How to Open & Set Up Your Amazon Seller Account (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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  1. To be honest, I can't even get past the address part. Not because I'm confused, but because when I input my address and click to continue to the next step, amazon says "Something went wrong, please try again sometime." Help anyone?

  2. So i dont really need a brand name do i? If everything is under my name? but we need a logo and brand name for Private label so im confused

  3. Thanks so much for this. I'm disabled due to chronic Pain/fibromyalgia and I'm really hoping that I supplement my income with this. So thank you Especially the part where my social is my tax number

    I have one question though. I'm thinking of getting a tax exempt id number thing. The paperwork that allows you to not have to at the tax when you buy the item and instead you pay it when it sells.
    If I got that would I then have to switch my account to the business side? Or could I keep it as a personal account?
    I don't really plan to sell much because I can't physically do a lot and I just want to supplement my income. Mainly to pay off medical bills. I think the limit I can earn is about $650.
    So do you think it would even be worth eventually becoming a tiny company? Or should I just stay as an individual without the tax I'd?
    Anyway thank you for this easy to follow video.
    Maybe I can earn enough to buy the cat genie flushing litterbox. Right now all can do is save survey codes from Quick Thoughts app. Great app though. Paid for my phone and tens unit. You get $1 or so a survey and at $10 you get a code for Amazon. But it's more for treats and I need a way to earn some money.
    If I did a company do you think I could claim my cats as employees?😁
    Harlequin is a proven mouser. Poor cute field mice.😢 At least she's indoor only.
    And Micah thinks bugs are moving kitty treats.
    I think my cats might be weird.

  4. Question: I'm trying to set this up and it's automatically making me sign up for a professional account but I'm an individual. When I do the tax form will it switch me to individual

  5. United States
    Submit required documents
    1 document proving national identity
    Document must meet the following requirements:
    Submit a scanned color copy of both sides of your government issued national ID and merge the images into one file. Companies/Corporations need to submit a government issued national ID for the primary contact or beneficial owner. Do not submit a screenshot.
    Copies should be legible.
    Your identity document must be in one of the following languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish. If it is not in one of these languages, provide a copy of your passport or a notarized translation of your document into one of these languages.
    The name on the national ID should match the name on your registered Amazon account.
    The national ID should not be expired.
    27935243_1738518229544423_41841473_n.jpg remove
    Optional Comments

    1 bank account statement
    Document must meet the following requirements:
    Hide the account number and monetary amounts, but the rest of the document must be visible.
    Your document must be in one of the following languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Spanish. If it is not in one of these languages, provide a notarized translation of your document into one of these languages.
    For Companies/Corporations, the name on the bank account statement should match the legal entity name on your Amazon account. For Individuals, the name on the bank account statement should match the name on the government issued national ID and your registered Amazon account.
    The address on the bank account statement should match the address on your registered Amazon account. If you need to change the address on your Amazon account, follow the instructions here first before submitting this application.
    The bank account statement must have been issued within the past 90 days.
    27935281_1738644096198503_2120436718_n.jpg remove
    Optional Comments
    Can you please tell what I am missing in this page ?

  6. Thank you for this video. So, it is possible to set up the account with a debit card? I saw “chargeable” credit card and ass med I had to have an actual credit card.

  7. Would you be able to make a video of you doing a walk through of the Amazon sellers page and what you are able to do and access with it?

  8. I’m not able to do anything with mine yet. I set it up and was told they will get back to me in a few days if they need further info.

  9. How To have Two AMAZON Accounts and for each On Heve separate email address. Because right now all accounts are on my one email.

  10. I have stuff I want to send into Amazon. So I'm trying to set up a seller account. I don't want to pay the $40/month until I can get the app working to see if my stuff is worth sending in. In order to get the app to work I need a seller account. So I went through the whole registration process, gave them my credit card number, my bank account info, my driver's license number and now they want a copy of my bank account & copy of my credit card statement. I don't feel comfortable doing that!! So I guess I can't sell on Amazon unless I do those two forms?? IS that right??? I feel like I already gave them more than they need! I think I'll just stick with Ebay because if this is suppose to be easy…it's NOT!

