How To Run Facebook Ads Without A Website | FB Ads Q&A Ep3 | Ben Heath

How To Run Facebook Ads Without A Website | FB Ads Q&A Ep3 | Ben Heath

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  1. Thanks for watching guys. If you want your question answered in next week's show, leave a comment below or join my Facebook Ads Mastermind Group and post it there:

  2. hi ben i really love your content great to found your vids keep your great vids up man !! i do have a question and also can you approve my request in your Facebook group ?

  3. Hi Ben,
    I’m currently running an ad campaign at the moment from using your 41 tips and it’s doing incredible! Generating leads for under £3! But the leads aren’t the highest quality, some leads don’t answer etc. So from this vid, the best way to get more quality leads would be to send them to your landing page instead of using the Facebook lead form? Expect less but more higher quality ones. If you do this, do I still select the leads objective at the start?

  4. Hi Ben! I love your content 🙂 Would it be alright if I asked you a quick question? I am setting up a drop shipping store and I would like some advice on how to run my FB ad campaigns. I've heard different opinions on it, for instance, some say that it's best to run a PPE campaign, then create a lookalike audience and run a conversion (purchase) campaign to generate sales. Alternatively, some say skip the PPE and just run a conversion campaign from scratch. For the first one, how long would you recommend running the PPE campaign before creating the lookalike audience? Also, how can I tell, via the PPE campaign if the product is good and that I should run a conversion campaign? Sorry for all the questions and thank you so much! 🙂

  5. Can you do a video on duplicating facebook ads from start to finish. I want to know what changes can be made to the duplicate Ad after copying it. Not sure about that. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ben, love your content! I'm working with a home security company who wants emails so naturally I'd run a lead generation campaign. What offer do you think would gain the most sign ups?

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