Ranking Factory Revolution Review Part 1

Ranking Factory Revolution Review Part 1

welcome to ranking factory revolution
review part 1 in this review we’re gonna go over what ranking factory revolution
is and then we’re going to show you the blogger module in this part 1 review
ranking Factory is actually a series or of modules or tools all put together in
under one umbrella tool called ranking factory revolution most of these tools
are all basically google tools and they’re all free there is one or two
exceptions to that where we are doing something outside of Google like the
HTML creator we’re actually using a couple of other HTML clouds and we’re
stacking them along with the Google cloud and those can cost you slightly
just very very little but in this unit we’re going to talk about the blogger
basically blogger is one of the tools in this advanced SEO software basically
we’re going to be able to post to any any account you want because we’re using
an API you’re basically able to pick what you account get that you want and
go ahead and log into that that fast by simply pulling the drop down clicking on
it we can see what the blog is if you had more than one we click on this and
it would show that the ability to use the API allows us to use unlimited
accounts everything we’re doing is running through Google API so there is
no need for proxies there’s no need to log into these accounts because it’s all
done through the API and we’re basically able to post these very rapidly and very
fast and you’re doing it all from one interface which saves you a ton of time
your blog posts would be simply set up here put in your title put in your
content you have all the same features you do over on blogger to use all of
those features your fonts your text size bold italics underline
anything you want to do with colors links YouTube videos images and we even
have the ability to switch over to the HTML editor and put in HTML code into
your post if you want to add things in there that might not be available in
this version here we have a preview window once your post is set up you
would just simply click on that and see your post and then once you publish it
by clicking this button here all your you guys would show up here and once
that’s done you have the ability to send it to another module called sheets as
well as send it to a link indexer which you have five hundred free links that
you can index every day inside these unit and the ability in here to do
something totally unique and different is that we can actually drop this down
and add multiple accounts in here like this and add them once the blog shows up
add them over here and you can have multiple blogs already to post at one
time now you can simply create these posts and it will actually spin them and
so it puts your post up on these different blogs and so that can be done
as well as just posting to a single blog or you can click this little button here
and you can stack these posts so they’ll interlink together and have one long
stack and create your multi post stack in there so they have the some very
advanced features inside of this tool to create backlinks which are all 100% free
backlinks but the nice part about it is because of Google they have high
authority and they’re passing a lot of link juice onto whatever you’re pointing
your links at and so that helps you rank in Google and other search engines as
well now once you have your post you have the ability to save it and then
later load it back up if you’re wanting to make changes or do something
different and post it on another blog and you actually
have another feature here which allows us to translate that into different
languages okay and so if you want to have one post in
English another blog in Spanish or some other language you can certainly do that
and it’s all done from inside of here if you want to see your post as soon as
it’s done you would simply click this box and it would open up the blog post
as soon as it’s posted which only takes about a second or two and so that’s what
we’re doing inside the blogger unit ranking factory of revolution is one
of the most advanced SEO tools today and it will help you get your site’s videos
and anything else you want to rank ranking on the search engines by having
all of the backlinks you want you can create multiple backlinks over and over
and over again to whatever it is you need to rank and that’s ranking factory
revolution review part 1 thanks for watching if you want to pick this up or
take a look at more details click the link below in the description of this
video and we’ll get you over there where you can pick this tool up thanks for
watching and click the link below

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  1. Thanks for the Ranking Factory Revolution Review Part 1 about the Blogger module. It is nice to know that it is easy to post to and use many different Blogger accounts all from one place.

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