Microsoft Education: Set-Up School PCs in 3 Steps

Microsoft Education: Set-Up School PCs in 3 Steps

Got a minute? Let’s use it to learn how to set up school
PCs easily and securely, while saving you hours. With this app, your students can login quickly
for instant access to the tools they need without any distractions and Windows keeps
your devices up-to-date and running great over time. Today we’ll focus on the easy-to-use Set up
School PCs from the Windows Store. Now you can set up your school PCs in just
three steps. Step 1. Create a setup file and save it to a USB drive. Click start. Choose if you want to require a student account
at login. Then, connect to your school’s WIFI network,
insert a USB drive and save the files to your USB. Step 2. Turn on your students’ PCs. And for your grand finale, step 3. Insert the drive into a student PC, click
setup on the student PC, and choose your setup package. Use express settings. To finish, choose ‘Join Azure Active Directory’
or create a local account and sign in. Your PC is now classroom ready. If you have more PCs, just repeat. Set up is the same whether you have one PC
or 100. For more advanced set up, you can use the Windows
Imaging and Configuration Designer. Thanks for spending a minute with Microsoft
in Education. Bye!

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