[OpenCMS 10.0.1] Step 2 – How to create new module and integrate GIT

[OpenCMS 10.0.1] Step 2 – How to create new module and integrate GIT

Choose module management Click to [new module] button Enter package name example : com.example.., module name, desc … And check to create folder you want to create click [OK] to apply Click to your module created Click [Add resource Type] to create an component Enter name of resource type ( not have space and special char ) Enter label, the label will show on the list component you can enter special name for schemas file (schemas look as structure of component) click [OK] to apply Now we’ll go to the exployer to view schemas and formatters file of this component choose / ( ROOT ) folder />modules>your package Schemas as me know, it’s structure of component, example you can define image, text, content …. in here And formatters is file will show data from file data has been defined on the schema file we can’t open it you can choose right mouse and choose edit now we will integrate GIT for opencms the first we will create an folder container this component, and init git with an github
we’ll have GIT HOME, and modules folder
, ( you can using any git server) now we’ll configuration GIT for opencms can commit and pull data from git repo The config file of GIT you can found at {TOMCAT_HOME}/webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/git-scripts/ copy module-checkin.conf.demo to module-checkin.conf or you can rename it Now we’ll modify it, with your github information GIT HOME modules folder package names, you can export multi modules by comma To save this file, pess [ESC], then enter :wq and [Enter] Now we will check it in server,
Click [Quick Lauch] then click [Lauchpad] and click [Git Integration] Enter username and email then click [Check In]

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