Lunch with Ian – Thursday

Lunch with Ian – Thursday

Hey take a step outside and seize the day
now set aside your worries it’s okay head now the Sun is here to stay good
morning mommy are you I’m doing well how about yourself
yeah I’m well I was gonna it’s an automatic answer ready to go yeah yeah
thanks but now I’ve got a few problems this morning and don’t know yeah yeah
I’m just about to use me me and join us pray three times this morning this is
that you know right yeah people in need you worked in the hospital window and
all that so it stops me having out of that sort of people that don’t know but
three times yeah three times today so you feel the pain and then it you have a
bit it is spray under the tongue in it hopefully takes the pain away does
whatever it needs to do to stop the nasty bit at me but yeah three times at
a time yeah in case anyway so other than that I’m all right I’m quite quite sure you know refreshed I woke up an hour
early I got seven hours of sleep and I’m still not ready to go alive so much no
no I started listening to music and got into to listen to the music and screwing
around I no no no I’m well rested the mustn’t
forget a subliminals I very nice to see you all who have you got was the first
one in a Lorna that’s was shown on my phone oh my yeah I was playing with the
bar trying to get it to connect so I I went up a little early and she was the
first one in so I will gone first bunny moaning all that and moaning Addison and
morning sue sue was here I know she was there she is yep and there’s Ian and
Marco and Belfast Chris thank you good morning in Mike good morning Danielle
kyun-jung Walt Disney morning to you too darling will snow boomer EE Jon Benson’s
everybody’s in TechConnect neck lots of people in lots of people in so ah what
should we start with I know we’ll start with I didn’t print off a thing this
morning I was like myself I didn’t I didn’t refresh it I didn’t know anything
to add to it just as well I didn’t try and print it off there otherwise I’d
have spent and how we’re looking for it going well I can’t I’ll find it why they
tell and that’s silly butch sighs good job I
uh I was a bit like myself this morning yeah no worries Oh first twinge second marriage doable
oh yeah we have a beam when there’s now about me aircraft me and you a sword
we’ll have all we’re talking about yeah yeah I’m not wearing the hat this
morning yeah all right so let’s give you a bit of
news shall I start being news bit of an update yeah yeah
iris get that out of the way shall we so the number of people that have caught it
has gone up to a little bit not too much though 75,000 761 that’s only up a
little bit from yesterday confirmed F’s 2130 worldwide well recovered beam
thousand eight hundred thirty I think that’s gone up by about a few thousand
since yesterday I think so there we go so that’s 16 18 19 19 office 75 is 56
and it 56,000 people still got it so so any day now this should be quite a jump
going from the number of people that have got it that a number of people
recovered should be quite a hike because because the incubation period and all
that for a huge amount of people’s going to be soon over in it I think it’s two
weeks yeah so we should see quite even if more people get it and go over there
they should be more of that figures jump over this side after you know two weeks
is up all of a sudden you’ve got thousands of people suddenly being
cleared and at the same time is my is my guess hello Pope and good morning in and good
morning to everybody enrollment a good day where’s my camera today
Oh oh my god it works but now that I just being funny
it works the BART works but for you to check as well which is yeah he’s one
five five two one do you want to write that down nothing now so you feel like
he was waiting for the postage to be paid which it has been I think so that
one’s ready and I think it’s one of yours
you know the American stuff are you talking to me yeah I’m sorry I’m sorry I
was I was distracted by my brilliance with the by Raya and out the other
so so just it’s just an order number four you butch um let me grab a pen real
quick I’m good usually I’m really because I’m talking to the screen I know
I’m spoken to you but you don’t you think I’m talking to everybody else I’ll
show you sorry start getting shall we so butch I got an order number for you to
check and I think it’s one of yours one fire five to one and I think just what
are you in front of postage to be paid which it has been so that you can deal
with that now okay look so that’s that I’ve given your detail so that for after
glad you could join us so like the rivers all right for everybody I was
brought to you soon everybody else at the moment it’s always stopped raining
yesterday for me it’s in Weymouth paint sort of it’s spinning now but not much
there’s a lot of people already under about four four wall a butch in various
waves of the country and they reckon there’s gonna be even more come down
another month’s worth of rain come down over the weekend oh wow yeah so some of
those people it’s just gonna go higher than that financed dissipating
there’s been some sort of terrible flooding over here what’s the question
with it was me what was causing it like 8 no no the order number you just gave
me that that was sent out like a week and a half ago I was it yeah I only I
only handle the the the two pennies dimes are all yours
I was curious had to go look real quick yeah I recognize the name and everything
it should be there anytime so I’ll look after so is it is there anything you out
did you just saw you you haven’t said the dorms that is us yet the times are
you those are all your excuse dorms are us to say huh you didn’t send the dinars
I don’t know I have a feeling because I’ve said to Logan but she’s handling
whatever it is American unless we happen to have it in stock yes or does the
weather ease you know care of the patient mark or long a bit there sorry
so that my daughter he’s missing the pennies probably aren’t there yet no
okay but it’s it’s a it’s it’s it’s been 12 days since he placed the order and I
was probably a week out sending it so okay sending the times and then if we
have a problem with those dimes they’ll get Logan to email you yep yep but I’ll
double-check it afterwards to I just did a quick look and I actually recognize
the order that the order number I recognize so that’s I was like wait a
second yeah cool so I love pensions just mentioned something there he’s just said
he’s just said don’t you go fishing in fresh fish fresh and lovely now I love
fish but I’ve got this huge hang-up at the moment I don’t know if it’s affected
anybody else but this is seriously affecting me in the minds about how I’m
looking at stuff right so I love fish but I’ve been watching an awful lot of
the sky sky do his big cleaner you know the ocean clean
up with all that kind of stuff going on and they’ve been making a big thing at
it for about a year now doing more and more and more than tiny clips of
programs culminates the economy’s there on various issues surrounding plastic
all over the world right there are places for example out in the middle of
the Antarctic that are absolutely pristine you know no humans anywhere
near it and that kind of thing and they’re testing the water in the ice and
they find in plastic yeah there and there was a program I was watching every
day about there was baddest whale and this whale it’s swallowed so many
plastic bags because they can’t tell the difference their sonar here is the
rustling in the wall I thinks it’s a shoulder fish mouth opens wallop and all
these bad you know when you when you we used to have this thing you could
perhaps still do you buy a sock we used to call it a plastic bag sock and he’s
hanging out and then you’d stuff all your bags in the top oh yeah yeah bags
in the top when you want a bag and pull it out of Bob do you know what I mean
yep yep because it’s plastic bags they compress and compress and you can get
loads in there well this whale that exact same thing had happened to the
whale’s intestines so when this wild had died beached itself and they owned it up
and checked it all and everything else when they went into it they found that
its intestines were like a plastic bag sock that we you know and it was just
full up with me earlier you know it can’t digest it and they and the birds
and animals that are eating all this plastic their belly feels full up so
they’re starving to death because they don’t know they need food so why did I
keep digress and go on to that because blooming John asked me about them and
the thing is but now I don’t go fishing because I’ve never been able to take New
York out of the fish’s mouth from weather I’ve never been able to do that
so I’ve never been through anything that the only good thing about fishing is
sitting there reading a book you know that’s the only good thing
