Restaurant tips: What servers want you to know (Marketplace)

Restaurant tips: What servers want you to know (Marketplace)

>>Tip-out tactics on
your Marketplace. [ ♪♪ ]>>So, ready to go
into restaurants?>>I’m ready.
>>All right.>>We’re going out
for dinner under cover.>>Recording.
>>Recording.>>Heading into some of your
favourite chains to see what servers will dish out but
where your money’s really going.>>Who’s rights?>>Worker’s rights!>>Our story begins with
the rage over minimum wage. The fight being
heard across Canada. Since Ontario
raised the minimum wage, some companies are cutting paid
breaks and reducing benefits.>>I’m here today because of the
gross treatment of these workers are getting in the wake of a
long overdue wage increase.>>Now dozens of servers are
telling us about another tactic called the tip-out.>>I’ll get the
jerk chicken, please. You know, most restaurants
have a tip-out policy, a common practice where servers
share not a portion of their tips but a percentage
of everything they sell. But as the minimum
wage has been hiked, some employers are
hiking the tip-out, too, taking money from the
servers and giving it to the other staff.>>It’s really not fair.>>Grace Ford works at a
family dining chain in Alberta.>>Walk me through this. You make minimum wage.>>Yes, I do. It’s 13.60 right now.>>What do people
in the kitchen make?>>From what I know, there’s
$15 an hour to $32 an hour.>>So why do you have to give
some of your money to them if they’re making more of an
hourly wage than you are?>>They want to make more money
as we begin to make more money but since, you know, times are
hard and my boss cannot afford to pay them more money, he’s
going to take more money out of my total sales and food for the
day instead of giving them a higher wage.>>That sounds to me like you’re
subsidizing your employer.>>Yeah, it does feel like it.>>Grace forks over 4% of all
the food she sells but that’s about to increase to 5%. Just in the past week, how
much have you tipped out?>>I’ve tipped out $413.62.>>So even if she
doesn’t get tipped, she’s still on the hook to
pay that percentage to the restaurant.>>I am a little frustrated. There’s days where I work 12
hours and I still, you know, I give out $80 that I’ve
worked all day for.>>Money Grace is saving
to go to nursing school.>>Hard-earned money that I
have sweat and almost cried over through the past week working
for that just kind of disappears into thin air.>>She’s not alone but she’s
one of the few people willing to go public. So to find out how
widespread this is, we’re checking out
some popular chains. First up, a Kelsey’s
location in Ontario. We’re protecting the identity
of servers who could lose their jobs for speaking up.>>Same story at Sunset Grill. And when we head into Moxie’s.>>It’s like a
wild west out there.>>Deena Ladd has been
fighting for worker’s rights for over two decades.>>No restaurant owner should
be using tips to compensate for the minimum wage.>>She says the
tip-out tactic is unfair.>>If they are trying to recruit
that money to pay other people or to cover other costs, then
that needs to get challenged and we need to make sure
that people know about it.>>Because it’s happening
almost everywhere we visit. [ ♪♪ ]>>At Eastside Mario’s.>>And at The Keg. [ ♪♪ ]>>Seven of Canada’s most
popular restaurant chains have increased their tip-outs
since the minimum wage hike. What it looks like is that
employers are giving a raise to people in the kitchen but the
employer isn’t paying for it, the servers are paying for it?>>If I was a restaurant owner,
I’d be sitting down with my staff and I would be creating a
fair tip pool that is not taking it out on servers and that is
ensuring that everybody feels that it’s a fair process. [ ♪♪ ]>>That’s what
Ivan Gedz has done. As a restaurant owner, he
knows the business is tough, money tight but he doesn’t want
to take it out on his workers. You increase your minimum
wage here up to 16 bucks without increasing the tip-outs. Why did you do it that way?>>Because we felt that some
of the models that we’re seeing elsewhere is a little bit of
robbing Peter to pay Paul. When we make decisions here,
our– my staff know exactly how much money I make. When we make strategic
decisions they’re involved in that process.>>Some of the restaurants
are doubling their tip-outs. What do you think of that?>>Am I allowed to swear onCBC?>>You can try, sure.>>I think they’re full of shit.>>Now why do you say that?>>It’s not fair. It’s, uh– being implemented
in that manner, it’s being pushed
down their throats, it’s not being done
with consultation. You know, from a purely
capitalist perspective, it’s just poor business. It makes no sense.>>The chains we visit won’t
tell us why they’re tip-outs have increased, but they do
say their policies are fair and transparent and tip-outs are a
way to recognize the efforts of the entire team.>>Who’s rights?>>Worker’s rights!>>But these protestors
aren’t buying that message.>>I feel that it’s just another
tactic design to negatively impact those workers.>>I see it as
wage theft really. I mean, these workers, you know,
they don’t make very much, they’re already struggling to
make ends meet and, you know, with that tip-out percentage
going up, it’s just taking more money out of workers’ pockets.>>What do you think about the
tip-out policy at these major restaurant chains? Join the conversation
on Facebook and Twitter. [ ♪♪ ]>>You know,
there’s a — a major, major issue that I
think has to be addressed. [ ♪♪ ]>>Asha: Exposing
telecom sales tactics.>>I’m not getting
what they’re promising.>>We were guaranteed a price. I don’t want to hear the excuse.>>Asha: Find out how not
to get duped at the door. [ ♪♪ ]

