How To Manually Update WordPress Theme And Plugins

How To Manually Update WordPress Theme And Plugins

In this video, I will cover three ways you
can follow to manually update your WordPress theme and plugins to the latest version. Hi, everyone! Robert here from Like everything else, there are easy and complicated
ways as well when we talk about updates, and in this video, you can see exactly which way
is the best for you so keep watching. First things first, I encourage you to do
a full backup of your WordPress website right now, and you can see how to do that in the
recommended video above. Now let’s start with the easiest way to manually update your WordPress theme or plugin to the latest version. Install Easy Theme & Plugin Upgrades plugin
the activate it… After you have installed the plugin download
the latest version of the product from your purchase history…
and then install it just like every other theme or plugin… This is the fastest method and you can see
you how to manually update a theme, for example… Reactivate the basic WordPress theme or any
other theme available in the themes area of your dashboard and then delete the old version
of your theme you need to update. Now, upload the .zip file with the one that
you’re just downloaded and be sure it is the latest version. Install and activate it then, and you’re ready
to go! If you do not have an FTP client then please
download and install FileZilla, then contact your web host for the FTP details. If you’re using Filezilla make sure to check
transfer type: binary. After you have Filezilla installed, download
the product and unzip it. Overwrite the existing theme files through
FTP by navigating to the WordPress installation directory usually inside public_html/wp-content/plugins/
or if it’s a theme public_html/wp-content/themes/. Your full path might be a bit different but
you will always find the themes in wp-content/themes/ and the plugins in wp-content/plugins. Simply copy all files from the previously
extracted product zip file and drag it over to the folder on your server… Select “overwrite” when FileZilla prompts
what to do for all the files and then wait for files transfer to be completed. Check if everything is ok by navigating to
the live website then you are done!

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