about fishing as long as you can see unreadable we did a lot of fishing as a
kid lots of fishing no for me parents took us out every weekend camping
fishing out on the boat I was crab fish all that oh no no no
well anyway so I like fish love fish because I’m getting married now because
I’m seeing all these programs I don’t matter what a fish is you don’t know
whether you’re thinking whether you eat Cod whether you eat scallops whether you
eat mussels don’t matter what you’re eating they’re cutting all this stuff
open in the laboratory they’re looking inside it and they’re finding plastic in
India if all of all the fish animals and so this plastic what happens to it does
it get in the bloodstream does it does it what’s he gonna do to us because
we’re going to be eating this plastic what doesn’t break down so when it just
passed through well you see one of the things they’re worried about is what if
these microbeads the plastics start getting in the bloodstream but they have
carcinogens in them and then what happens you know so and I think we have
to make a stand against still need single-use plastic we have to do so
about it right because you know where’s that I don’t belong I mean so you know
don’t either you know those you know the coins that we sell the Royal Mint
package coins and they come you know in a packet right and they’ve got plastic
around here so the Royal Mint are selling like hundreds of thousands of
these every single year hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands and
it’s and it’s an item that’s wrapped in single-use plastic you know and I just
think that’s we don’t need to be doing that in this day and age you know you
can get plastic now that actually dissolves and melts and and dissolves
into we’re body grades if they’re gonna yeah we’ve got washing powder for the
washing machine comes in these little plastic such
did you put a whole lot in and it melts yeah yeah pods right one we need why do
we need two plastic that we that you that doesn’t if we’ve got plastic that
does I mean I remember 20 years ago I was talking as well but even moisture
makes that that our coating sticky so if you had like ten of them sitting on a
shelf and it’s it’s humid you gotta grab one and they all come off together
definitely a work in progress I’m sure there’s better yeah I mean I
remember 20 years ago a supplier of war and bottled water and they were making
these bottles of water dissolve Eve the bows of all biodegraded okay just far
away don’t man you could frog the bottle you see it don’t matter because it’s a
couple of hours later you know what I mean but or you could bury it or
whatever and and that was 20 years ago and they turn down my mic a little you
know and they write not many people making that now billions of bottles have
all have been sold since then why didn’t they do it then thought about the money
in it anyway I digress so I’m gonna most and again so I thought
what we’re gonna do but I’m gonna speak to butch about it I’ve got is I’ve got
this idea your volumes gone down Connie you much turning up a bit I said I’m
Friday fish fry five days before but we already have pennies on Friday
oh yeah cuz mine died for fishes Friday we’ll always was the Catholic Lanta
thing or something so yeah so there’s gonna be more coming about huh hey Paul
look oh no you have mr. George’s bets do it right now on the butch what we’re
gonna do we’re gonna we’re gonna promote Ian’s TV and publish and what was the
other one right so just so we know you all
remember mmm which one are we on we are on the this is the 10,000 subscriber one
this is a 10,000 subscriber one so anybody that doesn’t know where this
video is all you got type in tiers tier 2 tier WWBT well we got type innings
Ian’s ains Ian’s drop TV so we’ve got type in and it would take you straight
to this video where you can leave a comment right so that’s what I want you
to write if you’d like to win an extra hundred points if your name is called
right Ian’s TV I said oh don’t try his TV they go all the bags of paper bag
says mark um it was delivered in class bowls
I remember that poster delivered a milk when I was 10 years old I crashed my
first milk truck when I was you know going the middle truck to drive it and I
heard it and I G wait yeah and it went and it went sideways and and Oh dozens
of walls of milk crates everything just fell off the side and it’s milk crate
all over the floor the milkman I was working for was not
very happy at the time I was on a bad night I don’t she’s just a kid
yeah I was any kid yeah yeah I’m doing that there was I was I was open a
milkman and then another job I had was was then on my way to school I’d get to
school about half hour early and there was workmen digging up the road outside
and they would give me a bit of pocket money to shovel it all for them oh nice
nice alright are we ready are we ready let’s go you don’t need to arrive that
anyway because none of you’re gonna win it’s gonna be made Chris dryer Dyer
you still got to stay here come on Chris 60 seconds what’s today’s date at the
20th so it’s this February 12 2020 it’s all
Tuesday little girls today oh yeah 2020 Oh – OH – OH – OH – OH – OH – oh no no
no no it’s – Oh Oh – yes what’s your tour – oh I – oh oh okay that’s today’s
date I did realize that there are some he’s awesome I had the new 20 pounds out
today and a new 20 pound I started as well following
everybody see I’m taking your point I’m taking your win away for letting that go
through Chris so that’s a first straw Krishna how much did he win
he’s patreon so it’s times 3 so 3,300 Wow well done crews already 500 because
he got an extra 100 for the Ian’s TV – oh yeah congratulations Chris I’m sorry
okay so we have one tick one nail to you your couch oh I’m distracted what are we doing
we’re going on to the pot room one that I copy and paste I was yeah I was
distracted we’ve got one screen that shows everything and the other screen
that shows what everybody else sees and I was looking at the wrong screen all
right patreon members this one’s for you JD Gibson I think someone yesterday
Caillou yeah a lot of me and how much was that one full I have
1,000 points okay Caillou Gibson oh yeah come on down this would actually be a second one that
she’s one two days on a traffic yeah you – anything – I believe she got tipped
yesterday yeah yeah I’m the first one it’s like it’s like the same things
yesterday yeah DejaVu okay I said well drivers one hundred one thousand one
hundred co yeah if you’re watching still at a minute your parcel from last week
that’s been done don’t think the post office today same for you Jamie so
that’s been done alrighty then so where are we next we’re open how many
so we’ve got Ian Stevie now that is the that’s the ten thousand subs video yeah
Ian’s BB so so when we get to a point where you’re welcome in so when we get
to a point where we’ve done this video and and we’ve hit 10,000 subs and we do
to draw on the 10,000 subs then what we do is we make another one for twenty
thousand subs so then you’ve got from the ten to the twenty two leave loads of
comments and all that happen we do the same thing again
and that one will then be on in-store TV so you need to write that down because
the ins doc TV you’re going to use that again and again and again and again and
again and there’s about three or four
half-a-dozen three or four different domain names like that to make it easy
for everybody that we’re going to use again and again and again and then at
some point I’m going to do it with someone like this
and then I have a mouth or something like that with the domain names on it
that you really need to know and it’ll be on than one might have a cup of tea
you go which one Evan I entered this week see so we’ve got we’ve got that as
well will there be points auctions today have you got enough points that’s the
question I can do points auctions all day long is whether or not our skinny G
yet you scared yet butch no you still a I don’t know what that means
skin skin pot less out of money no oh no no no no I have I have a a few quid left
yeah a few quid left you have a few bucks worthless what then so here’s a
quick one for you how much is 500 quid I’ve heard pounds yeah so let me just
think about it so about the American no no meaning point so a thousand oh ten
pound fifty thousand is fifty thousand thirty alright so I’m just gonna throw a
curveball you know I just want to see you know how many of you love actually
go enough points to sort of cover something large and I was talking about
putting a parcel together yep everday and and he said what do you think of
this idea what do you think of putting a parcel together for like a lump of money
and then just take it out of points it’s awful okay that’s worth thinking about
so I’m going to take it a little stage further right so I’m gonna I’m gonna put
