How To Use Any WordPress Page Builder With Genesis Theme From Studiopress

How To Use Any WordPress Page Builder With Genesis Theme From Studiopress

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from were I make WordPress videos for non-techies and in this video I’m to show
you how to use any Genesis theme or child theme and integrate pretty much any page builder
into any of those themes now page builders have become super super popular I prefer to
build all of my websites using the page builder and it’s quickly becoming a standard now the
challenge is they don’t fully integrate with every single theme and I’m going to introduce
a solution to that problem in this video so with Genesis this is a standard Genesis theme
it’s actually the default parent theme and if I have a page builder for example I have
Beaver Builder installed this solutions can be for any page builder this is what the integration
looks like now typically when you’re using a page builder you want that road to be full
with edge to edge and you don’t want the title on the page are all this margin on the top
and margin on the bottom you don’t want those for full page builder integration and so for
Genesis there is an existing solution to this but what I’m introducing today is a better
way so here I am on this website I want to go to my plug-ins area and here is the existing
solution is called Genesis damn Buster and it’s been great and it served the community
well but there’s some things I don’t like about it first of all this is what the settings
panel looks like when you’re on any kind of page so for instance years that full with
page I created when you scroll down it is tab after tab after tab with options and things
you need to check in all that and I just find it a little more complicated than it needs
to be and then that brings me to the number two problem with this solution is it only
works on Genesis so what happens if you ever changed from Genesis themes to something else
you’re going to be SOL which is completely out of luck you’re no longer going to be able
to use Genesis damn Buster anymore because it only works with one theme the solution
I’m introducing will work with any theme and any page builders you’re not locked into anything
so now obviously if your code or you can whip up some CSS for any theme in any page builder
and do it like that but for the other 98% of us we want an easy solution so here is
an easy three click solution to get full page builder integration with virtually any page
builder and virtually any theme and this is a simple as it is your go to plug-ins you
go to add new and you’re going to search for the word fullwidth and this is what’s going
to come up full with templates for any theme or page builder now this is a newer plug-in
I’m one of the contributors it was actually my idea I realize there needs to be a flexible
way to give anyone with any page builder full integration with any theme and before this
there really wasn’t a solution for that so just go ahead and install and activate and
let me show you how easy it is in three clicks to integrate any page builder with any steam
all we have to do is go back to pages, go back to that full with page so instead of
creating a new meta-box and just adding more complexity to your page this is using a native
WordPress feature which is right here templates and what this plug is gonna do right now it
adds three templates I want added 1/4 one but is just adding these three right here
fullwidth full with with no header and footer sets can make it perfect for creating any
kind of landing pages or sales pages where you want the visitors focus solely on the
content and you don’t want to provide options for them to go other places on your website
and then full with with no sidebar so what were going to use most the time is this one
right here full with so just go ahead and select that and then click on update so I
don’t know if you’re paying attention all that took was three clicks I scroll down I
clicked on this drop-down I chose the one I wanted that was my second click and then
I click on update and this is what you get I want to go ahead and refresh the page and
you get full page builder integration with Beaver Builder or Elementor or even Divi builder
if that’s what you wanted to use it will pretty much work with any page builder and anything
now here’s a couple caveats there are thousands of WordPress themes so invariably you might
find a theme where there might be something odd happening and all you have to do is open
up a support ticket on and let us know about it will look into it and we
will update the plug-in to make sure it supports you a perfect example of this is when we release
that it wasn’t working right with the storefront theme and so someone told us about it and
within a day or two we updated it and we made it work perfectly with the storefront theme
so if you notice any weirdness with anything you’re trying to do all you have to do is
let us know will gladly look into adding support for your theme however this is already tested
and working with Genesis themes and most other well coded themes definitely all the most
popular themes and like I said earlier the best part of the solution is it’s not tied
to a particular theme you can change your theme and retain all of these beautiful full
width pages so that means for any website that your building you might as well just
install and activate this plug-in and use it from day one so you don’t have to later
go back in and select these page templates for each one of these pages it would just
be a lot easier that way and of course if you use this plug-in with success we would
be very happy if you went on to and left a five star review to show your support
because you made it to the end of the video I have a free gift for you but before I talk
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I make them just for you

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  1. It doesn't go fullwidth with "storevilla" either except with the "FW Fullwidth No Header Footer" option! Thanks for the video Adam!

  2. As ever appreciative of the vid. I mainly use Genesis Themes, in your opinion Elementor or Beaver Builder. New to page builders apart from using Elementor with LifterLMS but not used Beaver yet. Thanks.

  3. Sir, please suggest me free and paid gallery plugins for my wordpress site. What gallery plugin should i use. Since there is dozens of options, it is hard to decide the correct one.?

  4. Why is doing this a big deal needing another plugin??? BeaverBuilder (BB) enables row-by-row choice of FIT (to page content width) to FULL which is full screen width. So no need for a plugin to accomplish this. You want to use a Page Builder? then why not stick with BB

  5. awesome video!

    @Adam, I'm unable to tag you in the BB group but I'd like to personally invite you to the BB Advanced group.

    Really hoping to see you there!

  6. Full Width plug-in by Brainstorm doesn't appear to work with the Tesseract Theme – is this correct?

  7. Sir , I am trying to build a classified ads inside a magazine site and I got a plugin called classified and directory pro that work well with my newspaper theme by tagdiv but when it come to display available listing, the plugin used the default template to displaying the content instead of page template. Although my issues seem not relate to this tutorial but i believe u can help. Please , I seriously need help and have spent ours on the Internet with no answer. How can u help in solving this wp plugin not using a page template ?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Adam, is there any advantage to using the Genesis Theme/Foundation with Child Theme versus GeneratePress?
    In looking through Studiopress's features list for Genesis, some possible differences:
    1) Genesis has a user profile widget that allows you so easily show the avatar of a user. Perhaps the avatar can be shown in other sections of the page via shortcode (e.g. the main nav or the header,etc.). GeneratePress doesn't do this without custom php and a plugins.
    2) More places to customize the theme with custom php code that GeneratePress Pro doesn't include? I don't know without actually purchasing Genesis.
    3) Is Genesis faster than GeneratePress?

