How To Make a WordPress Blog at SiteGround – 2020

How To Make a WordPress Blog at SiteGround – 2020

What’s going on guys Welcome to northern Minnesota in the fall and more importantly welcome to how to make a wordpress blog at SiteGround in this video We’re going to use the most popular CMS or a content management system powering over 34% of all web sites that’s huge way bigger than Squarespace add a little 1.5% We’re gonna use SiteGround. One of the top of wordpress recommended web hosts One of the biggest host in the industry that’s been doing great things forever And at the end I’m gonna show you how to install a theme for WordPress Which is gonna be my favorite theme for blogging at the moment. I love this team because it resembles the blog We’re gonna feature today in this video called pinch of YUM They’re a Minnesota based food blog by Lindsay and York who started small but have been making amazing recipes for their family their dog and have now grown to make Thousands of thousands of dollars per month and more importantly helped a lot of people Cook and look like their own professional chef when really they just followed a recipe online So we’re gonna do all those things in this video. I really hope you’ll stick around. So without further ado Let’s jump in run the intro and let’s look at the steps. We need to make a wordpress blog at set go. Let’s do it All right, so to get started and make your own wordpress blog slash website They are the same thing when you start out You just want to visit the link beneath the video and this is just an example of a previous video people followed So just pop beneath the video and click on the bitly link and then we can proceed Alright guys, so welcome to site ground so you might wonder why do you want to be on the managed WordPress hosting page right here instead of on the Normal web hosting page right here We can see we get all sorts of other essential WordPress features obviously We don’t want to miss out on that and that’s basically the reason we’re gonna get managed WordPress hosting Instead of the web hosting same price more features, okay So now that we all understand that we can just move forward and even though they’re saying the best seller is to grow big We’re on the budget today So we’re just gonna go with the startup crafted for a great WordPress start and now you can click on the get plan button Okay, guys so step one was just choosing the plan that we did right there So that’s done and now I’ll walk you through all of step two and step three So that you can move forward and install your WordPress software Flawlessly, and I’ll try to answer any questions that might come up along the way but also let me know in the comments All right So the next order of business is to enter your domain name if you have a new one Click the top box here and pop in your new domain name Or if you already own a domain like from GoDaddy or somewhere else just check this bottom box, but in my case I have a new idea of your domain name and I want to get everything at site ground today So I’m gonna click register your new domain and then pop in ground Website wpe guide. Alright then on the right You’ll see a drop down menu for calm but there’s also plenty of other options. That could be cool like net org dot biz is the most recognizable that’s probably what people will think of when I think of your site like nobody imagined visiting Facebook or When someone tells them to go to Facebook and the dot-com is also the most profitable if you want to sell your website someday however any of these other domain names might be helpful to tell people what you’re about like your about clothing or coffee and You can rank in Google pretty much just as good with any domain name extension here. Alright and click proceed All right cool the next order of business is to create our account So what’s ikura and we just need an email and a password and you have an account Alright confirm the password and we’re done with that Scrolling down you can give yourself some client information if sike gonna asks for your full postcode just google yourself and you can get the full nine digit postcode and then phone number Alright good job. Now. We come down to payment information here alright So just pop in your payment information like you would at any sort of online shopping experience like at Apple Amazon eBay Ebates wherever you shop online, so I’m just gonna blank this out here and enter in my payment info Alright sorry guys getting a lot of text here you’ll see that psycho and also accepts Visa Mastercard, Discover So I hope that helps you out, but if you can only pay with PayPal or venmo or something for some reason Let me know I’m sure we can figure out a solution for you with SiteGround So now we’re done with that. We’re gonna come down to our purchase information and this is basically super easy We just have to confirm that we’re getting what we want So we have a plan start up if you want to change the plan I think you can hit this little refresh button, but we’re good with startup We like that because that’s the cheapest way to install WordPress at site grant Datacenter you might want to take a look at if you have an audience that’s in a different part of the world then you might want to opt for one of the other headquarter data centers at So that your servers and information are closer to your audience Next up we have our term period which is how long you’re registering hosting for I really like 12 months My first hosting order ever I got was for twelve months and I gave me a perfect amount of time to learn how to blog how to use WordPress how to make money with WordPress and set me up for success But if you choose 24 months or 36 months You will see that you get a slightly better value and that is just because you pay a little bit less per month Twelve months though is great for today. We’re going to keep that Hosting price is cool. All right, and of course you get that discount locked in it’s normally 1195 with the regular price But because you use my link We’ve secured the best discount so congrats on that and now we can just come down to extra services. All right So like I said before we’re on a budget So just gonna keep the domain for now and I believe we can add these later on if you want Alright, so that brings us to our total for this price right here in our case It’s 63 and change which comes out to about five dollars a month if we divided it by twelve we get the amazing WordPress services of SiteGround you can install WordPress