as we all wanted to know his formula
and I finally found his formula and the formula is big investors and big finance
partners are behind his videos so that is how he’s able to create money related
big videos like I opened free Bank I open three car dealership I opened free
store can we do this we are unable to create such videos
because he has big rich investor behind his videos we all know that he sells merch but part of his merch and part of his YouTube revenue is also invested in
YouTube videos as well I’m going to explain how his formul is working and tips
I have that we can apply on our YouTube channel and then we can grow as he’s
growing now let’s talk about first tip which can sound you silly tip but it is
not a silly tip at all we want to change our Channel name easy to remember easy to
type now let’s suppose I watch your video and that is going viral very viral
so I wanted to watch other videos as well but after 2 or 3 days I don’t know your
name if I even know your name I’m unable to type because I don’t know exact
spelling of your channel name now let’s talk about his channel name easy to
remember easy to search and easy to speak so make sure that you choose your
channel name wisely so that we get our viewers back now let’s talk about crew why do
we need crew for our YouTube channel we need friends so that they can be like
you know all the faces that will be here it will be very much entertaining
content because crew when we have a lot of faces in our videos so we are able to
create entertaining content comedy pranks and games type of content which a
mr beast is doing like last to leave will get Lamborghini last to leave
will get million dollars when we start of a youtube channel we barely find good
camera a good microphone and good editing softwares if we speak of mr.
beast so he started from his laptop camera and silly mike so barely he was
recording his good videos always with poor quality remember that 4k videos
rank very fast so now the last talk about his production level he
has multiple cameras multiple microphones which is boosting his
recording level and also some sensational music some inspiring music
in his videos is also helping grow his YouTube channel as I told you before
that he sell merch that you can buy from his website but he is also giving
money from merch he has investors he has other finance partners so all this money
comes in his hand and he buys his stuff and gives to the people he records it he
gets title he gets thumbnail and then publish it whenever we sit on computer
screen or we have a phone we scroll down if we have any video comes that the
emotional video or money related video be watch it we click it I have respect
for mrbeast as he has been helping homeless people needy people as I have
been watching mr beast I have respect for him when you have respect for him you also
love that person you also want to buy his merch mr beast is looking for the
emotional content so he wants to record emotional like crying people what your
reaction is going to be if you see mrbeast and you wish to have
something and if there is a Christmas Eve or anything he gives you something
that you don’t expect that is coming on your way so this is the reaction which is mr beast wants to record in his camera and show to the people apart
form money related and emotionl videos he also take advantage of trend like slime
ice bucket challenge and other challenge so in this case he has a crew a lot of
faces people friends he is able to create viral content which is already
viral or trendy he is also getting views from there so this strategy is also
working on his channel even he has entertaining channel speaking of
collapse obviously I want to be you know I want to show my face in his videos I
want to collab with him but the problem is that he has good production level so I
am going to lose views because if I have entertaining content and he has
entertaining channel we collab so so what is going to happen
at the end of the day that I’m going to lose because my viewers are going to
watch his videos because his video production level is very good than mine
I have poor camera poor Mic and poor all this stuff but he has good camera he is
also getting views from other YouTube channels other youtubers think that
they are going to collab and they are going to get a lot of views and then a
spike in their analytics that is not going to happen because mr. Beast
is really a beast he has a good production level and I also see that he
has a bright feature I had god bless him he’s doing tremendous job good job and I
have respect for him if you guys want me to review your YouTube channel or you
have any question that you want to ask simply go to my Instagram and I will
help you

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