  11. It’s amazing how easy you’ve made this. I never knew you could use your SSN to sign up and be able to LATER switch once you’ve established yourself. I literally stopped signing up once I got to the tax part 😒

  12. It's asking me to provide my Driver's License which provided it and asking me to upload a Bank Account Statement and also uploaded. Now i have to wait 2 business days for approval? But the video went straight to being able to sell. Please help and explain. Thanks!

  13. It seems from the comment section that anyone with a certain surname registering with amazon get asked to submit excessive personal documents that others of certain surnames do not get asked. This is why I am coming close to the conclusion that amazon has a registration system in place that discriminates based on your surname. I challange anyone reading this to PROVE me wrong.

  14. I don't know how I can thank you enough, you simplify my life and make it easy. Thank you so much. It's been more than one year that I wanna open up an account seller on Amazon but no one explain it and demonstrat it as you did. Thank you again.

  15. Hello everyone . I am facing trouble on my bank card number as i enter my card number but they are asking to enter valid number … remember my card just support union pay . Can i get some usefull tips .Thanks

  16. i don't want to sign up on my ssn. what company type would be the best for selling on amazon ? llc, s corp , dba any other?

  17. Its driving me mad how i signed up for france but it keeps putting me on the US market and it wont accept my french card or the text codes dont work argh!! any suggestions!???

  18. Can I set up my account. Then just leave it open without selling anything, while I wait 6 months for my trademark approval? I feel like they will cancel me if I'm not active , and I only want to sell private label

  19. i dont understand maybe its just me why do i have to pay taxes on items i sell that is used i already paid taxes on the item when i bought then new.

  20. Why do they need you card numbers? If they do this so they can charge you a fee for selling can you cancel at anytime?

  21. i am new to marketing,i dont have a gst or tax details.i am stuck at there any suggestions please.i want to start my own amazon seller account

  22. Hello my friend may i have a question ?

    How long does it take to create an seller central account and get approved for selling ?

    Thank you answer

  23. I read you cannot sell more than 40 books as an Individual account. Why? And if you want to continue selling what would you change to to do so?

  24. hi whenever i try making a seller account it directs me to the seller central india to verify my phone number?? i'm on amazon uk

  25. I opened my seller account exactly as described and immediately got suspended. Apparently you can no longer use a debit card to open an account. Not sure how to proceed or if I'll forever be banned from selling on Amazon over this tiny innocent mistake.

  26. If I am selling PL, is it best to click Sole Proprietor? I’m based in CA. Do I need to register the business with my state?

  27. If I am selling on amazon and I am based in the UK whom do I pay my taxes to? And will it give me the option of clicking overseas taxes information? Thanks

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  30. I am so frustrated I own a business I have been trying to get set up on Amazon Seller for 10 days straight and they will not tell me why my information is getting rejected absolutely frustrating and you can't talk to anyone in verification team any guidance


  32. Hello. Im from Denmark and i live in Denmark, is it posible to create an individual seller account, and only pay the us tax, i have an adress in San Diego, close to other family, but i am rarely there, i also have an American bank and credit card. My passport is danish

  33. You should mention if you have a netspend card it wont work , and if you have an existing account you have to cancel that account because the if the info is the same it will say you already have an account and you have to call switch the account into a business account to sell.
    Always include tax on items because the IRS wants 15% to 30% off your hard work . Take that tax you charged put that in the bank until the end of the year and pay these Leaches.
    Unless you have a LLC affiliated with The CFR and you wont have to pay any taxes .

  34. Hold up. After submitting that stuff, it asked me for more identity verification. It wants my bank statements and an identity document of some sort. Why didn't you have to deal with that?