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  1. some Restaurant here in Vancouver the tip is added on your bill if u want it or not tips should not be forced

  2. So let me get this straight, at some of these restaurants where they say 5%, that means that 5% of the total bill goes to the rest of the staff. Meaning that if the bill is $100, the waiter must reach into their pocket, pull out $5, and fork it over. Even if the customer leave them absolutely nothing. How is this even legal. I have never heard of this before. Is this something they do in America (I live in America). I mean I would just not work at that point. Basically if the customer leaves me nothing, then I just worked for nothing basically. You figure on a $100 table say they are their for a hour. If they leaving nothing, and the server must take $5 out of their money, then they are losing more than they are being paid in that hour. This should be illegal. If you can not afford to pay your own employees then raise your prices. If you would need to raise them so high that no one would buy, then your business is not viable, shut the doors, and send everyone packing.

  3. The time was you only tipped-out on tips you actually got! What is this B*LL?! Boycott all these places! Eastside Mario's
    The Keg
    Sunset Grill
    Keep out of establishments that do this and keep out of the ones that charge a mandatory tip on the bill!

  4. I hate when i go out to eat and i pay for the meal without tip and i get shitted on for not tipping. Since when did what i do with my money become someone elses concern? Tipping is a scam. Ppl tell me well they deserve it if they so a good job. Isnt that what theyre supposed to? If servers get tipped for doing a good job then other people in different fields or industries should get tipped too for doing something theyre being paid to do. If ur a waiter or bartender and u complain about only getting paid tips and not a fair wage then thats ur problem, not the customers. Go find another job

  5. I travel a lot do not tip anywhere in the world.and if I go to an eatery that has a service charge, it is goodbye time. Cheap skate? No, because I get paid for my work and nobody gives me tips so why should I tip? Some of the people who enter my office, Clinical Psychologist here, work in restaurants, etc. Even when I drove taxi while at university, and I was 29 years old when I started, I rarely received a tip.

    You knew what you were getting into when you took the job, so don't whinge or complain about it. If you do not like it and want to earn more, leave and don't look back or let the door hit you as you go through it.

    In some countries, tipping is forbidden and even not accepted by the server, etc. Japan is a prime example of that, and people in most European countries do not tip.

    It is the same with people asking for money to buy a coffee or asking for a cigarette (I have not smoked since 1969 before entering university). I always refuse because there is work available and many of these people are able bodied and are receiving welfare benefits.

    'nuf sed

  6. This tip out culture is typical of America. Didn't know it was happening in Canada as well. Now a days you are told it's always a team effort. Even the one that comes last should be appreciated. I call that BS. Tips are a way to motivate your staff to work harder. The better you do, the more tips you make. But then it became you are supposed to tip 15% no matter what. Now you share the tips with everyone regardless of performance. It won't be long before the entire systems becomes crap and everyone is lazy and unmotivated. Good luck.

  7. I think people are missing the point, a tip is a tip, you can if you want to and you dont have to. Your tipping because you appreciate the person filling your water,paying attention to you and your wants and needs at a drop of a hat, making your cocktail/ filling your drinks, taking your order, bringing your food, clearing your dishes and making the expeirence enjoyable so you dont have to think about anything but enjoying yourself. People play it down like " do i really have to tip somebody for JUST being nice?" If you truly believe thats ALL they do then thats completly up to you, and you must not be a very appreciative or observant person.

