Resellers are Sleeping on this Website [3 Products I Purchased to Sell on Amazon FBA]

Resellers are Sleeping on this Website [3 Products I Purchased to Sell on Amazon FBA]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so I’ll get right to the point I feel like people are still sleeping
on Ben’s bargains so today I’m gonna show you a little sourcing tutorial from
Penn’s bargains yet again I’m gonna show you examples of – I believe it might be
three we’re gonna take a look here in a second of products that I bought
yesterday now I’ve been a little bit busy so I haven’t been sourcing online
arbitrage as much as I usually do because obviously Christmas is tomorrow
so I’m recording this when it’s Christmas Eve so Merry Christmas and
Happy Holidays to all of you I hope you enjoy the holiday with your families now
let’s get into the sourcing tutorial really briefly I’m gonna show you
examples of these products that I just purchased so here they are right here I
bought Shaq foo a legendary board from Nintendo switch from Best Buy
I also bought a star length battle for Atlas from Best Buy as well and I also
bought three of the original magic bullets from Walmart here as well now
all these had a decent profit margin I’ll show you the examples of all three
of these products right here how did I go about finding them while I went about
finding them I didn’t go to Best Buy I didn’t go to Walmart although you can
this is exactly why in the last bends Marquez tutorials I touched on the fact
that I love going to Game Stop directly because you can see the deals of the day
but you don’t actually have to you can just sort source through websites like
Ben’s bargains which will then spit out all these deals on Best Buy on Walmart
on target right on Game Stop to you so you don’t have to source each individual
website although you can do it either way if you want now right off the bat I
see this one it might look like a decent margin although there’s no link to
Amazon one of the best reasons that I love Ben’s bargains is because it’s
gonna show you the retail value that it estimates it’s gonna show you your price
well if you hit go to store where you can actually get it from it’s gonna tell
you this store right here where you can actually source it from so Amazon eBay
Home Depot right and then it usually on most of them it’s gonna have an Amazon
link and show you the Amazon price here so you’re getting all the data in one
place and it’s super super easy to run through really fast and make informed
decisions on okay this is a good product let me check it out or these are bad
products so it saves you time while allowing you the best opportunities to
make money okay so before I actually run through a little tutorial here let me
show you examples of different products that I bought and if they were
profitable now I bought for ascent $4.99 from Ben’s bargains to buy Shaq foo a
legend reborn Nintendo switch if we pull up the
this listing on Ben’s bargains let me actually show it to you so let’s search
Shaq foo and this is not how I actually usually do it I don’t search through the
search bar but I just want to show you examples of the products that I actually
bought right so here it is right here $4.99 I look through this yesterday on
the 23rd and found this one right here now the Amazon listing price says it’s
listed at 17 so let’s check that out it also says you can buy it for $4.99 on
Best Buy which you actually can so if you go click go to store these are the
first two things that you want to check out now it’s currently selling out so
you might want to hop on this now by the time I get this video out it isn’t this
deal it might already be past right but usually if you hop on I don’t hop on
Ben’s bargains every day and I don’t source through every website that I
always talk about every single day but I do sort and pick through you know maybe
10 to 20 and just sort through in the morning for like an hour
and buy up stuff like that and that’s literally how I do it I’m not special it
doesn’t take me a long time you can do the same exact things assuming you know
where to source products and how to ship them back into FBA which my course
covers in droves right so I’m also gonna let three more people into the course
the coupon codes have been going very very fast so if you’re interested in
getting into online arbitrage Pro 3.0 for 50% off the first three people to
claim through the link first link in the description can get into the course at
50% off let’s show let me show you example of why this is still a good buy
right and it might if things might have changed since yesterday but let’s go
through and sort through to see right and one of the the low-risk reasons to
as well of buying these and seeing if they’re good buy still is because I’m
tracking everything in spreadsheets if you scroll up I track literally
everything and all the things that have sold but obviously I don’t to show you
