Reve, the “father god” – Iberian Paganism

Reve, the “father god” – Iberian Paganism

hello everyone today I want to talk
about the main god of Iberian paganism Reve or Reo first let’s see the
meaning of his etymology there are many theories about what reve means but
in my opinion, the best is that is like a Dyeus pater a.k.a. Father God like Roman
Jupiter or Zeus which is for a cemented because in Deus Pater the D in a start
might have fallen and be replaced with an R which will sound like Ryeus pater
which sounds similar to Revs another name given to Reo or Reve. Reus itself kind
of sounds like Zeus if you pronounce it like I pronounce it
Zeus Rao’s kind of sounds like Zeus if you think about it but I might add that
converting D sound to an R sound is hard and so the theory is not as good as it
seems yet Reo was given the title of Lauraco deo maximus which is related to
local mountain range from near the inscription which was situated in Vila
Real was greatly associated with spring the mountains as we can see from
what I’ve just said not in same way of Ilurbeda
or endovélico which I will talk about in later videos much more like a
god in tops only reaching to the highest parts of the world mountains which gives
him some sort of higher god status in relation to the others Reve could have
also had a weather function like other sky gods and be asked to bring rain
sandstorm etc sadly most of Iberian mythology has been lost but like most
other sky gods it probably had a tale of him where he
slays a dragon probably using some sort of weather controlling powers well I
have to actually give my opinion or more like a personal theory but I think that
there is this dragon in Basque mythology that is named sugaar sugaar, I don’t know
to pronounce it actually but this is a dragon with various heads that inhabits mountains and it spits fire so really just like the other dragons in
indo-european religions that are slain by the heroes but although it looks like
a perfect match the Basques are not indo-european peoples so the legends of
sugaar will not follow the same patterns as the other European religions in such
a way that sugaar is actually the male counterpart of the main basque goddess Mari back to Reve now in more
practical terms like with offering to him will be a bull a strong brave and
fertile bull is the best choice. Reve was also offer the bull in ancient
Lusitania which we know by the fact it was written down in stone using the
Ancient Lusitanian language which reads like this “indi tavom ifadem Reve” which means and a fertile or brave bull to Reve actually Reve had a Theonym
after his name and it was sadly lost probably tying him down to
a mountain range or a spring near the place it was found or maybe just to the
city even though there is no other cases of him being tied with cities and now I
have said fertile or brave because historians are unsure on the meaning of
ifadem but the lead meanings are strong fertile or brave if you want to
celebrate Reve in the modern day there are various ways you could do so
in the start or end of the raining season the first under storm or flood
and don’t worry if you live far from Springs or mountains you can also
celebrate Reve using a Roman calendar like our modern one just replace Jupiter
with Reve and celebrate the Ides which should fall either in the 15th or
17th of each month oaks and eagles are also in the realm of things related to
sky gods so having one of those would be splendid you can also tie Reve as
I’ve said before with the mountain range or spring near you by using the name of
the place after the the God’s name in your prayers
it can also be tied to other gods as it was commonly done in ancient times such
as Jupiter and Coronas one good candidate for that is Nabia, that I have
talked about in my last video even though it was just a short short
mention to her but go watch it you’ll probably like it too, for she was the
goddess of water and rivers and Reve was the god of Springs. well this was the
this was today’s video I hope you liked it I actually don’t know if I can make a
new video for next week or the week after because of yule aka Christmas and
the new year I doubt I won’t have time to make the video it was it will just be
maybe a little bit rushed or it will too maybe not be as good as I maybe want it
to be but don’t worry I’ll try to still post it but keep in
mind that I might not be able to if that’s the case I want to wish you all
the happiest Yule, Saturnalia or Christmas and a wonderful new year this was your host
Carus Euracini and I’ll see you next time BYE!

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