  8. Restaurant work is physically demanding and mentally stressful!
    In Dawson Creek, the restaurant I worked for since 89, never tips out the cooks.
    Even when things are booming and business is rocking busy, the waitresses keep it all.
    Most cooks only making 2 or 3$ more an hour than servers. They can take in hundreds a day, each, on top of their wage.
    The kitchen only receiving their hourly pay. Period.
    I think most customers presume tips are shared with the kitchen….NOT!
    What is happening to these servers is dirty pool, via the restaurant owners.
    Staff need to rally together, but unfortunately most people don't care what is happening to other staff, if its not affecting them.

  9. I'm working in a restaurant as a busser in Ontario, Canada. Tipping out in my restaurant is 1 percent of total tips, not total sales. even server its 3 percent. i saw this video and i still can't believe these're people getting 5 percent of total sales.

  10. Being German, I never understood the tipping system in the US. Here, everybody is being paid a moderate salary that is usually higher than minimum wage. You tip about 10% if the service is good and either the waiter can keep it or it is being shared equally between service and kitchen staff.

  11. This is big difference between Canadian News and USA news , USA only they do this kind of News if There is any Law suit Going on and In order to Boost Lawyers Pay Ups .

  12. If I decide to give someone 5 or 10 dollars for taking care and my table, then it's no one's. Business. If you. Don't. Want to.tip, then don't. Get your server to run around I paper boy for.walking.the paper to my house. That's between us. I don't have to…but personally serving me..

  13. In my store, us servers do the most work. Cook. Stand there and cook the same crap everyday. . servers are never stopping, ever, getting a tip is about enjoying the server, not just the food. I have tables who hate their food me because they liked me and wish me well. And likes the fact that I tried to bring them what they order. Little do you know, but they will serve you crap if they wanted, to save on food cost, while me and my team fight to.give you what you pay for. I or any server I know, don't just get your food to your table, we make.sure it's good.looking get what you expect. Working in restaurants for.over 20 years and the kitchen. I know. Servers have the most work. It may like.that in every place you, but it certainly is for every place I worked at. Thay pay us less and expect.wayyy more

  14. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS and insane! Servers are the first face of the building! How the hell do you take their money that they work hard for? Oh hell no! If no servers go into work, they would lose their business!

  15. $13.60 is a lot! Boo hoo! They shouldn’t get the tips of the wait staff, but boo hoo! And where is his jerk chicken!

  16. 1:54 So she knows it’s called tipping out! This whole story is about a 1% increase? This music is for a1% increase in the common practice of tipping out? And in the last week she tipped out $400 that means she’s made $8,000 in tips?? Either neither one of them can do math, or shutup you’re making $7,500 a week in tips!

  17. And don't get me started on fighting with some people in the kitchen, because "i", me, I want to bring you good looking food, that's hopefully pleasing to the eye. You have no idea. I'm good at customer service. I try to please all guests. It's up to me to try to present what I can in a manner that makes you want to come back.

  18. Wait am I understanding this correctly? She makes $13 an hour without tips and a portion of her tips is now going to the kitchen. What the hell? She is still making way more than the rest of the kitchen staff! (Minus the head cheff)

  19. End tipping entirely.
    It only came into existence because of the great depression and the general loss of business that brought.

  20. In an ideal world, waiters should try to provide good service regardless of tips and be paid a standard hourly wage. Should a restaurant owner see a server providing particularly good customer service on a regular basis, then they should reward them with bonuses and provide other incentives (from the owner's pocket only) for good service. Customers shouldn't have to sit in a restaurant and think about how much money to tip a waiter, it ruins the experience of going to a restaurant and probably makes servers uncomfortable too. People end up ordering takeout or eating at home. Restaurants should raise their prices, use the excess to pay their servers a living wage, and eliminate the expectations of the tipping system (no more collection jars and no would you like to tip 15% options for debit machines).

  21. I had bad food but I had to pay full amount so I didn't tip. My gf left her purse there 😑 by mistake so I had to go back and the server got all pissy at me because she did her job. So why do I have pay for the food and take care of her salary

  22. An overpaid waitress is a rude waitress. So, under pay her and she can offset that w/ service to offset the low pay w/ the tip. Plus it provides opportunity for generosity; how many times you want to tip the grocery lady and there is no mechanism to tip her ??? It's good, and if you can't afford the tip then you can't afford to eat there. Hit the drive- thru. A bad tipper is psycho !!

  23. Tipping shouldnt be consider at all… why? cox majority of food menus price are marked up already.. Just for example: if a restaurant have 10 costumer at 1130am and the median price range of menu are at $12. How much does the restaurant made at 1130am? 120.. right? Ok restaurant business open til night time so imagine how much they made at the end of the day..