    When I look at the Themes on the StudioPress website, I am struck at how easily the themes can be copied on GeneratePress with Elementor Pro and CSSHero.

  9. Hey Adam, the plugin shows me white blank edges in all around the page as the result, only when I select "FW full width No Header No footer"! Any idea?

    Thanks in advance for all your great contents.

  10. Hi, Adam. Thanks for your GREAT videos. Is the page builder itself insufficient for building a complete site? What would be the advantage of using a visual page builder on top of the Genesis Framework?

  11. Hi Adam, thanks a lot for this great plugin. One thing though, I am using Digital Pro theme and when I wish to work on building a new page under the "FW Fullwidth" settings, the first section I create on the page using Elementor goes partly underneath the menu bar. The main thing is that it prevents me from selecting the "column" or "section" tabs and adapt the margin on my section. Basically my first section created is too high on the page for me to start working on it properly. Thanks for the tips!

  12. Guidance for a Dynamik Genesis setup as I am still getting inner restraints on full width with your plugin and Elementor…TY

  13. thanks for you help!!! i do have one last question. after i make
    adjustments to the child theme using with elementor i don't need to save
    that as a new child theme right? nothing will happen when the theme is

  14. I would like to know how to edit a son theme of genesis without losing its pre settings, just edit some parts with beaver builder without erasing everything and without using bb layouts.
    For example, edit only the content of Parallax Pro and maintain its features.
    I would also like to be able to use these characteristics of the son genesis theme to start a new template created with the beaver themer, modify and apply to all pages for example.

  15. Another Great Video. Can you reccomend a theme like genesis but is say an easy WP theme and free to customize like the blog from

  16. How important are frameworks when working with pagebuilders? I know Genesis and Thesis are probably the best frameworks, but other things like Cherry also exists.

  17. Hi, Thanks for sharing this great content. One quick question as I am new to genesis framework. Can we install/use any WordPress theme on Genesis framework? or we just have to use themes which is available in Genesis website.Please let me know.

  18. Hi, Adam. Thank you for your fine, informative video. Maybe what you've shown here is the answer to my problem. Here it is: I bought the Genesis theme from Studiopress, and my site is up and running. Unfortunately, the copy on the landing page looks awful. Badly formatted. The copy is what you might call a long scrolling sales letter, with a headline and subheads and body copy. (Starting up an ad company, and I need to explain our USP and company's business philosophy.) In re-formatting my landing page, I would like to have a series of quotes running along on the right side, alongside the body copy.
    Here's my plan to fix my problem:
    1. Buy and install Fullwidth.
    2. Buy and install Elementor page builder.
    Adam, does this plan make sense to you? Can you think of any way to improve upon my plan? Thanks a lot for any insights or suggestions as to how to get this done! Chris

  19. Great plugin! I am using Altitude Pro by Genesis. Want to use the w/o Header Footer option, but it strips all my page styles. How do I add those back in? I am asking on this page because half the questions at are unanswered. Thank you!

  20. Excellent video! I don't understand why companies who create and sell themes just make them full width from the get go. Oh well…

  21. I don't understand how you don't have more subscribers! You do amazing tutorials and you have helped me so many times! Thanks and please keep up your work!

  22. Thanks for the explanation. I was watching another video from someone else using this plugin but they didn’t explain why they were using this one instead of the DamBuster plugin. I now know and I’ll be using this one from now on.

  23. Hi thanks for the video it was great. I don't know how to change the layout meaning I have the essence pro theme and I don't want the two boxes below sitting so far up on the main header picture, I would like to move them down a bit. How do I achieve this please? Thanks!

  24. Thank you so much for this! Big help! You answered the question "can you" use a page-builder with the Genesis framework? I guess the more pragmatic question is "should you?" Genesis big claims are around SEO, speed and security. However, if you use Elementor with a lean theme like Astra or WP Crafter and the Yoast plugin for SEO, are there any advantages to using Genesis?

  25. Would love to see if this works with Customizr pro. Great idea thanks! also will this work with the Brizy page builder and the Blox page builder?

  26. Hi Adam,
    thanks a lot for all your precious content! I love your blog!
    I have one question. In your opinion if i build a website using genesis + elementor i still keep all the advantage that StudioPress promote about their genesis framework?
    Like speed, clean code, SEO ecc…
    Because i read in internet different opinion about this. Someone tell that when you use a page builder you lose most of the theme main advantage.
    And especially speaking of elementor ( that is so complete ) it doesn't matter which theme you are using. For example i can use also hello theme from elementor.

    But i would like to have the best SEO, and speed performance, thats why i choose genesis framework.

  27. The Fullwidth Page Templates plugin does not work with Genesis Sample Theme; it reverts to the box model at 1140px.
    Then again Genesis Dambust does not either and also breaks back into the box at 1140px;

  28. This is a lifesaver of a discovery. I was having a huge hassle with Genesis Dambuster and then I found this wonderful video and solved my problem in no time.

    Thank you. 🙂

  29. Hi! I am currently using ASTRA + Beaver Builder & There. I get Genesis as a WPEngine user. Any reason to switch?

  30. Thanks for this video, Adam. This plugin is exactly what I need for Genesis LifeStyle Pro Theme I purchased and found the width to be disappointingly narrow.

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