Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Names Curiously Removed From Royal Website

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Names Curiously Removed From Royal Website

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Names Curiously Removed From Royal Website. According to recent reports, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are trying their very hardest to detach themselves from public royal life. It looks as though their plans are ever closer to becoming a reality because their names as an official royal couple have been removed from Prince Charles’s website. Why could this be? Family feuds. Just like every other typical family, The Windsors have their fair share of arguments and quarrels. Whether it’s between siblings, or the in-laws, a family isn’t a proper family without a few healthy disagreements. But how far is too far when it comes to ticking off your family? Have the Windsors begun to overstep the mark? Have their squabbles turned to full-on feuds? Two brothers. You’ve probably heard the rumors that Harry and William are currently at loggerheads, but the truth about their on-going feud hasn’t really been confirmed nor denied. However, more and more stories are cropping up about the pair growing further apart. But why? What has happened for Harry and William to clash? Well, it looks as though their feud all stems back to the joint charity venture they founded together in 2009, The Royal Foundation – which now looks as though it’s hit a rocky patch. The Fab Four. This came as a great shock to most people considering how close the two brothers have always seemed to be, and also considering the recent appearances they have made with their wives, Meghan and Kate. In February 2018, they all were at the Royal Foundation’s first official public forum, where the foursome were even dubbed ‘The Fab Four’. It became clear that the two couples had shared interests and ambitions in making positive changes with issues such as mental health, homelessness, and environmental conservation. Charity ventures. All sounds good, right? Well, fast forward to Spring 2019, and the business relationship between the fab four has seemingly broken down. William and Harry first originated the organization with a matched sense of direction, but now it seems like that has all changed. In June 2019, Kensington Palace officially confirmed that the charity work between the two brothers will from henceforth be split and that Harry and Meghan will be leaving the Royal Foundation indefinitely. New directions. Although their brotherly bond has remained positive, there’s been more and more reports lately describing how Harry and William have very different dreams, and are very different young men. This comes as no surprise considering William has lived his life with the responsibility of becoming future King looming over him. While Harry has lived in the shadow of his older brother, knowing he has a lot more freedom and autonomy with what he wants to do. Is this the reason why the brothers have now chosen to part ways? New households. Whatever the reason they have chosen to split, personal or not, it now looks as though their separation is more than just business-related. Not only have they parted ways with their charity, but because of this decision, their household names are no longer in correlation with each other. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now an entirely different household to the household of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But what exactly does this mean? Officially happening. Well, due to Meghan and Harry wanting to seek independence from brother William, a long process began to separate the official royal households under their name. This means Harry and Meghan now have full self-government of their name… As the Queen has officially agreed to the formation of the royal household of the ‘Sussexes’. Prior to this, the Sussexes would have formally come under the household of brother William and father, Charles. New evidence. So where’s the evidence for this? Well, it comes in the form of Prince Charles’s official website on the vacancy page for new staff. Now on the ‘Current Vacancy’ page, their names are longer visible where they used to be. This isn’t exactly a significant change, but it certainly proves that the split is well and truly happening. Small changes will eventually turn into bigger ones, and this disappearance of their name on Charles’s website means his household is no longer hiring staff for them. Communications staff. So what difference is this split going to make? Will Harry and Meghan now have their own team of our staff? Basically, yes. The separation of their households means that the communication team that once worked for Harry and Meghan at Kensington Palace will no longer be attached to the Sussexes. Instead, they will have their own communication staff located at Buckingham Palace, which is where their offices and PR team will be relocated to. Different dreams. An official statement made by their staff commented saying: “Kensington Palace will now continue to support and guide the[sic] Harry and Meghan until their new team is in place.” So it looks as though changes are indeed happening and the big move is finally started to be realized. But what are Harry and Meghan’s plans now? Well, in June 2019, they also officially announced that they are setting up their own charity called Sussex Royal Foundation. Any details of this charity work are at this point unknown. Finances. With the Sussex’s name now officially removed from Prince Charles’s website, royal experts have begun to wonder what this means for their finances, seen as Charles’s household is where their financial income as the Sussexes was sourced from. Harry and William originally shared stipend of around £4 million (around $4.86 million) per year, so the split now poses the question of how the Sussex’s are going to fund their offices? Where is their money going to come from? Independence. No sorts of details have been announced as of yet, but a lot of experts speculate that they will either be supported by Buckingham Palace and her majesty, or they will fund their future ventures by themselves. However they intend to put their plans in place, it certainly looks as though the Sussex’s have got the ball rolling. Their independence has well and truly been granted, and their future as our new Duke and Duchess is looking to be bright for themselves and the public they are serving. African plans. The British public are not the only people that the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family serve, but the 52 countries in the Commonwealth are also under the rule of Queen Elizabeth. And by the looks of things, The Sussex’s have decided to venture out of Britain and instead turn their attention to less-developed countries. Particularly the African countries of South Africa, Malawi, Angola, and Botswana. They plan to visit them all in an official move from the UK. Future hopes. The couple have already announced that they will travel to Africa in September time for their first official royal tour with their son Archie. It is unclear how they long exactly that they plan to stay there, but it is believed that the family could stay there for up