  24. To be fair, some people tip more because of the taste of the food at the restaurant so it sounds fair that part of the tip is going to the chef/other staff that helped. All the waiter is doing is taking orders down and then taking the food out.

  25. Tip outs should be illegal. I tip on service not on food. Wait staff are the lowest paid because they get tips. Giving tips to the higher paid kitchen staff is unfair. Pay everyone the same wage if everyone wants a share of the tips. It's not fair that the wait staff has to pay out of pocket if they don't make enough tips to cover the tip out. It then becomes slave wages.

  26. Tipping culture is really weird and complicated issue in Canada and USA given the culture and business operation. Look at Japan, had the best service hands down experiences and they don’t accept tips.

  27. Half the time Im paying a percentage that inludes tax when it comes to tipping. As for the first woman's arguement about kitchen staff getting some of the tips, they cooked it. Why should she get all of the tips? Get rid of the system all together. I'll happily order at the counter and get up myself and get it if need be.

  28. in Quebec
    minimal wage for servers = 9.80$ + tips
    minimal wage for other workers = 12$
    fast food restaurants (McDo, Tim hortons etc..) are paid minimum wage of 12$ but some still ask for tips.
    ** in Quebec servers paid income taxes on their tips (if i'm not wrong 8% of sales)

    since Goverment taxes servers, tips amount have increase because now we must consider the 8% which mean most give 15% in tips (plus 15.56% in taxes)

  29. If you can't tip a server then it's simple stay home and cook/clean your own damn food and table!!.. I'm a waitress and to deeal with the back and fourth on our feet all day and dealing with many people (some not all rude) but cleaning up after them and their kid's if they are messy its our responsibility to clean, It's not only about good customer service but the dealing with s large table and not forgetting a order a drink or even refills and any other things they need..BUT people saying they dont tip need to re think about it.. mim wage and doing so much work that you don't think we do becoz were only "serving" .. pull your head out your a** and be kind! or simple eat at home.

  30. Including the kitchen staff on tip outs is ILLEGAL in NY. They only have to share with bussers and barbacks. Also tip outs can only be based on TIPS made, not sales.

  31. slave labor should be illegal in our modern age. the owners of these business' forcing servers to subsidize the back of the house wages for doing nothing more than their regular job duties and nothing to earn the "raise" in the back of the house should go out of business. it is wage theft. there should be a law allowing for servers to sue these owners for theft.

  32. Question: since working in a restaurant is a team effort, why can't everyone work under the same wage amount no matter what position they have?

  33. Looool that tipping out thing gave me a laugh. I’m from Germany and I find tipping ridiculous (even though we do usually tip here) and getting money from the waiting staff as a percentage of the sales???? I don’t know who came up with that but it’s some capitalistic genius(!) Are the staff working there or trying to make the owners richer?

  34. I hate when ppl pinch pennies when it comes to something that is a LUXURY to begin with. If you cant afford to leave a 10 or 15% tip then you cant afford to go out to eat! Go to the grocery store and cook yourself a meal and clean up after yourself you wont have to tip anyone

  35. I was at a restaurant and the server brought me and my fiance our food but no cutlery and forgot my fiance's poutine.. to top it off I asked for a straw and never got it but funny the server asks the other table how was your meal but didn't check if me and my fiance's meal is good or how our meal is, should I still tip? even I work in the kitchen in a restaurant and the servers at my work aren't that bad.

  36. My husband makes less then 5$ an hour shift pay 45min outside NYC if there weren't tips we wouldn't be able to live, it annoys me when people don't know that because foreigners almost never tip. His paycheck for 59hrs is only 130$ american over the winter and during the summer he works 84hrs for 185$ shift pay. And for every $100 he makes the bussers have to get $40, food runners have to get $40, and bar staff has to get $40, so for him to take home 100$ he has to make 220$ if he is the only server

  37. I worked for a pretty popular chain during the first minimum wage hike. They not only had a 6% tip out some went to managers as well. The worst though was that we were charged off our sales for the use of the debit machine. So for ppl to pay, I was charged. I cant remember the exact percent but it was around 1%.
    Plus a separate one for bartender.
    Our tip out was almost 8% after all was said and done.

    % Of sales, not tips.

  38. Wish the public was more educated and started telling restaurant franchisers that they won't come to their restaurant if they use Tip Out at all. Why are the lowest paid people subsidizing the best paid? Capitalism has always been a backward system where those on the bottom pay those on top.

