John Travolta Plays Monopoly for Keep$

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  1. I'm glad John Travolta is finally letting go of his wigs. Suits him bald.

    He looks more natural as the hair pieces were ridiculous.

  2. Reminds me a part on AGT where Simon pronounced Ramen (raw-mun as we all know) as ray-men. He said he's he's never heard of it before. Howie said it's because you're wealthy! Just look up "America's Got Talent reads honest tweets." It's pretty funny!

  3. I would love to see them in Hells Kitchen. Ramsay needs to do a series with celebrity contestants. He could have another Chef run the other side. A royal battle. That would be awesome.

  4. I'd LOVE to see John in a Walmart! We can be the People of Walmart! ! Ha ha!!

    I shop late night too after midnight.. Guess I need to go to Ocala as thats where he has a house outside the town….2 hrs south of me.

    He has friends here or did in Jaxville that live in a country club here…he went trick or treating….as Dracula in 2003.

    Imagine opening your door and its John! Id a loved that!

  5. Dammn Travolta looks fucking awesome whats up with that the last decade he had so shit looks border disgusting man… good on you man !

  6. I wanna see John back in a BIG movie again, nothing with Marvel please though. Not because i dislike them, but i just wanna see John in his elemnt!

  7. In Russia the prices like in Switzerland,while salaries 150 dollard per month,we eat rubbish here,because no cash. Help us, Putin and his friends-thieves are killing population

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