a parcel up at butch once so there’s a 500 pound parcel and it’s a parcel and
it’s going to be made up of sheets of coins so you know the sheets that I do
we get sheets of coins then and in there yeah their favorite tells you how much
right so it will come like that so everything you get will be priced as it
is on a side and it will be 500 quid worth which of cool
you could never buy an item for hundreds of pounds just using points unless of
course we have a little summary like this right so I’m gonna put that up for
so that’s why sometimes people will bid and it’ll be more importance because you
can’t buy it without with point you know the most expensive item you can buy on
the site and pay no money it’s always very clear so I’m going to put a
500-pound parcel up of all inch sheets right and we’ll put it up for that’s
50,000 points is 500 quid and I’m going to start it off a little bit less than
that and I’m going to start off at 30,000 points so I’m going to give you a
chance to get it a little bit cheaper with your points
what so it should be a bit of 50,000 but we’ll go in with a bit of food for
thought that and feel free to jump in on that if you want boys might be cheaper
whether you get it as well definitely I might have to get to exactly so there
you go there’s an auction as soon as there’s a beach we’ll do a countdown
have you got your first that account signed up signed in ready I do because
today it’s it’s quicker than stream yards so I can get my bids in quicker
even though I should have a handicap but water so there you go 30,000 points
anybody want that and if nobody wants that
what’s my end up winning it if he beats or nobody’ll win it and we’ll just move
on we’ll give we’ll give everybody a few minutes to go look up their points and
see if you’re going up for a look of your points and I got a couple of our
bit so we’ve also got this today see this is white nobody’s bidding they all
want to see what else we’re gonna get four points this is I tell you what we’ll do because
it’s a big a big one butch right we’ll just keep that one going throughout the
show we might have a timer right you keep it going for out a show and then
we’ll just close the timer down later on you know when we finish okay there’s
another one so I did he go killing them Wells plastic sheets that you get before
a piece of paper inside and I thought piece of paper a big a four plastic
sheet yeah I wrapped it in one of those so that’s what I’m ripping up oh no
worries no worries I’m just easing yet yeah so that’s well that’s what I wrote
off just so that I can write because of again once I got this I’ll put it away though is a nation that I would
excitement in expectancy coronation day so this is the 2003 god save the queen
coronation jubilee crown aha and I hasten to impress upon you all
this is a crown from part of me 2003 so it becomes a 5 pounds remember it is
before 1990 is a 25 feet after 1990 1990 onwards they’re 5 pound and that’s what
this is so it’s a 38-point 61 diameter grup
millimeters wait 28.2 diagrams brilliant uncirculated designer tom phillips five
pound core and cupro-nickel day of issue 2nd of June 2003 which is
what you thought a first day cover for so this is also a first day cover
but it so same as before the rules will be fitting in hundreds regardless of
where is 500-600 wherever forbidding in hundreds for that so that’s that one and
then the other one I can’t quite decide is do I put up a Peter Rabbit silver
fifty pence or shall we go back to the Olympic Canadian silver Peter Rabbit
yeah so is it like the one you le okay so the same setup as yesterday but it’s
just look how shiny that one is and it’s colorized yeah and it’s now half no
don’t say that okay so I you have carpet yeah
I need my pennies one as well brilliant oh that’s cool and that’s silver yeah oh
wow I was like you out of those so that the Olympic one or the Olympic one yes
is all about winning big one that so makes no caught rod with it well
done can you see yeah one of the magnets came
off so see the the magnet in the top yeah your top left-hand corner look at
that look at the lid and see which one’s missing the magnet well then push that
one off so it’s not in the way yeah but why is it even there because you’re
missing one exactly but there’s none missing well then you don’t need it so
it’s not missing it just showed up because it was there maybe maybe it was
off the floor and you didn’t know you had a magnet down there and you picked
it up also there was one missing somewhere really yay I’m late for that ona’s all rich powerful ideas oh yeah
those stories yeah I know I’m a ho card always gonna lose me oh we lost you instead no audio i/o I’m
gonna ask them about that audio loss can’t hear you yeah simply commercial oh he’ll be back in a minute I think I
broke him with the silver ball boom yeah I can hear ya looks like Athene you can
hear me all right now yes yeah looks like I’m being told off in in the chat
you see Chris telling me off look new rule from now on butch will show
pictures they have called out and touch it it’s alright no that’s why they’re in
capsules so you can drop them capsules are cheap to replace yeah now see the
thing is there is no doubt about it that this is a lovely coin very lovely
however I can’t pretend to you that this is going to be really valuable and go up
lots and lots and lots in value and money and all the rest of it right
because he ties into that other that other debate that we talked about which
is the amount that I produce now I think if you could sometimes they’ll produce
3,000 3,500 silver of something whether it be 50 P or two pound and I think when
they produce 3,500 ish around that figure basically less than 5000 when
they produce that kind of a figure I think they will go up in value quite
significantly over time but of course what year is it 2019 I think these are
beautiful coins and there’s no doubt about a new kind of futures everything
on a silver absolutely stunning and beautiful but you do have to bear in
mind that they made about 35,000 of them the certificate the COI on this one is
28,000 252 now that almost in a way sounds like and belittling my own
products which are now it is in a way but you cannot ever take a coin a silver
coin and they make 35 thousand of you that coin is going to go oh it’s a good
investment a zinc it’s like this under quitting it then it’s I’m gonna get for
under quitting ten years time or whatever you know it’s never going to
animal for serious increases in value and investments you need to be looking
at coins with less than a five thousand image but this would be four points and
even though I John that is part of it allowing me a look he answered it yeah I
know what is it oh my oh my cheers yes my top row is 50 P right see I got my
phone in 10 P and then my pennies up there sorry about that can you hear me
yep you can hear me yes I can hear you no I can’t hear you you can’t hear me so I’m alright okay so I’m alright in this
time I believe you are really I believe you are that you remember and it’s in
there and it says he’s like a bull in a china shop can you hear me out okay okay
I take after my dad in that respect we went to a little seaside town dolly
called beer as in beer but it’s the name of a seaside town and and we went into
this shop and this shot was all full of really expensive stuff and there wasn’t
much room to walk around the shop my dad he’s so clumsy
he’s a hundred times worse than he was and he lost
balance and went backwards and nearly smashed into a 4,000 pound think
wherever it was so yeah so they go anyway so where was I I am put in a
joint so we screw up the the Peter Rabbit or the Olympic coin it’s what
you’re debating oh yes oh we’ve got the feet of rabbit we’ve got one of them
we’ve got a nice big parcel of sheets of coins and did you see what Alison just
say no we go oh one of what Ian’s rings oh that’s right yeah and
we’ve got these I didn’t see what you hold up those are the Olympic ones okay
right we’ve still got quite a few of those so maybe what we could do is I
know maybe what we could do is I’ll assign each one of these a number and
then every day you pick a number and if you happen to pick the picking a rabbit
that’s the date of the rabbit goes up what do you think oh there you go yeah
definitely so we’re so we’ve got a silver coin going up to date anyway so a
silver coin will go up today whether it be to Pierre everyone off I don’t know
or one of the Olympics or or one of the other things so you ain’t got all of
those things so let’s start off with yesterday we had copper yes there was a copper ring so today
we’ll do silver back in there alright so we’ve go we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 to choose
from so I need a number from 1 to 7 mister book and say 6 ooh biggest one who got the most silver in
it that’s the biggest one I don’t know if it’s actually if any of these will