with one click in the next step without any coding knowledge and then you basically get the same website as The major blogs like Mashable Forbes. Jay-z Beyonce Katy Perry Walt Disney Time magazine They’re all using WordPress and it’s really awesome to me that for this small price You can be on the same level playing field with those brands And if you’re interested in learning how to make money with WordPress just drop me a note in the comments I have some fun resources on that. Alright, so that’s all I’ll say for now. I’m super excited Let’s go ahead now and just check I confirm and I’d like to receive news and offers sure. Why not? We like safe ground and then the next step will install it your own copy of WordPress together All right. So let’s click pay now and let’s move on to the next step. Let’s do it Good job guys, so now we can click proceed to customer area You might notice a ton of cool things to play around with and learn it Now that you have your own site ground customer area But most of you are probably eager to get WordPress set up on your new blog. So let’s just click setup site So now we’re in the add new website screen if you add multiple websites at site ground you’ll see this screen a lot and Website and blog are the same terms here because we’re just going to install WordPress so under start new website We’re going to click on select Then where it says choose application we’re going to select WordPress so now we just need to enter in our email and pop in a password And we’ll be all set to install WordPress. Try to make sure you have a strong password and now we can click continue It’ll ask you if you want any additions to your new wordpress blog like the SG site scanning This one checks your website daily and lets you know if you’ve been hacked But I think you’d be able to tell if that happened. So we’re gonna skip that one and then we have domain privacy This one’s actually good because it makes sure that you don’t get spam sent to you automatically just from registering a domain name So people can’t see like who you are and see your personal information So I like to add that one nowadays domain privacy isn’t mandatory I actually have a lot of domain names and websites from the past without privacy on and I’m doing fine I don’t get much spam but nowadays a lot of people are starting to go with domain privacy So we need to pay for that and it’s only $12 a year So I’m just gonna leave the payment card I have in there and confirm and pay now And it’s gonna jump right into creating your WordPress website so right now SiteGround is going about installing a wordpress One thing I really love about SiteGround Is it only takes two minutes to get you up and running with your website on a lot of other website hosts it could take More time to install WordPress like half an hour or an hour, but as you can see there You’re all set and you now have a new wordpress blog. So congratulations. You’re probably super excited Now, how do we log in and build your WordPress blog? Well one option is just to open a new tab type in our domain name And we can see what we see. All right, so that’s super cool. WordPress is actually ready here a few minutes ago We had nothing. We had no domain name. No WordPress site. And now you have your own complete Installation and just like the pros like Forbes jay-z Walt Disney Beyonce and so on and so forth are using so that’s great news As far as our username and password we can open up our email Click on the one that says your website blah blah blah at site Grant and scroll down and find your WordPress password It’ll say something like start editing your site content. You can go ahead and do that through your WordPress. Admin Dale So they give us a link to log in here a username and they say the password is just the one we made during installation A few moments ago should be easy enough as long as you didn’t forget that already so I don’t want to use this admin URL Because it’s really long and you’d never want to actually type this in again when you want to log in to your blog so I’m gonna go back to our WordPress site here Just at the domain on your home page and type in port slash WP dash Admin a dmin and hit enter and that’s how everyone logs in they just type that in after their domain name with that forward slash WP dash Atm I end and hit enter now we can go ahead and login We’re gonna hit remember to save time in the future and you can bookmark this if you want to make it even easier and login Alright and welcome to your new WordPress site at sake grant So from having used a lot of different hosts, I know that it doesn’t always look this good, but this looks really cool It’s nice to have a custom. Welcome page now before you click start now and begin making your WordPress blog I want to tell you two more important steps So set ground after we made our WordPress site told us to point your domain if you see this message I want you to follow me on this one quick step here because You should know how to point your domain and change the name servers just for future projects Alright, so what we want to do is just copy These two pieces of information here. I’m gonna copy them open up a new text file document There it is Just gonna paste those in and now I’ll show you where to put them. Alright so back at second. We’re gonna click on home and Then services then domains and You’ll see your domain name that you bought right here. Congratulations looking super nice and shiny and now we’re just gonna click on manage and Then manage name servers Alright, and then what we want is for name server one to match our name server one that we copy pasted that saikhan told us about So it does that looks good. Just reading over it and name server two matches name server – So name server one is just NS one blah blah blah name server two is just NS – blah blah and it looks like that Was a false alarm Our name servers are already working so you don’t need to touch this at all but if these pieces of information Look different than these two then go ahead and make sure you paste the ones that sake you’re on give us Right here where my mouse is in this screen and then click confirm name servers. Tell your domain name where to go So if your domain name was bought at like GoDaddy and then you SiteGround hosting you would have to enter in your site ground nameservers bat GoDaddy to say hey when someone visits the domain name go over to that thing at site ground that I made or if you moved your Website to a different location and then you