[OpenCMS 10.0.1] Step 1 – How to install OpenCMS

[OpenCMS 10.0.1] Step 1 – How to install OpenCMS

Download war file at home page of OpenCMS Unzip Apache Tomcat and OpenCMS Copy opencms.war to webapps folder start tomcat see log of tomcat in catalina.out Waiting when tomcat started Access to http://localhost:8080/opencms/setup to setup OpenCMS We can connect to another database, as oracle, hsql … This case I use mysql we must create an mysql database by PHPMyAdmin or using opencms create if you enter another name for [OpenCMS Connection], OpenCMS will create that account if not exists Uncheck second check If you don’t want create example site Default user / pass : Admin / admin The admin mode of website On less version 10.0 , you can access to http://localhost:8080/opencms/opencms/system/workplace/views/workplace.jsp to access workplace, But it not in version more than 10.0.1 in this version, you can access to http://localhost:8080/opencms/workplace#!launchpad or http://localhost:8080/opencms/opencms/system/login if you don’t remember link that workplace of OpenCMS you can change file at here Thank you for watching video

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  1. How could I fix this problem "MySQL system variable 'max_allowed_packet' is set to 16777216 Byte (16MB)" ?

  2. Hey, how could I build my web project into the workspace? Could you help me? I have a website and i want to put this into the openCMS, how i do this? How i create modules in openCMS?

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