  39. I am a generous tipper IF the server is particularly good. I EXPECT the food to be good because if it's not I will not return. I am NOT tipping the cook; the busboys or whoever is washing the dishes. I have left as much as a 300% tip because I really liked the server, she was very friendly, talkative, new on the job and I wanted to help her.

    There is NO way I would have done that if I knew she would have to share it!

    It's MY MONEY and MY choice and I gave it to HER alone and not to the people behind the kitchen!

  40. Simple: I don't go to restaurant. The entire industry is full of whiners. You're just moving some plates…You deserve nothing.

  41. I make $2.33/hr, kitchen/other staff make at least $8.50-$9.00/hr and I have to pay 1% of my total sales regardless if I make tips or not.

  42. Can someone please explain to me why we need to tip servers in Canada the usual 15% ? From what I understand, they make the minimum wage, not like in the US where they make something like 2$ / hour and rely on tips for the rest. Thus, using this logic, the % of tips left in Canada should be much smaller than in the US where we also tip 15%. I am not Amercian so this is very confusing.

  43. Tipping is the western thing. Other places around do not tip and they don't expect tips at all. It is funny they complain about low wage but never mention the tips they don't get tax on. Now they got higher wage they now complain they can't hide their tips.

  44. Why isn't tipping banned throughout Canada? There should never be a need / feel the need to tip unless the service is extremely above and beyond expectations. I personally HATE that tips are a thing.

  45. When I tip it because the waitress was good at their job i think we should just stop tipping if it goes to some one else.

  46. It should be a requirement to display their policy even on their web pages, adverts and other social media, why such a secret?

  47. this would never fly in any other industry. from my prospective most peoples pay should reflect there quality of work. by using this tip out you are rewarding the people that don't care about doing a god job, because why would they work a little harder when they don't have to because they will get paid the same either way.

  48. This is hilarious. The government tries to regulate the economy and the restaurants are forced to cull their waitstaff's wages in order to make ends meet. If they just left it alone the servers would probably do better anyway, but they won't. Exactly how far will things go before we regulate capitalism out of existence?

  49. First of all, abolish tipping entirely. It will be better for everyone.
    Secondly, if you think your job is screwing you over, or you dont like it… leave and get another job! It’s not goddamn rocket science!

  50. 1:19 Im not saying minimum doesnt need to change for the better, Im just saying there are places where minimum wage is $5.21.

  51. In the 70s, in Chicago, I always had to give out a percentage of my tips to the bartenders and bus boys, even on parties where no alcohol was ordered. And if someone ran out the door without paying, we weren't allowed to chase them and we were charged $25 for their check. Many nights I went home with nothing. Finally they went out of business without notifying staff, locked the place up and never paid us our final pay check. On the positive side, it made me see the wisdom of going to college.

  52. Its bs. Here in texas as a server I make 2.13 an hour so I live on my tips. Yet I have to tip out 4% of my net sales each shift. Also the specific restaurant I work at doesnt report my tip out so I have to pay taxes on those tips I dont even recieve!

  53. this fixed-percentage tip out doesn't make any sense. why would they kick back a fixed 4% of the bill to the kitchen workers if the tips themselves can be anywhere from 0% to 30%? Shouldn't it be a percentage of the tip amount, not of the bill? never heard of this

  54. Why tip someone for a job I'm capable of doing myself? I can deliver food, I can drive a taxi, I can and do cut my own hair. I did, however, tip my urologist. Because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.

  55. The thing is can we enjoy meals with thinking their salary? How much give tips, are they treated well etc…. end up we are scared the price. They should simply raise the price and no tips.

  56. Raising wages is nice but not the minimum wage. That only causes businesses to hire fewer workers and demand more. What needs to be done instead is to lower cost of living and taxes such that the wages earned go further. Also increasing upward mobility is better than wages floors since the low wage positions are supposed to be starter jobs only. And do remember than restaurants typically operate on super slim margins so literally any increase in cost can make them lose money instead of make money. This tight margin issue is especially true for small businesses since they are owned by individuals like you and I. Granted tipouts can be very unfair depending on how the kitchen staff are paid but that is a symptom of the owner being forced to scrounge to stay in business. Again, decreasing costs would slow down any tipouts and make any earned money go further.

  57. If I give A tip to a waiter/waitress for good service then I expect him/her to get that money not share it with their co-workers.

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