Oh Joe yes a jobs if we have no free media without meaning it you
couldn’t imagine a better place I’m into the parlor don’t stand there staring as if you were
afraid woman who’s the worst for the loss of a few things like this not a
dead man I open this bundle old Joe and let me know the value of it I ain’t
afraid to be the first nor afraid of them to give another six words now mine
Joe eight shillings I always give too much
to ladies it’s a weakness of mine and now I’m to my don’t mean to say you took
him down rings and all with him lying there
why not you were going to make their fortune you think and you will certainly
do it yeah don’t lock the oil on the blanket he’s
blanket oh he just like you to take cold without them I dare say hope he didn’t
die of anything catching oh don’t you be afraid of that my you look through that
shirt until your eyes like me won’t find our lineage
it’s the bestie hand he didn’t have been wasted if it hadn’t been for me
what are you going wasted putting it on him to be faded individual I do we know
of him eligos justice for coming to the Bob people no godly have anything in
that world this is the end of it you see he
frightened everyone away from him when he was alive to profit us when he was
dead I’d seen the case of this unhappy man might be my own my life tends that
way now merciful heavens what is that is this the man they spoke of neglected
Rob take it can you not show me some
tenderness connected with death and he took a child and set him in the
midst on perhaps my eyes
they can weep by candlelight I wouldn’t show weak eyes to your father when he
comes home to work but for now his time past it brother I think he walks through
slower than he used to eat last few evenings mother I’ve known you walk with
I’ve known him walk with Tiny Tim upon his shoulder very fast indeed Sarah my
oft no but he was very light to carry and his father loved him so it was no
trouble no trouble yes your father at the door my dear my
dear you have been quit he’ll be done long before Sunday Sunday you went today
then yes my dear I’ve seen what our Tiny Tim needs to rest
it’ll done you good to see how green a place it is oh you see it off I promised him that we
would walk there over Sunday behind it to shy I need him by child assistance I met mr.
Scrooge’s nephew today and he said to me I’m heartily sorry for you mr. Cratchit
and heartily sorry for your good wife know how he knew that I don’t know you
what my dear why did you were a good wife everybody knows that well observe
my boy and he said if there’s any stir bit that I can do for you pray come to
me it almost seemed as though he had known our Tiny Tim and felt with it and
I’m sure we shall none of us forget it now this
first parting that has been among and I know that when we recollect how patient
and how violent it was although he was but a little child we shall not quarrel
easily among ourselves and forget poor Tiny Tim in do I’m very happy
big now spirit tell me what man that was whom we saw lying dead thrown the other today stone but would
you point and tell me are these the shadows of the themes of welding or are
they the shadows of the things that may be no no I mean but what is intercourse
why show me this if it is all too late tell me I may sponge away the writing
office I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year I
will live in the past the present and the future the spirits of all three
shall strive within me I will not shut out the lessons that they feed
no no I will live in the past the print of the
future Jacob Marley Neverland Christmas time be praised for
this Thank You Jacob may be dispelled Merry Christmas as many as an angel I was giving man was
him yes and it hasn’t stopped no Molly’s ghost came through yes it’s all right
it’s all true happened glorious good hey boy
Merry Christmas it is Christmas day is I knew I haven’t done it all in one night
hey do you know the Builder of the corner of the street makes for an
intelligent boy or a fuck boy do you know if they sell the price tag is that
they hang in there no no I’m a nanny you go and buy it and bring it back here and
I’ll tell you where to take it and you come back with a man and I’ll give you a
shilling you come back in less than five minutes and I’ll give you a hurry hurry
up I’m going to send it to my firm to my
clown Bob Cratchit he won’t know where it comes from
yeah it’s twice the size of Tiny Tim he’s not dead you know he’s not dead you oh there that one do i I’ve gotta have
that jacket we’re wait a minute wait a minute
you go get me my overcoat and head I jump it on then go to the bathroom and get me out
my best clothes over the shop Americus must have you sell that price
tacky of yours yet the big one I mean now to do my Big Daddy of yours
rebounded by placing much my friend will show you the way Merry Christmas and thank you dinner I think you lose a mini Putin is your master in my dear
yes can I see him my love he knows me he knows me bless my soul who’s this it is
I your Uncle Scrooge I’ve come to dinner when you let me in Fred Uncle Scrooge II
can’t be will I a merry Christmas to you Uncle dummy let me then join it welcome
uncle and a Merry Christmas thank you my dear
a very Christmas to you all the office Bob nearly nine o’clock you
promised mr. Scrooge will be earlier than usual this morning so I did so I
did uberman what do you mean by come here this time
of day I’m really sorry sir I am behind my time I think you answer I think you
are do you want in yes sir it shan’t be repeated I was making
rather merry yesterday there I tell you what it is me fine
I’m not going to stand it any longer and therefore therefore I’m to raise your
sanity joke the most serious Merry Christmas
my good fellow god this is everyone

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