How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website Using Remote Database Server

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website Using Remote Database Server

hey guys what’s going on over there this
is come see you from basic dr. calm welcome back to the video tutorial in
this video I’m going to show you how to speed up your WordPress Sangha using
remote that best guys this technique we call it server-side optimizing and it
mostly used on the medium and large business enterprise sync by l1 your
business grow and you have a popular site with a large content and a lot of
users to your site so it is a request menu file resource so you increase the
memory of your PI server and add a file that assess on your server and also your
website need to run the actual execute command to fledge the content from the
database so if you host your website as well and that based on the same server
it is a good idea and strongly recommend to separate between your website based
file and your database server so so to do this technique and it would be in
hand your website speed because your actual will run on the own memory their
own hardware so yeah it technically it’s much in hand the website performance ok
guys so I’m not explain much about that and if you wonder how it helps you can’t
search more information on the web and Google is the the good guy to give you
the answer ok so let’s go in deep into the tutorial in order to follow this
tutorial you need two server which create separately and as you can see I
have two server or using Ubuntu OS and the first server is BBT and we will use
that for hosting the website base files so on this server you need to setup an
Android user the sudo user to administrate
person on your servers and this is BBT DB and
use it to host the remote database on that server the bot server has a one
gigabyte RAM and also you need to add the domain to and polling it to BVT
server the server which that host your website file base and I assume that you
know how to do all this stuff and if you didn’t and lift the related video
tutorial at the below of the description so you can look down there and find how
to set up my actual I had a connection and also you can learn how to install
WordPress manually so I show you how to power in your domain to the server on
watch my VPS ok so now let’s start with this tutorial and I assume that you know
to do how to do that stuff and I now will assess to sa client and I will
assume BBT DB to set up the remote database so I just hit open and I give
the SH phrase password I did something wrong maybe the cat lock is on on my
keyboard yes it is so I turn it off ok again I
input my password okay guy now I can login to my server so the first command
I’m going to run here is to get update the co environment so I started sudo
I’ve got update and I give you the support you serve the password guy I’m
sorry I didn’t lie command typing and because it’s mostly make me type or on
command so you know when we times some misspelling on come on it’s not going to
work and I am NOT a command boy so mostly I did type oil with my command
that’s why I prepare the command over here and I’m sorry that I didn’t lies on
try things and how about do this way it make the
tutorial go faster and smooth and if you worry about the command I use in the
tutorial please look down there at the description so I live their command in
the description and if you bought this video on Facebook you can find my
youtube link so you can access to my youtube channel and find the command
down there ok guys so now the update readiness so I will install my sexy
Qualls my actual server guys some guy I call it my actuals and some guy calling
myself also nevermind and if you had some kind of
that word and it mean that it mean that they refer to the my actual database so
I just hit enter to install it and yes to confirm the installation it from you
to input the password for the root user so just give a new password to it and
confirm your password make sure you remember this password because we going
to use in next moment so make sure you remember it and wait for the actual
finish okay guy now we finished the install
listen so I need to check my actual status makes it ran on my server
I start with sudo system controls that has my actual to check yeah
and as you can see now the actual service is running I hit you – I said my
sec and then I install a spurred validation plug-in just happy to do my
actual sexual installations hit enter and a problem you the root user a
password of the root user of the database which we just create a moment
so I give the root user the password and in this case I will hit Y to Walden my
password and you have three option I will go with to the strong password you
see the estimated password is a hundred it mean my password is completely strong
so I just hit enter to ignore the change and why I want to remove anonymous user
so it just and also why to this ball remote root log enter then you should
disable it for sexuality and also remove the test database just wise reload the
privilege just why and the dance and after that we need to tell my actual
connection to to allow the remote connection so you need to edit the my
actual the connection configuration file so you can start with sudo nano it is
see my actual my actual dot corner dot d and my actual d dot C and yeah that
extremely difficult to run on that road so I’m sorry for that
okay now I on my actual that best server configuration file so I hit ctrl W on my
keyboard to find this large I just copy here and pass it here
banj I P address and you need to change this IP to your public IP because if you
don’t your advice only connect with local network so in this case you need
to pass your public IP over here and if you using the data center or you set up
the prevent network for your server you can use your private network sorry your
private IP but in this case I will use public APIs and also simply use public
IP for our database connection and you need to add one more line to tell my