to three years if everything goes the way they want it to. This relocation comes at a time when the couple has spoken out about the intense public scrutiny they face, so the move is no doubt a method of escaping the British press for a while. Birthday girl. Whether you agree with the nature of their move from the UK or not, you have to respect the way the couple have been honest about their feelings towards public life as a royal, especially Prince Harry who has always open about his struggles with the intensity of being a Royal. Nonetheless, the Sussex’s still seem as though they are happy enjoying their new family together. Meghan turned 38 on August 4, and by the looks of things, she was having a ball. Loving husband. On the couple’s official social media page, a beautiful photo of her royal highness the Duchess of Sussex was shared, with the caption of “Happy birthday to my incredible wife. Thank you so much for joining me on our adventure.” Meghan is seen with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her eye, and so we can only imagine what joyful celebrations hubby Harry had in store for her to celebrate her 38th. Next stop – Africa! Birthday wishes. In addition to Harry’s message, William and Kate’s official page also featured some birthday wishes from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge themselves. The post includes a photo of the once dubbed ‘Fab Four’ at 2018’s Christmas church service, smiling and walking along with father-in-law Prince Charles. The photo is captioned “Wishing a very a wonderfully happy 38th birthday to The Duchess of Sussex today!” So does this mean their alleged feud is behind them? Vogue editor. Now that Megahn is an independent woman with a fantastic future ahead of her as the Commonwealth’s new Duchess, it looks as though her plans to be an outspoken and progressive philanthropist aren’t about to slow down just yet. Her most recent business venture includes being the guest editor of September 2019’s edition of Vogue – one that features the message of “Forces for Change”, highlighting women who have made a huge difference to the world. Powerful women. The cover itself is a montage of influential women that Meghan believes have positively impacted the world in their careers. Within the photo montage, there’s also a mirror which represents the power that the readers embody to make a difference too. Clever, right? Some of the women included in the cover include actress Jane Fonda, New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern, climate change activist Greta Thunberg, and LGBTQ+ activist Laverne Cox. Who runs the world? Girls! A powerful woman. Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enniful has spoken out about his collaboration with the Duchess of Sussex, commenting: “When we spoke about what should be on the cover, from the start she was insistent that she didn’t want to be on it. Instead she wanted to use the cover to highlight all the women that she admires, rather than it being some sort of boastful, egotistical thing about her.” So what has Meghan herself had to say about it? Saying her thanks. Well, she posted a photo of the cover on her social media page, commenting on how much of an incredible opportunity it has been. She commented saying: “The last few months with Edward Enniful have been an amazingly rewarding process.” She continued: “I’ve loved taking one of the most-read fashion magazines and steering its focus to the more important values, causes and most remarkable people who are making an impact in the world today.” How nice is that? Important changes. She also said: “Through this edition, we hope you can feel the strength in the collective and diverse selection of women. I hope you readers feel as inspired as I do.” So there you have it, Meghan still continues to speak up and speak out about the things she finds most important about the changes needed in our world. Surely this kind of activism is what being a royal is about? They have the position and status to make a difference, so why can’t they explicitly use it. What’s actually going down. So let’s talk a little bit about the actual truth. At the end of the day, everyone thinks they know what they’re talking about – especially when it comes to the Royal Family. Everyone’s convinced that Harry and Meghan are engaging in some sort of psychological battle with the rest of their family, and that they’re all feuding, and blah blah blah… You catch our drift. But the truth is that no one really knows what’s going on behind closed doors. Speculation city. The truth is that people just love stirring the pot. No one knows the exact truth – all we can really do is gather the facts that we see in front of us, and form well educated guesses based on them. So yes, we agree that it’s a little bit weird that Harry and Meghan’s names disappeared off of that list. But does that mean they’re feuding with the rest of them? Does that mean they think they’re better than the rest of them? Probably not. Doing their thing. What it means is that Meghan and Harry are free thinkers, and want to establish a life for themselves that is somewhat separate from the Royal Family. That doesn’t make them evil, and it doesn’t make them wrong. They’re just different, and they seem to have adopted a certain way of life that doesn’t exactly fall perfectly into the way the Royals live theirs. After all, being a Royal is no cakewalk. It’s not for everyone. One leg in, one leg out. When Meghan and Harry got engaged, everyone wondered how Meghan would adapt to this new lifestyle. Would she be able to dress in a more proper fashion? Would she be able to conduct herself in a manner that is befitting for a Royal? Would she fall in line with the traditions? Ever since their marriage, Meghan has given us an answer – and the answer is “kinda.” She can dress the part, but she hasn’t been shy about voicing her opinions on things. Two very different Duchesses. Meghan hasn’t been afraid to establish her independence, and this new story is just one thing following a long line of things that Royal traditionalists have questioned. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, has been the perfect Duchess. No one has ever questioned her loyalty to the Crown – but does that make her better? Nah. On the contrary, we think it’s beautiful that Meghan is doing something different – as long as she stays respectful in the process. They’re not perfect. Because here’s something that not everyone stops to think about while they’re covering the Royal Family – ladies and gentlemen, they’re regular human beings like the rest of us. This means that they deal with regular human pain, regular human insecurities, regular human feelings of imperfection. They aren’t Norse Gods that are immune to the regular doldrums of everyday life. The fact that some people think that is simply preposterous – and that helps us understand the following fact…

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    If they feel their too smart and better than that, pretty simple. Be real and show some integrity and just quit.

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    Make her happy, ignore her and you will see her despair. Who does she think he fools?

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