SciCraft Server Panel Submission (Minecon Live 2019)

SciCraft Server Panel Submission (Minecon Live 2019)

Hello, my name is ilmango, and this is the submission of the SciCraft Server for being a panelist at the 2019 Minecon. Members of our survival server have cooperated to accomplish large technical projects that push the boundaries of what is possible in Minecraft. We want to show the audience some of those projects we have completed within the last 5 years. Examples include an automated machine that mines 150 millions blocks of normal overworld terrain and an enderpearl cannon that lets us travel tens of thousands of blocks in a few seconds. We want to share what inspires us to pursue those goals and how we can do the same. Our community consists of people who are specialized in certain aspects of the game such as redstone, or flying machines and other game mechanics. Through us, the audience can learn how to bring the knowledge of the community together in order to complete epic scaled projects using advanced technology in Minecraft. We would also like to talk about how the technical side of Minecraft is so fascinating and how automation will enrich your game experience.

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  1. This would be so amazing to see! It definately would be better than last years super weird panels, hopefully Mojang isn't too salty with MethodZz right now to let y'all on

  2. You guys have pushed the limits of minecraft, constantly producing cutting edge designs and technology for the rest of the player base
    If anyone needs to be at minecon it's you guys

  3. As a former Minecon panelist (agentjwall from the 2010 Art & Architecture Panel) I can assure you that there is no one more deserving of a panel then these people right here

  4. how do you guys find out about the quarky game mechanics that get overlooked, do you just read the whole wiki page? a redit page? how did you figure out that for example stairs don't block spawning attemps or how that a 0tick farm is possible? or the tnt dupping

  5. Hope you get a panel, it would be so cool to see the technical side of Minecraft get recognition it deserves instead of some people who can just make you laugh and don't really have much skill in anything

  6. Yes please. If scicraft has a panel it will be my highlight for sure. Only thing that could top this is vertical slabs lol.

  7. Many who play Minecraft experience the technical aspect of the game only tangentially; without realizing the sheer depth of research and work-hours that go into many of the contraptions, machines, and farms we take for granted. This would be an excellent opportunity to explain our motivations, goals, and hopes for the future of Minecraft as technical players…and with any luck, to further inspire others to take on the mantle and continue to push the limits of Minecraft in scope, scale, and sometimes sanity.

  8. Almkost ALLLLLLL of Hermitcraft takes design ideas and theories from ILMANGO and SciCraft.
    They have my vote. And if the most popular Hermits.. I.e. Mumbo.. Xisuma.. Grian and others don't give you your credits…. Then shame on them.

  9. 1 minute into the panel: Yeah we haven't updated since 1.12 because the game is a buggy piece of shit and Mojang make really stupid decisions out of spite for the technical community rather than making sure the game is playable.

  10. Mojang would probably deny this since they abused so many bugs (Cough cough destroying bedrock, duplicating tnt, massive rng bug, destroying bottom blocks of the nether portal, destroying blocks of the end portal, etc.)

  11. I vote for scicraft! But it wont happen. unfortunately, the technical community is all but ignored by the devs… They only pay attention when something gets overpowered

  12. The only thing that would have made this better:
    Mango: and now a few words from our founder
    switch to ragou42 at the ice farm
    ragou42: ICE to met you.
    Everyone's brains leak out of their ears.

  13. It would be so funny to see how they talk about so complex stuff and then say "and all this is possible in minecraft, well at least in 1.12, then they broke everything".

  14. Would love to see this. SciCraft shows that there is an entirely new way to play Minecraft. You guys learn and dig deep to pull the absolute Max out of the game mechanics. And you actually use almost everything you guys farm, which is a feat of itself.

  15. Cool! What's up with the M/M/1 queue? I know what it is but I need a refresh on when did you guys use that one

  16. I really hope Mojang let you do this panel. This is something that really would make me interested in watching the event! As a player that's more into technical Minecraft I don't really have a reason to watch these events and would for sure make the technical community interested in the event! What are you waiting for, Mojang?!

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