actual to connect with a sh so I will add require secure transport and I set
it to old ok just control H Y and enter to finish Y and Inter to finish the
editing and after that you need to generate a key for MySQL but nobody my
actual come with automatically generate is a key so you just type with sudo my
actual sa are sa setup and that’s this user ID and my actual so just hit enter
okay we ready generate a key for my actual connection so the next step is to
restart my actual service so just start with sudo system control restart my
sequel wait for it ok it restarts so now you can check the pot and IP of your
actual connection and as you can see here now it point to your public IP and
mix awaits correct through the row edge and to launch to throw a tuna and ok the
port is stand apart that’s correct ok now the next step is to enable
firewall and as other connects so I just thought
Mitsu do you act W and allow my sequel and okay the rule is up that now we
dance installation and configuration so this time we need to create the database
for WordPress so I started with my actual
test you and I login so root user and less p24 password okay now I log into my
actual server so I need to create a database called gymnast DB but we will
house for gymnast dot advisees so we just create that so just copy this
actual command and make su is and with some icland okay so okay so I just cry
and no no no train just create a new user for that database I create a new
user called CH m DB and I will create it for local user so I can decide to that
you saw on my server and manipulate my database and here is my password so I
just enter ok successfully create and then I claim the privilege all clearly
to that user which gymnast baby ok we danced so one we create user for
manipulate what database locally and you need to create a web user for connect
for web connect and here is the IP of your web server and yeah make sure it
correct 1 0 for 1 agh once the road for one is ok that’s correct
ok I create a new user for web user and ok we dance and we cry and privilege to
that user just hit enter okay now let plus the privilege okay and
I see the database okay there we go and I’ll let s log in with a wordpress user
well just create just start with this command and this time we change your
name from root to CH m DB and means and input the password okay now we can log
in to my actual server using a local user its it so the next step we going to
do is to set up another server for house over by file and install WordPress
remotely with the database okay just I said this I hit control D and I said to
put kids again and at this time I sighs – baby t client just load it and open it
and I input my phrase password and let me try and hop in again make sure I
didn’t confuse in snow listen okay okay yes had if we didn’t install the actual
on that yeah and some time comes you installed the actual on them okay let me
clear this and it messed up okay and now let’s start with install a PI server on
this server because we need to host the web file and you can choose any single
one just lam nginx porn in this case I use a patch so I just a bit sudo I’ve
got update to update the co environment and then I give the sudo user the
password and red for flinching of that come on
okay here we go so I just install Apache and just to confirm it okay one you install apache2 you can
access to your server ID using the IPS or you don’t my name and as you can see
in our part two is working on this server but this way it’s supposed not to
be working because we didn’t install it yes that correct and also you can assess
with your domain name over here let me try make sure everything is working
before he running over website okay here we go
and this domain is pouring through this over that working cred let me check the
config test and as you can see we got a running message over here and could not
reliably determine server because we didn’t add the server name to a page
configuration so we need to edit the epic configuration file and go to the
end of the large and ad server name it is case-sensitive
and make sure you pulling it to your own server IP okay I paste it here and
there’s one more thing we need to do for make friendly Aparri right we need to
tell apart to underballs yes
the WW food we need to allow our eyes and everyone to make a what friendly
family okay I just save the configuration and then I need to restart
Apache any time we added something in a pod configuration we need to restart
this waste okay let me check the configuration test again here we go
another one in this truck is gone okay the next step should be my actual
installation but we going to use remote database so we skip my actual but we
need to install PHP for running WordPress okay so I start with the
command and to do I’ve got install PHP lip up a to mod all PHP and whatever I
just had to bring on it just Y to confirm the installation when you come with juban through 17 and
was extend you can with PHP as well and it it is good for website performing
and adding to the survey the test.php span is using 30% less memory than the
other person so make sure you use PHP is one for your WordPress site
okay guys now I install PHP so I tell apart to load PHP file and before HTML
file so I just input index dot PHP and I remove the duplicate over here and we
just tell the apply to load first index dot PHP and then HTML file so just ctrl
H Y and intro to finish editing and then restart Apache which again okay you can
check up a service and make sure it running okay here it is okay now we
ready install Apache and we install PHP my admin for implement but precise so we
start test login with the database and yeah
here is the database server IP so just now login technically you cannot login
because you not really install my actual client so what you have to do is to
install on my actual client I start with sudo I’ve got installed my actual client
and Y to confirm installation okay now we already install my actual