have silver silver I say silver because that’s a color of
oh ok ok right but it’s it’s don’t know but I
don’t know so this is 1963 half crown this is the big one I was showing you
yesterday and over here but will so when you go look into by English coins to
make up missing years in your collections and things like that things
remember is before 1947 their silver 19 gems the Phenom woods no silver all
right says goodbye to remember so there’s no silver in coins not after
1947 that’s real early we did um yeah we we
stayed on until 64 yeah yeah we stopped in 47 so what you’ve got is you’ve got a
half crown and it says around the outside and so while I’m doing it we’ll
start the auction so we’ll start the auction at 100 points minimum only in 50
so I have a bid 100 150 200 250 no no other numbers you know no small
individual numbers right so if you want they start bidding
under points the size is a wide and it’s a 1963 and I don’t think I’m going to do
very good on then you read it can you read it says off crowd I can’t see that
I can’t see it from here no they’re not very good for a close-up
shot all right but it says half-crown 1963 around the
edge and then on the inside it says it is above the brush the Drina etc and
latinus if I push it on it will fit that finger it does easily fit my little
finger but I have got big fingers you know yeah I think that’s that would deal
about the size of my middle finger yeah that goes as far as my knuckle or my
middle finger and for my family we’ll just go there however you might want to
wear it on a chain around your neck you may want it as a present for somebody or
you may just want it because he is seriously different they are completely
handmade handcart so you’ll finally they’re not they won’t
always be 100% third-level present and asked up the thing I like about ham like
stuff when you have stuff made by machines and all the rest of it I tend
to be exact there’s some is something about having
something I made as a bit of character to it you know so that’s that and we
have blue team with a 500 pulling feed so they all open it up with 500 lovely
job these crease so all that you can add down if you would have mind and we’ll
we’ll put that in and I think I just love him I think they’re lovely I think
anybody that can do stuff with corns you know is really gifted definite like that
can have ideas but I can’t do stuff well sometimes sometimes the idea is all you
all you need yes let me go someone else that can do
this stuff exactly I mean that’s what I mean you go
and so we’ll see I have ideas that you could do to stop ID I did delete a
program and download the new version last night yeah I was I was doing I do
my video editing on a program that’s about 15 years old and so I you and we have Mr John Benson in the lead
for 650 and we’ll count it down from 10 for a lot of things and just while that
walks and finishes and John warns come in with 700 or bit sneaky coming in
there alright so you know what it is whilst you’re doing the bidding things
all right pop coins up to a thousand yesterday that’s what we use for a
second book you ran away all right so you’re counting down cristela three two
in men ham and there were 1,200 real quick I don’t know if it was soon enough
yep it was going once at 1,200 and then from here I’m just gonna let it roll
because Chris left it see oh we’re gonna restart the 10 one more time so one more
time for the 10 countdown we’re at 1350 13:54 en we’re down 3-2 he ain’t gonna get it for
1350 10 las countdown oh we’ve been up to ten three times if we yes we have all
right sold and I believe that was sold to Ian
well done Ian but I don’t see a I don’t see anything else now on the ring on the
ring off said mouthfuls of 50 popcorn was inside mouth was a 50 on the ring
well his first bid was a fifty five hundred and a half
I thought I’m just uh anyway I just said you know so what we got was blond 35
eyes ago I wonder if I’ll leave you to do the points butch okay yeah I’ll be done for you in give it to him
in a minute look at that Egypt eyes all say that
evokes Brown and corner good morning Logan when I’ve been he’s
out of the way ring in a minute and Andean made it and he in sold it and
Indian bought it yeah I smell conspiracy anybody else no conspiracy that’s really
interesting he’s my body and soul body and both I am Lorna came on it said I
will be taking over the countdowns owed is me sent you the the 950 one piece
from yesterday brilliant thank you oh oh so when you go I tried to take him away
out of her points twice yesterday it wouldn’t actually when I went into her
account to take out 950 I’m like wait those are pennies I don’t have to do
that yeah next and I went back through again and tried to do it again when
you’re taking off and adding on you’re doing that you’re supposed to use the –
yep yeah just as able please so that’s cool always back long night no feeling
it up there he’s gonna make me a cup of tea in my loader – I ate my beers you
know maybe we have noted to a a on the front of a mug and then all the
important websites around get me out we gotta rearrange some yeah yeah fine oh
for the moment with its notice it says a low priority because all of that work or
trashed which is a real shame not trashed we still had all of it you still
have the I mean yeah whoop holding actually seen
there and uploading it again and natural routines again and all that kind of
thing dude I mean he is demoralizing when that kind of thing happens you know
but without working effort in and then someone just comes along and yeah good
good good glad you’re doing better Lorna just not too much of a screen hello
Lorna so with the with the project key things that we’re doing for those of you
that don’t know um we’re going to go back to doing things that involve
projects so one of them is the given up any which you’ll see is all you have to
do is go to poplar TV and every single view that video gets the homers get a
penny and I said just so far I’ve got 200 in it she’s been seen 200 times so
that’s why the gave up any yeah I think you know any I you were you buy a penny
for the homeless 250 of them please put them in a jar
I’ll write the order number on every single one and then we will pick one out
and the winner will get 25,000 points and with those 25,000 points you can buy
some of some of our days see so get on over there give the video a thumbs up if
you leave a comment on the video once a week on a Friday which will be tomorrow
we will go back to that video do the same thing to that video as much a thing
to doing all week with these other giveaways you need a button and somebody
will get a thousand points but we will only do that draw once a week and it
would always be on a Friday and every Friday we will add a thousand points to
that rule so every time there’s a rollover they will be ten pound a day
they will be 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 not hundreds like that see but it’s only
once a week got it so no more comments you leave
the more charge you’ve got winning and if you’re a fat remember your winnings
will be mollified did you know I haven’t and it’s not a conversation that I could
have on here Ian only because yeah I can’t have that conversation on it
because if I have that conversation on you I will get you none Dave even people
I ask you me to do this do that exactly such as that sure so you know no I
haven’t done it yet but I will do it that actually just bear with me a second so there is a video about the penny oh
we’re going on to give away of course we are no no keep talking I just loaded the
screen of pop Deb yeah well you realize you want to talk about the penny video
yes I didn’t give up any video he’s the same thing you you worst of you that
penny goes in the pot oh that’s what I’ve thought about when it goes in the
pot and then the applesauce is one where we draw one we’re out there and someone
get 25,000 so that sort that out and then and then we’re gonna have the same
thing every single day but every single day is going to be once a week so we get
a one we’re doing in normal and then everyday is going to support project and
the idea being is that every day we give a project of some description and it
will bit more of a nun for a little bit more of a mention or whatever you think
so the first one is homeless and it’s not going to be stuff that I’ll find
really important not that I’m not saying the other ones that we did do charity
fundraising for each so Trevor Christmas wasn’t important I’m not saying that but
what I’m saying is I’m doing some I’m doing things that are a bit more person
that’s so that’s the first one that the
homeless one and we’ve got another one coming and there will be five all
together they’ll be on the vine and we will support one of them every day
and each one of them will have his own domain name and each one of them