wanted to like launch it a lot of people launch by changing the name servers It just tells the domain name that when anyone including you visits the domain name that they should go to the proper website All right ours are working so we don’t need to change a thing here The second step you need to do is just verify your domain name You’ll get an email from site ground that says something like verification required So just open that up scroll down and click on the approved domain name link All right, those two things said we can start working in WordPress So come back to our site ground window and let’s click start now and get going Alright so the funnest part comes right now That is word. By the way funnest. I’ve made it one and we’re gonna choose a fancy design for your website So here’s some free themes. They recommend these are all really popular Coffee shop. Obviously, they probably know me and just you know pick that one through the algorithm and then yeah You might like them you might not like them These are just some of the best themes that people use at second if you scroll up you can also choose Categories so we obviously want to make a blog so blog options Second comes with mini free blog themes which also look professional and stunning We use new site in LS tutorial And the reason we like these free blog templates or free templates for any of these different categories With site grant is because your website looks good out of the box you don’t have to move things around and custom code and Deal with a blank white screen which scares a lot of people your website or blog is gonna look good right away Now if you do want to actually hack up your site from scratch and go ahead and just you know Build it like some one line of ten years ago, then just go to your website Click on this button to go to the dashboard hover on appearance and click themes and You can find any theme in WordPress by clicking add new A lot of them are really basic and minimalist and you’ll end up doing a lot more from scratch Or you can just edit your totally blank home page that you see here Which is using the WordPress 2019 theme or you could even show you how to delete everything on this page right here and make it Completely white screen and then you could do everything from super sketch But in our case, I know a lot of people want their blog to look good right away They want it to look like the design they choose and not choose a design and get something. That looks different so these fancy design templates are really useful to accomplish that and the one we’re going to use today is Cookery so you can click on the plus to preview any of these Alright, and I’ll be showing you how to replace everything in this free cookery layout like the logo the navigation menu the social media Icons which are in the header that whichever one likes. I’m gonna show you how to replace these featured images the circle profile box colors fonts and So on and so forth like this cool parallax image right here So we’re gonna stick with this look, but of course you can choose any look that catches your fancy. I Just know from doing a little my own background research and homework that this one performs particularly well For blogs that want to be profitable. Okay. So with that said, let’s hit select And it’s gonna say great choice. Okay, so they approve now it’s gonna say recommended Elementary, what is that elementary is a really big deal in WordPress right now They’re probably the best page builder that uses drag-and-drop so you don’t need to know code You can actually design your website by clicking on things and saying like oh I want you beneath this or I want you on the upper right corner That’s what Elementor does it’s of course free like almost everything in WordPress Now that we have our own hosting so really good and we’ll confirm now It’ll ask if we want a few more plugins that are recommended. So contact form is good Jetpack, we don’t need that connects with shop, alright, you could set up an e-commerce shop if you want, but that’ll be a different video and Calendar so I don’t really like calendars. I never really know what date is. So we’re going to keep contact form selected and continue Now there’s some marketing plugins. All right more plugins So Google Analytics, we’re not going to use because I like doing that by scratch at you know, google analytics site themselves We are going to select Yoast because every blog post should be optimized for SEO and us makes that easy And we’re not going to do the gross subscriber is list because I recommend Constant Contact To do that separately really fun easy and you kind of want to manage that outside of your blog now complete Alright installation is underway All right congrats your site is ready now, we’re just going to go to dashboard Alright guys, so now I’ll do a quick tour of your dashboard for you as we saw We just installed the blog foodie theme so your whole site will look different But you’ll be a lot better at managing your site if you know how to use these buttons over here So right away on your dashboard homepage right here that’s highlighted in blue You’ll see you have some buttons like view site manage pages and change design You can also Work on those plugins that we just installed and then there’s just some general information which you may or may not want to click I don’t use that stuff too much down below. There’s even WordPress events. They want to stay in touch with you So they know I’m in Minnesota, you know Maybe you want to go Network and learn about forums and get some guest posts or some different gigs. That’s always a good idea All right. So the first part of your dashboard I want to show you is the themes So if we hover on appearance we can click themes And we can see your site now is running ocean WP which is easily one of the top-five best Free themes in WordPress, so that’s perfect. And then we have the other themes that WordPress came with So originally our blog slash website was using the 2019 theme. It’s really good by WordPress But of course we want something that’s not just good But great if you want to figure out how to make a website with one of these default WordPress themes That’s always a good idea just to play around However, a lot of other people will be using those themes because WordPress comes pre-installed with them. You can easily delete a theme like sixteen just by opening it and then the lower right corner clicking the red delete button just to save a little space on your copy of WordPress Next