client so let me retest login again and it’s supposed to be able to login this
time make sure the server IP is correct 1 to H 1 through 8 to 9 9 to ok that’s
correct and give the password for the user and which we just create in the
previous step guys now we ready login to my actual using remote server so start
with that has to test to display the status and as you can see here over
actually also well connect with I guess a tree so that’s nice so I just exceed
that now we already install PHP a patch and connect my actual remotely so it’s
time to install WordPress I so I start with sudo and I install some PHP model
which required by WordPress it’s supposed to be a series so just hit
enter and why to confirm the installation okay now we already installed the PHP
model also I need to download WordPress installation file so I use web God
command to download the let have a son of what brain installation file okay it
clicked then I think okay now if you start with a less dice Al and you will
see here we have a file which we just download it so I can extract the file
using the time command time I that V F and the file name and you know I am fine
difficult to running that commands so every time I use it I just copy it from
the internet okay now I already extract the file so
the next step I’m going to do is to rename the wp-config-sample.php to WP
given which in order to install wordpress for the sorry in order to
install wordpress i so we just copy it and rename it okay we done so after that
you need to edit that by connection information of the wp config for us so i
just thought with sudo nano and i did on that first and in this case we need to
added this DB name which we just created on the database server it should be less
DB and the username should be CHM DB admin but I want to make sure I
hide the weight correctly so just copy this from here and then the password and
here is the password which we create okay and one more thing you need to do
actually if you install the dub to buy locally you don’t need to change it but
in this case we need to point it to the database server IP so it would be here
and this or you can copy this from I think it’s faster just pass your
database server IP over here and travel price to connect it remotely and also we
need to add one more large yes we need to tell what price to
connect to the remote device using as well and the next step is to yeah I did
this line to input the all sake you can copy this lunch
and pass it in your browser but I already prepared over here so I don’t
need to copy from this terminal so I just as I stood there to generate the is
a key no no no H the Oscar Rakhi for WordPress and it did uniquely is for
that so just over here I right-click on the terminal to pass it okay we supposed
to be done so just ctrl H wise and enter and now I prepare for install the
WordPress file so the next step we going to do is to copy the file to the HTML
folder so we start with this command and pass it here and hit enter wait for the
file copy to HTML folder okay now we done so I add pseudo you sir – WWE a
group so I can use that user to edit or delete the file or do something with FTP
so I just hit on it okay we ready add user to the group so what we going to do
is to change the ownership of the HTML folder to WWE and I said oh for
recurring so it mean that I will change all the file and folder inside that and
then I said it to read write and execute okay just hit enter okay now we really
done and prepare for installation so you can access to your domain name and continue it should be looking
community okay and yeah possible to be like that okay
confirm password and admin email and check this book to this in Dec on
certain teen and hit install and log end okay here we go
so let’s do something such as permalink configurations yeah use this and save it all post and
will you dispose make sure it’s not broken peg guys there is something we
need to add it so what I’m going to do is it should be on a pod configuration
for us it should be it should be over here hit
enter let me find something that we supposed
to change okay I said this to us and just exited it
should be pseudo a 2 and mode on let me control f on guys maybe I need to
okay I think I have a command over here I forgot that command let me let me check for that command yes okay let’s start with this command to do
apply to an iPad – Anibal mode realize okay just hit enter and we start up our
service so how can I return upon service okay here it is yeah it’s supposed to be working now
just control fi to make sure what you clear the catch okay guys guys thanks
for watching this video now we ready install WordPress clock using remote
database and thanks for watching and if I walk you through and make new confuse
you can list me the comment down there so I was trying to respond to your
question as soon as possible and the next video I will come with how to and
about modern cache PHP such as memcache and up cache and how to convert w3 total
cache to improve your website speed so thanks for watching and make sure you
subscribe to my channel to get all the upcoming videos and also if you want to
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bye as I say and don’t forget to share this video to your friend your
girlfriend your not girlfriend whatever I don’t know just say this video to them
and they will benefit from the widow’s and I okay bye bye so I don’t know what
to say just bye bye see you again soon agreed

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  1. I would still prefer the LEMP stack, rather LAMP stack, but anyways.. very nice tutorial & very clear instructions. Hats off to you bro, You rock!! 😉

  2. this is mysql details

    define("HOST"," "); define("USERNAME","credaich_new"); define("PASSWORD","FA^z{,{frL}a"); define("DATABASE","credaich_ennai);Sir once you login mysql remotely and make a video and upload YouTube after send me that video link. [email protected] Thank you……

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