How to Monitor Changes to Windows Server Roles

In a Microsoft infrastructure, one of the
ways you specialize servers is turning on roles and features, but keeping track
of those across hundreds, if not, thousands of servers can be extremely
difficult. So I’m going to show you how to do that in SolarWinds Server
Configuration Monitor. From the Orion summary homepage,
go to My Dashboards, Server Configuration, and
Server Configuration Summary. Then we’ll go to Server Configuration Monitor Settings, and we will add a new profile. We’ll call this one “Roles and Features.” We want to add a configuration element of type “PowerShell,” and we’ll call it “Features and Roles.” Then we’ll enter our PowerShell script. What this PowerShell script does is it gets all the Windows features, shows only the ones that are installed, and then selects the name and
the display name, and sorts it by the name. Select your polling frequency, and add.
And then finally, add that to the profile. Then our last step is to go ahead and assign it to some nodes to start reporting on the roles and features. You can do this for a single node, or hundreds,
or all of your nodes all at once. And now on any of the nodes that you’ve
assigned that profile, you’ll be notified whenever there’s a change to the
features or roles that are installed on Windows. For more information, visit

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