all that information and what so what I’ve made on that but you can track
literally everything and then god forbid this comes to me and it’s no longer a
good buy well I can just look over here and look at Best Buy and be like oh I’m
just gonna return this the best buy because it’s not a good buy anymore but
if it comes to my house and it’s still a good buy right and it’s there’s still
margin then I ship it into fbn and make the margin like that
so there’s really obviously there’s risk cuz you have to spend money to you know
get products because it is a return on your investment business but the risk is
mitigated because you can always return all these products for free now
as long as you track and you keep track of your inventory and where you’re
getting it from okay and obviously if I signed in the Best Buy I could just pull
up my and I’m signing right here I believe
yeah hi Brian I just pull up my my order invoices and return it that way I don’t
need to actually keep track of the physical receipts and physical invoices
okay so it says $15.99 free shipping and it’s being sold by by Barbara now there
are 25 people on this listing so is this still a profitable item well if I buy it
for $4.99 keep in mind that I might have to pay shipping so that’s something you
always definitely want to test out and this actually did sell out it looks like
people have already gone ahead and grabbed this I think I bought six of
these maybe five of them so I did end up paying $4.99 because there wasn’t
shipping or taxes but that’s also something that you need to keep in mind
so that’s why I always recommend before you estimate what your cost of goods is
to get the best informed decision go to your cart act like you’re about to check
out and see exactly what it’s gonna cost you so you want to see if they’re gonna
charge you taxes if they’re gonna charge you shipping right and that way you get
you can divide that by the amount of games that you’re gonna buy or the
amount of items that you’re gonna buy to make the most informed decision of what
your cost of goods is so this was $4.99 and I think I estimated high at six just
assuming although I did only pay $4.99 per unit here so if we go $4.99 per unit
and I estimate that it’s gonna cost me a buck to ship each one of these in which
is a little bit on the conservative side and a little bit high but I like to be a
little bit more conservative to make sure with my profit margin and then I
look at the by box and I say hey I’m gonna match the buy box at 1598 what’s
my margin gonna be well I’m gonna spend $4.99 to make 442 when I sell each unit
so that is almost a hundred percent ROI 100 percent return on my investment and
it’s very very low risk cuz I’m spending $4.99 to get this I’m not special I
didn’t spend time sourcing through Ben’s bargains literally spat this out to me
yesterday and I went ahead and bought it okay you can do the same exact things
let’s go through another example of another product that you can potentially
buy so the next one that I bought was the star link battle for Atlas so let’s
search that and Ben’s bargains as well star link and we’ll look for the battle
for Atlas here it is from yesterday as well you can buy it for $7.99 this is
also a good game stop deals game stop always has Starling products as well
they’re usually a little bit more expensive than $7.99 so this is a great
Buy but just keep that in mind as well so if we pull up the Amazon listing and
we also go to the store to make sure that they’re still potentially good buys
and look this is also selling out as well so people are also hopping on this
– so right here in the buy box price is this looks like the buy box price is
actually going down since yesterday so what I’m interested in right and this is
a perfect example so you’re getting a lot of tidbits of information here is
I’m interested in the new prime prices because that’s who I’m gonna compete
with if I’m shipping it into FBA right so I’m gonna come to all the other
offers and I’m gonna click prime and new to see what the other offers that I’m
competing against are prime and new and it looks like if I ship it in at 2179
roughly I can match that by box price and then eventually could retain the buy
box on the actual listing or maybe drop it a little bit and get the buy box
there so what I want to do is I’m gonna conservatively estimate maybe 20 bucks
right and if I source this for I think it was $7.99 and I ship it in to Amazon
to sell it for 20 bucks even though that’s on the conservative side will I
still be profitable let me see so we’re gonna pull up our MZ
scout calculator and all the information should be in here it looks like if I
ship it oh and it might be 847 did I pay taxes on this I did this is a perfect
example of why you want to go through the cart on actual Best Buy right here
because they’re gonna charge me taxes or shipping for this so I didn’t end up
paying $7.99 per unit I ended up paying 847 per unit I only know that because I