  35. Hi, I just sold my first item on Amazon and need answers to some questions that I have. Does anyone offer phone support, if so what is the cost per hour? Thanks, Tony

  36. Thank you for making this video!! I see so many people complaining about the "Pro" account, but without it you are VERY LIMITED to what you can sell & I mean VERY LIMITED. That's what eBay is for. Amazon is very strict on products sent in for FBA. Amazon doesn't do "USED FBA" unless it's Amazon's own merch. The "Pro" account pays for itself many times over if you are in it for the long haul. eBay is not getting rid of PayPal at all. They will still be around long into the future. eBay is just adding it's own "Paying Platform" they will be integrating in by 2023.

    Even if you found items that are Brand New in the box & the boxes are in any way damaged or discolored, whatever, Amazon will not let you sell it as "NEW", you will have to sell it as "Used/Like New". Many "Used" items come from 3rd party sellers, basically eBay style. The seller ships the items from their own homes/storage area's or merchant fulfilled. If you don't have a "REAL CREDIT CARD", then Amazon is not for you.

    You must have a decent "Bank Roll" ($$$ in Bank…SAVED) to sell on Amazon, as you won't get paid for about a month out. Even eBay makes you wait almost 2 weeks before they let you have your money from PayPal. It's a "Precautionary Measure" to stop Fake Scamming Sellers who take the money & run. They sell items they don't have.

    95% of "Sellers" on Any platform will fail. If you want to be a Full Time Seller, It's like working 2 Full Time jobs++ in the beginning to figure it all out, but when you do & have the drive to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY, your time & effort pay off Big Time. Part timers if that is what they want or extra $$, that is also fine. Many people love their jobs but want the extra $$ doing it part time.

    Amazon is very, very, very Strict & getting stricter with new sellers. They have to. They don't care about who you are or how much you make, if you don't follow their rules to the "T", then your account will be suspended/terminated.

    Good Luck to those who want this & put in the hours & time to learn it all. It's hard, but Loving your job & making it what you want is no better way to enjoy your life, hours & the big $$$ to come from being a Full Time Re-seller!!

  37. "Problem with your Seller Account

    You’re currently unable to add or edit listings because either the credit card on file is invalid or the credit card is in the process of validating, which could take up to 24 hours. Please ensure that you have a valid credit card uploaded in Account Settings.
    Return to your Seller Account"

    Haven't seen any initial charge attempts on my card, I guess I just wait?

  38. Who's willing to help me sell a product on Amazon or ebay? I'm willing to give a percentage of my earnings if its successful.

  39. I’m having issue with trying to establish a seller account myself. I used fba and I still hit a red tape. Can you give me some advice cause I’m serious about this business venture

  40. what about the part where you have to upload your bank statement and passport? This keeps your account inactive until you do this….

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  42. Thanks for the great video! Do we have to have a business email for the signup or can it be ? So confused abut this as I have already opened a business email and domain for my brand.

  43. About to create a seller account for PL/FBA. I am starting off as a sole trader to test the water before going Ltd (I'm in the UK). I have heard some say its simple to swap over and others say its not. :/ Great video as well 🙂

  44. How do I sell if I got no passport , there should be an option for people in the UK to sell just to people in the UK, then the EU can do one with there big brother snooping

  45. You've just solved the difficult part of the entire Amazon FBA process a lot of beginners struggle with. I want to say a big thank you for this video Sr. bangladesh my nambar call me +8801942562502

  46. Will is not entirely forthcoming in the businesses he claims he started. His father Scott Mitchell is the CEO of Simply Organic (beauty) and was CEO of Organic Color Systems 5 years before that. If you go to Will's website (startup bros) much of his father's success he claims as his own (current sales stats etc) which is 90% from Simply Organic. I'm not saying Will hasn't possibly made some of his own money, but he sure as heck isn't as successful in starting his own profitable business as he claims. His website Holistic Hair Tribe is just a straight piggyback (product copy/paste) of his father's business and exclusive US distributor agreements. Maybe he sold some airsoft guns in the past but it appears he really hasn't done a lot more than that in terms of success. Also, the social media company "Affluence" was his fathers doing (as CEO) and not his.

  47. Here is the link from the Amazon Page to create a free business Acoount ( for anyone that needs it.

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