whatever it’s a video and each one of them alone oh its own roll over so there
is more and more reason to come back and then that I’ll say you’ll have all these
domain names right and down and it’s important because they will state as
those they were a-changin you’ll need the same name because all the time so
write the names down and these are two names you want to write them of course
you’ve got t g bch TV that takes you to our youtube channel so to gbcm TV
straight away takes us to the youtube channel and then if you want a specific
video then there are a couple of videos where we’re giving you domain names make
it nice and easy so to give a penny no it’s not the ten thousand subs comment
video is Ian’s dot TV write that down and the give a penny video is polish TV
and it’s easy to tell someone definitely easy to share yeah so that’s that one
it’s only that look at her hat twelve o’clock it is
dawn twelve o’clock and we haven’t had a big
yet for the big parcel now yet another that’ll be an open with thirty thousand
that’s being opened with thirty thousand our butchers already told me you’ll give
me fifty thousand points for a parcel but I’m starting a bit low just to get
people interested that I could be a mistake was a my just done myself about
twenty thousand points there man I got near a deal
mark or near a bad deal yeah that would teach me the earth too much and I going
to I didn’t know the taste of that then next time on making
yeah definitely all right Ian opened up okay who did
Qian Qian I’m not with 30,000 for yet okay well then you can buy points but
you can only buy loads so you have to either be a millionaire or a family now
if you want to buy Pat you can’t do that okay so what I want you to write is what
way to write is part of this TV all right this is for the homeless so
thoughtless TV thank you Mike I’ll be right back
that’s all right so if you write populist TV and we have an opening bid
of Qian and when I will close that one off in an hour sort of got an opening
bid of from key in a 5,000 points four to five hundred-pound sheets of coins
package and if any of you get pulled for this you’ll get an extra on two points
if you write populist TV so now you know having written that for several days
every single one of you is going to remember that you cannot forget it so
therefore it’s easy for every single one of you to just say to somebody look
tightly see there’s a favorite type that in go dear
give it a hit and a thumbs up so you go so people and anybody that knows you’ll
be glad to do that with know somebody somebody contacted me and one of my
mates and said he is just right click on this it’ll add a penny to this thing for
me so I’m doing an involved in I threw this away
what’s the clip you’re busy filming us you know
imagine imagine this imagine is me and Ian Glen works to get back would you
imagine would Reta nyan could you imagine me and you actually working
together imagine what we could do phenomenal hi butch hello alright all written it
down and we’re back to a thousand points aren’t we and if you’re paid to remember
you getting more with god we are i won haha I’m the one in a while one for the
team you roll over all right now waiting on that one well so that’s now 100
points extra Mike sent 1100 cool and a nice big star we won oh won’t we won
that one as well – one two one two one two that’s we won’t feel next time and this
show that’ll be 1,100 so now we’ve got 1,100 for the other one and we dairy
roberts higher european inputs and there is not
a patreon easy I don’t believe so no so plotted me there is no plate remember so
that’s another roll over oh no even won again in him vote again three-one so far you are doing garbage
you’re kicking butt we’re kicking butt you lot are doing garbage six Neil
yesterday free one today you don’t leave me enough comments boy
so what do you fancy name for people born palm what should we go football ah
so we’re currently at the open bid for the 500 pound power saw yeah that’s bit
of thirty thousand points and we’re not gonna worry about like we can keep
bidding on that anybody bid on that please but we’ll close that off probably
in about half an hour we’ll just leave that item for a bit give butch a chance
to make up his mind whether he’s going to actually bid on it or not because he
hasn’t yet hey I got a price did you try to pinch it in the last second but you
know that excuse me so what we’re gonna have is so I have 14 right so there are
fourteen Olympic Silver’s there for we in Olympic Silver’s and there is one silver Peter Rabbit so what I’m going to
do so that’s a number of one a fifteen right so I’m gonna do is I’m gonna write
down on this bit of paper silver rabbit number and I’ve written a number of what
what I’m giving so this so if you include the silver Peter Rabbit and all
the other silver coins there’s a total of fifteen coins
so that’s numbered one to fifteen got it and I’m assigning a number through to
Peter Rabbit that’s the number of the Peter Rabbit and I’ve written on a bit
of paper so I can prove it when somebody pulls up here uh he’ll go yep that’s the
number so now we’re auctioning off the theater of it you got it because each
day I get bitch the book bitch I get butch to pull a number sorry butch you
said it twice I was watching that friends episode last night where he says
Rachel’s name at the Ola do you remember when he’s marrying English guy now I
never watch it okay no it wasn’t it wasn’t cool at my age when it was
popular it wasn’t the cool thing for my age group to watch so alright it was
probably one of the most famous American shows you know that we watch Fred oh
yeah yeah and things like mocha Mindy was another I know I know the show yeah
it felt a bit like that anyway I’m Alison it’s coffee I just
drink it out of a glass to there so we’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 15 what so 50 so we’ll put up a silver coin
for auction now which number would you like mr. butch
well we have some way of saying a pop coin is saying nine and I think that you
put it under three so I’m gonna give soundwave the eight
eight one two three four five six seven eight so it sound wave man chooses oops
a five dollar silver Montreal Olympics coin and this is the one with the boats
on the back nice picture this one is the loading your other ships okay you see
that one and this is also 1973 and some time on the site funds with 1973 honor
the ones or the rear ones I think that was an Alfred yeah but someone was
talking about it so you go to Queens outside he says 90 suddenly free and and
it has the boats on it but butch will put up a proper picture and I haven’t
taken it out of the plastic either so that’s the one we got go up through
today just write down silver silver five dollar Canadian I don’t think silver
five dollar Canadian none boats okay this I think this well this has to be
the right one I mean here I mean yeah yeah that’s it perfect hey marks how you doing bud all right so
number eight was chosen so that was number right yeah there we go
there’s opinion fittings are in hundreds now no fifties no other numbers is when
it’s our points but it that’s what’s right
it’s four points buildings re hundred so we have our first beat John Benson 500
Chris Disney out and and there’s a couple of people who have got these now
so those people who have got easy really what do I get more – I don’t there she
is go get more set you know what I’d let the silver go you doesn’t silver go I
let the silver go yesterday yeah you do not today
that’s not no way no one is counting down already so you’ve got high and the
rule is beautiful Nick really yeah well the thing about silver
is very they lament that but I guess you just give it a rub up with the jewelry
coffin up it comes again it passes right up and we have 2,000 points beads from
marks British coins nice nice nice nice and this is what you do with your
winning points you see you get some really good bonuses if you’re a patreon
member because you get your wings multiplied and that leaves you in a
strong position when you see something on it and you really like it you can
copy extra if you want it has to be said there is not another
free going like it on the internet anywhere in the world and here’s a thought
for those of you that don’t like us because we know there’s a few watching
every single day for those of you – Doug like us if you want to cost us money and
you don’t want to give us anything but you want to cost us money all you got to
do is go on to these videos and give them more hits and more hits and more
hits and give them comments you can you know don’t even have to be 100 percent
polite just don’t swear but you can leave lots and lots of comments feelings
all the rest of it whatever and know that your dislike of us is actually
going to earn a hundred person a beer built so you can even turn your dislike