actually bought it and I went through the process to actually check out so
right here if we go back to our listing and we put 847 in I estimate that it’s
gonna cost me a dollar to ship it in to FBA because I never ship one-off
products into FBA right I’m always shipping them into into FBA that’s like
a bulk unit in a big box so usually it’s a little cheaper than a dollar obviously
but I like to be conservative now if I match the buy box price at 20 ish will I
be profitable now I will but it’s only a dollar 32 so things could change and
this is really no longer that good of a buy it is profitable and since I’m
interested in maximum approval and getting sales I’m still gonna
potentially send this in to FBI if it stays like this but that doesn’t
necessarily mean that it will stay like this it could go back up it could go
back down so when this comes to my house and I actually receive this product if
it is still a good margin I will ship it into FBA and make the potential margin
right if it is no longer a good margin and there’s only like a dollar to be
made right then obviously I’m just gonna return it to Best Buy ship it back the
Best Buy and collect my money back so there’s no I’m literally
walking in this price as a good sourcing point there’s really no risk at all for
me because I can literally take it back to the store and return it or it can
initiate the refund back on and ship it back to Best Buy and make my
money back right then they’re just gonna credit my card back so there’s really no
risk this was a good product yesterday the buy box I don’t think was thirty one
I think it was like twenty five if I remember correctly it could go back up
after Christmas by the time I get my units back into FBA it will be after
Christmas obviously but things could change and fluctuate so that’s always an
another perfect reason why you always want to track everything let me show you
another example right here the original magic bullet right so let’s search for
that will search magic bullet and we’ll type that in and see what pops up so
right here you can buy it for $20 at Walmart the Amazon price was $50 so if
you open up both of these is it still selling for 50 okay it’s selling for a
little bit under 50 now which is 44 50 45 it’s still selling for 1992 on
Walmart did I pay taxes and I did I end up paying 2112 per unit for this so if I
go ahead and I put that into the AMC scout calculator and I estimate hi right
here perfect example of me being conservative I’m gonna estimate that
it’s gonna cost me $2 in because I’m assuming that this is heavier I’ve never
actually held one of these products before but it might only cost me 80
cents to ship it in to FBI it might only cost me $1 right but I’m estimating
higher to be sure also I’m estimating a little bit higher than 2112 so I
estimated on the high end just to account for any potential changes in
prices and I estimated it was gonna cost me 22 per unit and two dollars to ship
it into FBA so if I match the buy box price at forty
four forty five I will still make 621 per unit so if you factor in that’s
probably a little bit under a 33% ROI and they’re selling very very fast right
so that’s another thing that you want to check on the listing you want to check
to make sure it’s a good listing you want to check to make sure that it’s
selling quickly which this is 66,000 in kitchen and dining but I always use the
jungle Scout Chrome extension to make sure selling about one a day 97 a month
so good products and you always want to take the Asin into seller central as
well and add a product to see if you specifically can sell it because I might
be unguided and things that your gated in right and you might be on gated and
things that I’m gated in it depends on your seller account what you requested
approval for have you gotten invoices for certain things
that’s a that’s a completely different lecture for a completely different day
okay so I’m not gonna waste your time I’m not gonna sort through Ben’s
bargains but if you go back through the home page there are a number of sub
deals on this site that you can source through at any given day at any given
time find great deals that you can buy in bulk buy many units of that right you
only need to find one listing and then you buy many of that deal lock in your
price point ship it into FBA and make the margin so I hope you guys got a lot
of value out of this I really hope you have a great holiday with that being
said I’ll see in the next one

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  1. I use Ben's Bargains All The Time! Awesome resource here for resellers. Listen to Bryan on this. I have used his methods now for over 3 years and they work if you work them.

  2. i purchased a couple of Harman Kardon SB26 Advanced Soundbar with Bluetooth Wireless Subwoofer, for about $175 on bens' bargain last week that retails amazon fba $447. from my purchases i stand to profit over $1k.

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