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in your coaching business When I first launched my coaching business
I had this crazy idea that putting up a website would bring me clients. I thought, “Let me build an amazing website
with photos and colors and a great logo and great content, and somehow magically through
the internet clients will find me.” I thought somehow, by using the right keywords
or optimizing the website, I would rank on Google, and I would rank on Yahoo, and I would
be on the first page and clients would find me. They would click to the website, they would
contact me, and they would want to work with me. But guess what happened? None of that actually happened. Even today, in this world of information and
Facebook and Instagram and all these great marketing tools, I still talk to coaches out
there, maybe someone just like you, who says, “I have an amazing websites, I have a great
blog. I’m putting content out there but nobody’s
coming. What can I do?” So today I want to teach you five ways, five
simple strategies you can implement in your coaching business right now, to drive more
traffic to your website and therefore get more clients in your business. Tip number one is, of course, paid advertising. This assumes that you actually have an advertising
budget. When you’re launching a coaching business
you need to have a budget for many different things. You should be hiring a coach, you should have
a marketing budget, and you should have a budget for online marketing and online business
tools that actually allow you to run your business efficiently and professionally as
well. Now, with an online marketing budget you might
be investing in Facebook Ads and Instagram ads, maybe YouTube ads. You can nowadays run ads on any social media
platform and you have to choose which one is best for you, your product, and your niche. The beauty of online advertising is that you
can create highly-targeted traffic and the traffic can find you almost immediately, same
day. So you could launch an advertising campaign
today and have new targeted visitors and leads come to your website almost immediately. Traffic tip number two is to write a high-value
article for one of the major blogs or media outlets in your niche. Now, this type of advertising and traffic
takes a little bit more time, it’s more time consuming, it’s more labor intensive, but
once you have it, once you’ve scored an article or a blog post or someone interviews you,
the beauty is that you don’t have to pay for any of the traffic. And this type of lead gen can actually send
traffic to your website over time, over and over and over again, as long as the article
is available on the blog, on the media outlet, on the internet. Right now you might be thinking, “Well, Carolin,
I don’t have any media contact. I don’t even know where to start.” And I recommend that you start right now,
but don’t make it overwhelming. Every week you can sit down for a half hour
and research new blogs, research new newspapers, magazines, websites online, where you can
contribute an article, or you can reach out to an editor and say, “Hey, would you like
to interview me? I have some amazing content to add to your
website that your audience would love to know more about.” And if you only spend 30 minutes every week
you’re bound to land some opportunities that can help you drive traffic to your website. Of course, what’s really important is that
you have a professional bio at the end of your article so that when somebody reads the
article or blog post, they can read more about you as the author in the bio, they can find
a link to your website and click right there and go find out more about you. Traffic tip number three is to get booked
on a podcast. Now, getting booked on a podcast can happen
very fast or it can take some time, depending on your niche, how you’re approaching it,
and how much time and effort you actually put into it. But once you hit a podcast interview it’s
bound to bring you traffic to your website. Not only can you get massive value, but you
can actually create an instant connection with the audience because they don’t just
read about you, but they can actually hear your voice. They can get to know you and they can sort
of build that relationship with you even more. Most podcasters also allow you to give away
a freebie, a lead magnet, announce an event, or tell people about your website where they
can find out more information about you. So make sure when you’re going on the podcast
episode and you have the interview that you have something available that you can tell
the audience about. An amazing free guide, an amazing free training,
or something on your website where they can go and they can have even more information,
resources, and tips from you. Traffic tip number four is to build your own
YouTube channel. We’ve built our YouTube channel mostly organically,
without actually running any ads. And the beauty of YouTube is that it actually
acts like a big search engine, so your ideal clients are coming to YouTube, searching for
solutions and answers to their biggest problems. They’re searching about how to stop conflict
in their relationship, they’re searching about how to lose weight, they’re looking for dog
training, parenting, business, career, all sorts of advice. And what if you had an amazing YouTube channel
with all these little how-to videos and resource videos and tips for your ideal clients, and
they can watch them and then go onto your website and learn even more about your products
and services? How amazing would that be? And launching a YouTube channel is actually
not difficult at all. The key to success on YouTube is to optimize
your videos around specific keywords and issues, the topics your ideal clients are searching
for. So if you know what your ideal clients want,
what their issues, problems and concerns are, you can build YouTube videos around them and
optimize them for those keywords to make sure when your ideal client comes to YouTube they
can find your episodes, they can watch them, and then from there they can go to your website
to find out even more. Traffic tip number five is to build affiliate
relationships. Now, I know people in my industry who run
their entire coaching businesses based on affiliate relationships and I think that’s
amazing, that’s a huge asset in your business. But even if you’re brand new, you can have
affiliate relationships right now. Think about all the products and services
out there who are there to serve your ideal clients, think about the complimentary offerings
in the market that your ideal client is consuming. For us, for example, those might be copywriters,
website designers, or maybe tech tools, like click funnels or acuity scheduling. And we have affiliate relationships with copywriters
and website designers where we can say, “You know what? If we have a client who’s looking for copywriting
services or who’s looking for website services, we’ll send them to you if you, in return,
send us leads of clients and coaches who are looking to build their business.” So it’s a win-win relationship and an ongoing
partnership where leads are being passed around and value is being shared. In your case, think about all the complimentary
services that your ideal clients are consuming right now. Who else is selling to your customers and
how can you build relationships with these people and these brands that are mutually
beneficial? Now I want to hear from you. Let me know which traffic generation tip you
would like to implement right now and what you’re most excited about. Also, if you want to post a link to your website
below in the comments, feel free, so that we can visit each other’s site and support
each other. And if you really want to be seen and you
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you next week. From Passion to Profits Live, our big annual
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