of us into helping someone less fortunate than yourself or myself and
that great way to do it yeah so that’s my thoughts on that anyway all three
thousand we were in with a-league Disney Princesses out see you later
so like this Scott for me give Scott an egg for me I gotta close me every time I
think of it and we’re in at 3,500 were booked counting down from 10 for the
second time by the look of it dad now was that nothing I’m just watching my
3,800 well done mark I was just seeing what else was up before I spent too many
points I think this is treat for half the price absolutely cheaper after price less than
I mean even cheaper half the price is just the same but it is cheaper half the
price yes so John pensions in there with firsty
3,600 and we are on the last restart now so this is the last restart which is
in a four thousand and we’re going down a name he’s spelling
and he’s the one with a boats on it and it’s your last opportunity
I haven’t certainly haven’t got another one of them yeah they’re all different
Holly’s me okay this chat slide yeah follow me
marks out here Menem zoom with 4100 John Benson 4200 nice exciting ways to spend
your points this is a minimum the forty three hundred and we are down to the
last count now the last three this is we’re gonna be fun that’s it I’m going
high I want this I’m joking I’m joking I’m joking
you guys went over my work my reserve really I am a tight ass yeah you need to
come back to that with me by the way when we finish there’s something really
important I need to tell you oh darn a time when I was trying to be a
smartass yeah didn’t work did it I don’t know it
might have but no no I got Lauren this before her so she she old boy oh I
missed the going once that’s why I thought I had another going yeah to your
mind oh so then you at 4500 yeah I saw the going once it or two going twice I
thought that was going once and then I hit enter in the Soul believe me to the
last minute no matter how many times I tell everybody died leave it to the last
second what happens even but be someone who I butch leads into the last second
and what’s he done missed it for the sake of like two quid 200 points he
missed it no worries the area oh well done Ian was here yes
it was and then he’s a patreon member so it’s triple them out we we owe he owes
so oh yeah oh no I’m sorry forty forty three hundred forty three hundred well
well so yeah well done here nice one so that’s there that goes there I was ready
to party even yeah she even sent me a screenshot thank you hon yeah thanks
Luna and that’ll be coming by sorrowful yeah okay so that’s that done cool
excellent okay I wonder what that one’s gonna go for so we still have the parcel
the partial yeah and then there’s a coin that’s so that’s why I don’t I didn’t
remember what it was before apostle 2003 one pound coin corner eyes pound and you
haven’t got one of these you it’s five pound
oh yes another five pound coin I’ve got the Isle of Man coronation 50p stuff but
yeah see the oh oh fifty piece from the Channel Islands
used to be that size big round anyway the five pound coin coronation first
they cover 1953 to 2003 so it celebrates 50 years of the coronation and it’s the
one that has got has got that design on one side and it’s got that design on the
other side Brian I have to say it isn’t one of my most favorite designs on
but for I like somebody else likes different story but it’s not my favorite
design but anyway is one of those first day cover in an envelope
hundreds only is it the one that says god save the queen’ on it yeah okay yeah
I said god save the queen’ that side I kind of call oh now I can see it okay pop coins in my three hundred straight
away well done popcorn and so they have I was going to say dangle
Frank to me you know but it is it’s it’s actually in in gold embossed it’s like
that is like a golden color but that’s the one that has the baby so we have
John Benzema 5000 nice he’s winning so far Lonnie you can start a countdown any
time you’re ready my lovely now for it mr. battle film again done and over that was my type in today butch
well they’re having a bed and the wall is dealing with that I did not did you
see what my typing was to die do you recognize it I can’t see it on my tummy
or not let me make you bigger who recognizes my typing I can see that you
need I should think that butch would remember it wouldn’t recognize it but
the English people should any any English person over the age of 40 should
record I don’t I can’t tell what it is I thought it was a cow with a flag on it
but now it looks like a turtle no he’s a cow oh it is a cow Oh English him his
urban truth did you ever watch Magic Roundabout as a kid no are those his
program Magic Roundabout and hard to explain to someone who’s never seen it
right but erm intrude was one of the characters she was the cow oh okay okay
well there was a crazy kids show that you guys had I know I can’t remember
what it’s called well thousand toys bid yeah gone over
three three puppets silly so in sweet and so silly sweep ensue
great fighter glove puppets yeah you cool and we’re counting down from ten
now 4,500 is a higher speed that’s what you gain a fancy fancy first date ever
one of the picture that’s on the screen first they cover fancy fancy and scene
points what did you say we’re at ten why is my chat not working yeah I know
sometimes no we’re at 5500 counting down from 10 again 6000 dr. boo okay it’s
finally cut up that was weird I was stuck at like 17 he’s probably opening
an e everything okay with you Dorner just checking in for a thumbs up thanks
name do you know I was gonna say magic
roundabout but couldn’t see very clearly so some ways man yeah that’s what it was
magic man about I got a set of them I wear them every night against oh god
Zebedee and I mean true them although let’s entertain the pin yeah so I’ve counted down from ten and we’re
in a six thousand six thousand oh you did vice first-aid cover but it wasn’t a
fire found was it was one out there you for the pound yeah that was a really
good buy that was as a beautiful coin there it is believed that point so you
have my tempies I have no idea for going I do the thing what I write on the
envelope put a thing into it and then I’ll give it to Logan and it and on the
envelope he says popcorn sending ten whatever coins for whatever is and then
when the coins come in a transit to him so if you tell me it’s yeah I believe it
6200 is what we’ve got six thousand five hundred is now feet from our mr. Bush
because he wants to hang it out of it I can go home I say I think you might have
ended up pushing it back but anything funny we only went back to ten once
didn’t we twice I thought that we were on the last one lost count okay Lorna you’re gonna have to tell us
with the hi videos right now I can tell you that he’s done he sued which six
thousand I under and we’re down the site seven outs pulling up stakes and this is
the last five or whoops that’s at one too many zeros 70,000 did you mean seven
thousand I put in one to it easy rose I got it corrected seven thousand bush
Chinese the last couple my trigger finger got excited hahahahaha thanks sir there we have an upper arm
going so I’ll just give you a paper for that one as well
so we can write down who wins that oh and the number on it by the way is oh
one four five four so you’ve got number one fellow 454 and that’s one four five
for that kind of a call number yeah I was a bit I think I got it
4 – 1 3 I sold and I believe which is the winner
I did actually win one I think so yay I don’t won one in a couple of days cool
cool thank you gentlemen Thank You Lorna I like it I like the way
the writing is on it oh yeah yes you know made by that kind of
printing style really don’t like it it’s not it’s you know if it was in a
sentence like that I wouldn’t like it but it’s it’s the way they make the font
fill the circle that kind of dawn to fill it in design makes it pleases my I
see how people would like no yeah absolutely well done anyway sort of done
everything there is although they not be on doing anything right so you know exactly where we are then and
everything’s nice and tidy oh yeah that’s what I’ve been about that
God do that for you so much so for know these are Tempe sent off yesterday cool
cool glad you liking the points auctions John
gives everybody a chance to use up some points that they’ve been saving on
something a little bit juicy and I think we’ve been doing all right so far it’s
definitely been fun yeah I’ll be enjoying it I’ve been
enjoying it I’m not going to be available much over the next couple of
days to people because I’ve got family coming down so my brother it all comes
down they’d probably be a by the time I’ll come off actually downstairs so my
brother-in-law his wife’s coming down and the room for cup of days over the
weekend so please no texts and messages over the weekend or anything from
