Install Windows Server 2016 – step-by-step guide to installing Windows Server 2016

Install Windows Server 2016 – step-by-step guide to installing Windows Server 2016

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Today, I will demo how to install Windows Server 2016 Let’s start Firstly, check the minimum hardware requirement for Windows Server 2016 Minimum processor should be 1.4Ghz and 64-bit compatible Minimum Ram 512 MB or more for better performance I will use 2 GB Ram for Windows Server 2016 Minimum HDD should be 32 GB means C: Partition If we installing Windows Server 2016 on physical server C: partition should be 80-100 GB I have Oracle virtualbox with virtual machine for Windows Server 2016 I have already uploaded video how to install Oracle virtualbox & create virtual machine
You can watch on my channel I have already downloaded Windows Server 2016
ISO image file pls check the description for link Firstly, mount the iso bootable image Now, set the boot order It is booting from Windows Server 2016 iso image Installation process getting started It is showing different editions of Windows Server 2016 I will install Windows Server 2016 Standard
Evaluation Desktop Exprience 64-bit Accept the license agreement I have 60 GB virtual hard disk let’s create partition I am creating 40 GB partition Let’s calculate 39.5 GB partition created for Windows Server 2016 installation It is System Reserved partition for Windows Now, select partition 2 The Installation process getting started It takes approx. 10-15 minute
It depends on computer speed The installation process is similar to Windows Server 2012 Now, It is installing feature & then updates It will prompt for restart Now it is prompting for restart Computer restarts two times in Windows installation It will restart second time It is again restarting Set the Administrator password Password must include letters, characters and special characters It should be strong administrator password Now, Windows Server 2016 installation completed
let’s login It is login first time & creating profile
it takes some time It is the Desktop of Windows Server 2016 Wait, Server Manager will launch It is Server Manager
we can configure the Server Firstly, shows the Desktop icons Tick the icons which we want to show on Desktop let me show you Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation Let’s do the basic setting Let me change the computer name I will not restart, click restart later We can assign the IP address Now, change the Time Zone Let me show you partition I created 39.5 GB partition for Windows Server 2016 We have two more partition System Reserved & 20 GB partition Let’s check the remaining partition It is showing System Reserved 500 MB & 20 GB unallocated Let’s format the partition The 20 GB partition is created Let’s check again You can see Let’s reboot because we have changed the computer name Let’s login again Let’s check the computer name When we login Windows Server 2016 Server Manager automatically
launch We can disable it Now, Server Manager will not launch after login I have already uploaded a video showing how
to promote windows server 2016 to Domain Controller means Installed Active Directory Domain Services

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