anybody asking me questions instead spend your time getting lots and lots of
hipster pncb and what was not easy I did what’s that
oh he just said do you sell points and I forgot that the bots actually working
do you still sell points yes popcorn but there’s only two ways
that you can buy two points one you buy our million or to you by million half a
million is sixteen hundred and fifty quid a million is three thousand and a
million points was worth ten grand so wherever you buy office once you’ve
bought that it means that you’re buying it at essentially wholesale price
the way to look at it is what you’re buying for that money is you’re buying
you’re buying the slot of a wholesale customer that’s what you’re buying
without money because the amount of points you get make for the money that
you spend makes it so cheap that you’re actually buying you’re a wholesale
customer but you don’t have to negotiate a price for anything you just go and buy
it but of course everybody has to understand the only way you get a big
juicy items and only pay friggin points will be through the auctions you know
we’re not going to be doing bigger vouchers because of the way that our
site is set at the moment they may come later but we’ll see
but for now 30-pound will be the highest free up I’d challenge at popcorn popcorn exclamation accept hello what’s going on
here so a little look this is the game that finger which has been trying to get
over and both him and popcorn and somebody else have been messing about
with this outside of our streams trying to get it to work so hey I am I broke it
I broke it last night or yesterday and had to reinstall it so I have to redo
all this scripting but it I got some cool stuff to work ok so I’m getting
there with it so when I don’t get there but you’ll be launching it one day so
it’s live right now I mean you to play with it there’s just nothing nothing
going on I’ll cost you anything at me all I can see is popcorn says except
yeah the challenge didn’t work I mean am I supposed to see graphics of some kind
or nope deeper or is it do you see someone coming to chat and say things
what ways that you see and you know your brain it’ll pop up with text okay but
for some reason nothing wants to pop up okay says pop going on right hours 1.17
points 14 oh baby won’t let me fight him because he doesn’t have any points that’s probably why it won’t yeah I’ll
figure it out later and I don’t have the ad point stuff
added to it yet so oh is it all fired is it all fighting stuff I never loved
one we can add loved one yeah yeah yes I would love one there’s no some with some
kindness in it anything wanting his shoot-’em-ups and rip each
other’s eggs off all the time no no bombs and bazookas and things like
that you know no no no last one there’s seven is flowerpower that’s what we need
there are based on on fighting the ones that are built into it yeah those those
are but I mean I can’t figure out over here or fight in summer like that one so
you’re still sort of fighting but you’re fighting you know I don’t know I don’t
play around you really don’t even understand is I don’t know cars yeah
it’s not I don’t know why that pulling them up I’ve done a while I’m sure
puberty I thought you would understand them I can’t wait I’m gonna have to have
another week so showed up any video game alright we’re back yeah here I should be able to
do this if I go into currency raised a live payout well you’ve got there yeah
that’s no good it cost more than a penny to spend a penny it does does the guy
these toilets that cost 20 P 20 pence they charge you to go to the toilet over
there yeah yeah lots of places they job when I went to Europe there was all of
her Europe was like that 20 pins used to be a penny and then they just stopped
charging it because if anyone worth charging and but now that you know
charge high of a wins to some places you know so there we go I wasn’t sure what was
going to a while things we hadn’t talked about today channel the week channel of
the week is is his man from coins are more UK and we’re also given a special
mention this week to angela clover and chibi doodle corns getting her numbers
up a little bit that’s what we argue girl it will numbers up a bit it costs a
pound to go for a pee and Bristol oh wow 1 pound 20 in Scarborough how can you
even charge more than a pound you know yeah customers only for the bathroom see
up to buy you have to buy something before you can use the bathroom and what
you’re supposed to doing when you ain’t got no money in your pocket you know
it’s really we in the alley yeah and awkward for somebody like me
too because I got call out one night I was about half past he left the world
songs if I say let me just be not long before midnight and I got caught and I
couldn’t use bathroom anyway and the bathrooms that I that were available to
me were bathrooms like in a pub and things like that and I don’t you know I
can’t go in a path with my bag and all my stuff and I’ve agreed and a change in
that kind of a toilet you know yeah so I ended up literally going into the
driveway of a huge business and into the driveway and then right up to their sort
of garage doors so I’m away from the pavement and the property and literally
standing that has standing facing a wall just take care of it just just to be
able to take care of it and my brother he was like 23 that way keeping guard if
anybody had come along who had come along right it would have
looked so dodgy because I’m there hunched up against a wall or a garage
door area my brother who’s black is standing as lookout just up there so if
a policeman had come along it would have look right drudgery we’d have both got
arrested or something given but yeah so they shouldn’t be charging they should
be giving free toilets to people with outrageous and they should have before
it’s too white so never give away to give away before we go on and and I said
we’ve covered that and we’ve covered that up with those chickens and diamond
and I everybody’s alright with a rain I hope you’re not getting all well done
yeah yup you’re all nor getting flooded out right let’s finish off this one in
stay lumina if you’d like to start counting down Qian there you go for
those couple of you that have got points in afterburn kids in at 3:30 2004 chose
out 31,000 and Lorna will count down whenever she’s ready
Oh Chris can’t see my bed well turn off the top chat sure yeah I’m on live shot
i I just said he couldn’t see my bed all right
it wasn’t big enough if you’re in a place that offers drinks from food to
offer free laboratory accommodations my understanding anyway
yeah the travelling alle for Nia you know is it’s all right down into a pub
or a restaurant or a coffee place under normal circumstances I never would have
thought anything of it I go in it’s a little tiny to win it you can use it and
that’s it but now because I’m a stoma patient makes a huge difference because
you’ve got a second bag out you’ve got a revolutionist
you’ve got em all around to be able to sort self out and if you ain’t got
anywhere to put this stuff then it makes it really difficult 36,000 were up to oh he’s messing with me Chris can see your
bids I’m not bidding wait not yet it’s just the two of you I think Chris Bri so
this is for a 500 pound parcel of summer stuff that you’ve had really
it’s the sheets that I do and I’m gonna put a 500-pound fastened together of
various sheets and you may get one one in there that might be repeated or not I
don’t know if I could do that beating their mother I’d give up eating anything
John John you’re you’re a zero short yeah you wish you was here I didn’t I’m
thirty six thousand yeah no he’s on my buns in town parcel and it includes a
postage and everything for a moment emic so pop coin you’re missing off a couple
of zeros mate so my speech so far is not popcorn not John Benson the high-speed
so far is Qian Qian collects at 36,000 at break yeah lovely little jingles all right
damn 37,000 points it is counting down from ten and butch is in the lead with
four eat 7,000 bad time some of you spent a big bunch of points they get
these points off you in hits like this and then you’ll have to earn some off
once again that keeps you glued to the shows in case you win a couple of
rollovers you might even be tempted to go and buy yourself a million points
which will help us out greatly qiyam a 38 thousand and we’re counting down from
10 to 7 six I’m looking down on my phone and I’m
seeing butch having a little party on his line 39 thousand and we are counting
down from 10 again for the second time turn yourself down from 10 Lula so there
we go knz at 40,000 last count last time for
the 10 so we’re counting down from 10 this is the last time this is your last
chance this is your last chance count down from 10 I actually think I
prefer her twice I can’t eat you you know that was my I don’t know why I was
married someone’s meeting you I muted myself who
knows for how long I was saying ferrets there crystal got a very happy trousers
they’re sleeping I haven’t seen him in a couple hours so I’m usually probably
better I think this is I thought I was in the lead and I think that’s actually
better than three so yeah we’re counting down from 10 dishes that ask count for
this big one thank you
is we knew at the moment and we’re down to the last three seconds a lot of me
you know I know you know we know kids wise where you may eat eats built new
cupboard he knows where you’re at you know Gaby
going once going twice and then he’ll be sold gonna be sagging I’m gonna let him
have it you’re gonna know him ever know yeah I’m a mother man
very Mavi that’s that’s a good that’s a good deal
and I’ll just ruin the deal if I go any higher let’s give him a good deal okay
so we have a Japan ID and if he doesn’t have the points I’ll take it I need 42,000 points there’s 42,000
you’ve got to take off his account all right I’ll leave that one to you good
I’m gonna go look now what else we have so that’s what we 2004 Qian and I’m
gonna offer you the same thing so I’ll Dan Tien well then I’ll do you the same
parcel buh for 42,000 yeah yeah I’ll take one too definitely thank you and
that is a thousand pounds with a points almost taking a piston boom just like
that gone he won’t be able to spend them again but he will keep coming in when he
can to try and win more he won a big one didn’t he that we came to me and you did
remember that we came to mean you did when we went ten thousand subs video
we’re going to stay live until we get to yeah remember yeah that weekend that Kim
won a couple of the big ones did it all nice good deal yeah yeah I’m not set up
for it so I got a it’s taken me a few minutes to go in and look okie-dokie yay Logan I’ll take the points off for me and then you’ve got the two drawers we
got the two giveaways and we that we got there so for the first giveaway haha
really you were that close to making that the points oh I’m so sorry
maxed out I maxed out his points yeah yep he’s got he’s got the points to
cover it yeah well you mustn’t take them off where you didn’t oh yeah he won I
yeah you want a huge thing a huge giveaway yeah huge rollover um you gave
it to him not me yeah 450 pounds so that’s what happens when they’re yeah
you know when you’re when you’re in the right place at the right time you can
win yourself a bunch of points so what I want you to write this time is we’re
gonna keep with pot this TV I want you to if you want to win an extra hundred
points if your name is called right poppers TV for the last giveaway of the
day cool happy birth oh I’m I got a load
that up all right Fredo he’s just dancing exactly this morning that’s what
it’s about do you need to loo no um my lower back
is is it’s fidgety sometimes and it’s for some reason this chair the last
couple of days has just been extremely uncomfortable so I’m moving my foot back
and forth to sit there you go yeah yeah I remember if your patreon depending on
what membership your patron is it will get multiplied Oh so that’s worth keeping in morning I
know other bonuses that got on with it as well so everybody’s written populist
TV hello Gary hey Gary everyone’s reading for this TV all right and this is a rollover for
1100 points oh yeah Chris Derry robbers know I was butch
Ronnie uh-huh you won it last time yes no yeah I won the r1 yeah yeah that’s
the one we’re doing there yep Gary Roberts won the patreon one last time
okay it’s still loading the comments is it still loaded yeah I do you say just
finished um 16,000 comments it’s found 15,000 780 somewhere around there a ton of comments Judith L I don’t know
if she’s up this morning dude if 60 seconds my darling I think she’s at work she might be one of those message in the
background Lily Anne both ordered 1100 points and she left countryside so he’s
off 30 seconds left if you’re dead Judith if you’re air punch it up say
hello Telus urea if not we’ve got ourselves a little roll over I think
actually she came in earlier and then went give us some love and left yep she
came Bob Dean give us some rubber left I see it rolled over
ah sorry Jess sorry Judith so now that becomes 1,200 points all right this is the patreon that that
was a winner for me laughs I mean we won that yrg coins for once at RJ if you’re
still about 60 seconds over my bubbly these are times three on patreon which
we get immediately thought at times anything is the idea yeah come on RJ Oh
what did he get 1,200 yeah it’s at 1,200 all right so tomorrow is Friday right
right yeah tomorrow’s Friday so we’re gonna do a giveaway with the give a
penny yeah I met video so go and comment on that tomorrow for tomorrow I think
we’re gonna do a twist on the auctions tomorrow and add some American coinage
okay cool so I’ll throw in some presidential dollars that we can auction
off for points oh yeah that’d be for tomorrow yeah no ice I got all the
popular ones Washington Lincoln you would end up actually about about that
kind of thing afterwards so I must I must talk to you
all right so that’s gonna be a rollover yeah that’s the rollover
so we’re glad to 105 so it’s gonna be 1200 points for the all comments and
1,300 points for the patreon giveaway um the penny giveaway can you explain
that real quick what are you gonna be doing with that okay so tomorrow is
Friday we’ve all these giveaways we’re doing you’ll know is that what we do is
we start off at a thousand points and then every rollover we had a hundred
points one so then the rollover goes up and up and up and your membership is
multiplied if I played sure okay tomorrow’s one it will be different only
slightly different in that it starts off at a thousand points but every week is
only gonna be one winner a week one winner per week one winner on a Friday
because Friday is going to be a homeless day so Friday there’ll be a winner and
every week we had a thousand points to it so if there’s a rollover we had a
thousand points not hundred and it’ll be a thousand each time got it so that
could have some quite big jackpots and there’s going to be five Jack
on a weekly basis there’s gonna be a Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
and the first weekly one is the homeless one and that one supports the listing
that we’ve got give a penny so if you want to join in that listing as well you
know every hit that the video gets is a penny in this jar for the homeless
that’s 200 in there right now and when you buy a penny we write the order
number on the penny put it in a jar when we’ve sold or 250 we’ll pick one out and
that person will win 25 what I won’t win I’m just going to gift them 25 thousand
points because it’s not a wrathful right but if you’d like to be involved in a
not a raffle then you know buy your penny for the knot raffle and we’ll put
250 of them in there with your order number on and we’ll pull one out which
of all the number that Scott will get a gift of 25,000 points so it’s worth
doing you’ve got some points to use up and you sum up on that got some money
can use it up on that so that’s how the that’s how that one works it is simple
for like everything else it’s bit complicated to understand at first what
you’ve got you read around it’s nice and simple every time you buy one of those
particular pennies you’re buying a girl in this so happy by 20 there’ll be 20
coins in there with your order number on which is just as good as I’m in your
name and address on it if you buy 10 there’ll be ten coins in there with your
with your details on and all I need to put on it is the older number I’ve got
all your details and on so we would really really really love to be able to
sell out of all 250 and do the first one that would be really classy
always do that and get the word about Potter’s TV so that explains up anyone
anything anybody doesn’t understand about a penny one let me know definitely as popcorn says we could call this game
this is not a raffle who wants to play well I get rid of and that bit and then
it’s you know there is channel the week channel of the week bad-apple or another
ale the like young man is very very polite man you go talking to him to see
on the he cheap all that sort of stuff very polite guy that I’ll be family man
and he does some really good reviews really really good reviews so he’s got a
quite good channel so I can’t ever look and I think he’s got a video up there’s
no calling one please go video updated it’s that immediately so I got oh wow
yeah I’ll go check that out don’t check it out
alright well that’s a wrap we’re done for the day
yes so it’s it’s thanks very much and it’s good night from me and good morning
from him good night good day from me and good morning from him
alright thank you everybody do tomorrow you

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