thing I want to show you is plugins if we just click on the plugins tab You’ll see the list of all the plugins our site came with so it should be about one two, three, four five six Seven eight right now. That’s super cool. We’re gonna use all of these I believe But if you did want to get rid of a plugin You can just hit deactivate And then after that you’ll see a delete button As long as it’s a free plug-in on your site isn’t depending on it right now There’s no harm in deleting a plugin You can install it back onto your site by clicking the add new button and searching for it next up We have the users tab. If you click on users, you’ll see us right here and then we can click on our Little name there and if you want to scroll down and change your password, this is what I do it right here You just click generate password and then write in a new one over this one. So new Blah blah and then make sure it’s stronger So I’m gonna give it all sorts of other stuff and then save it but in our case I’m happy with the password we chose you can also change how your site looks like I use an iPhone for example And I like kind of a certain texture of all the buttons Or maybe Android does that – I’m not sure but if you want to look at this site With a little bit different lighting then go ahead and change that in admin color scheme Okay that does it for a tour in other videos I’ve explained every single tab, but you guys have told me you want to just start building. So let’s just start building We’re gonna click on our site title to get to the home page You can leave that because we didn’t have any changes and now we can see our beautiful cookery blog Alright so we might as well do this like a web designer Would that you would hire in your town for five thousand dollars except for you get to save that money Of course by doing a DIY for free with me here. So we’re gonna start from top to bottom Go ahead and edit this top bar and then a logo nav menu. So on and so forth. Let’s do it Okay, so to edit the very top of our site, which is the SUBSCRIBE bar We need to start using elementor’s so what better way to begin then with a little elementary tricks We can hover where it says edit with at the top and then we’re gonna click on site header and We can see here lives the entire site header, which is basically just the top bar and our nav menu So the rest of the site goes below it, but we’re working on the header. You can click anywhere in elementary to start editing That’s the beauty of it It’s just point and click and then on the left hand side You’ll get like what the theme creators made for us So ocean WP decided to make this beautiful little subscribe Text for us with all this HTML because they know that it looks good and The beauty I find of this is that you can actually copy and paste this and put it on other parts of your site But right now we just want to edit the words like subscribe so you can say like join our email Club and Then the edit the text you just simply edit any part of the text or you can click on top of it and just edit Right where it says what it says Beautiful next we can click on the actual emo subscribe form itself We don’t usually make an email form this early in one of my videos That’s usually at the end after we learn all of WordPress But it’s so important that you start collecting subscribers right away on your blog and make those first visitors into loyal Subscribers that I figured why not show you how to do it right now So what we have here is a MailChimp form the ocean WP inserted for us If you want you can play with the title and that I’ll just change like the structure of the form But in our case, it looks really good being minimal like this So all we really need to do is get a MailChimp account set up and then go ahead and enter in our ID So it’ll actually start putting your subscribers on your MailChimp list so let’s click update and make those first changes and Now it says you need to set your API key and lesedi on the settings page. So let’s go there Okay, here we are in our dashboards theme panel, I’m just gonna skip this Now we can see all the different areas we can customize on our site right now we want to find something about MailChimp So, let’s click integrations and this section is dedicated to MailChimp so used for MailChimp widget in the newsletter and Everywhere MailChimp is in our site. There’s an article on how to get your API key and list ID so we can click that and Then we can click here and it should take us to MailChimp Alright, and of course if this is the first time you start a blog you probably don’t have male chimp So let’s get a MailChimp. Let’s click create an account super easy and free, by the way Just gonna pop in my email that I use for Vlog business a username have a sit ground puts the name of the site and a password And get started Now let’s go to our email inbox There’s milchem activate your MailChimp account and activate the count We’re not a robot, all right, and we’re in we’re gonna keep the free plan selected and just click complete So this works until you have 2000 subscribers, which probably is gonna be a little ways off All right. We’re just gonna complete the basic information Grab our URL by highlighting it copying it and entering in a psych round Tin you Now we will add our address or business address No, we don’t have a list yet and continue we’ll do this later Continue and not right now for the marketing path because we just want a basic email list accounts ready Freddy Sure. We’ll stay in the loop And let’s go MailChimp will say that our account is finished being set up we can design your first email But really all we want is just a way to collect email subscribers and we want that API key So if we go back to the article on how to get that key. It’ll say click account extras API key All right. So let’s click on ourselves And a cow And extras and API keys Alright, let’s scroll down and create a key There you have it you’re now legit with MailChimp and we’re just gonna highlight it and copy it now Come back to WordPress in our theme panel And let’s paste it in next click on audience view context And click on settings and then Audience name and defaults and we’ll get this second little audience ID, which is also called a list ID Copy that and come back to our theme panel and paste it in right here and Save Changes and MailChimp should be working So now when someone goes to your site and pops in their email address and says gilt will want to join your email Club You’ll see their new contact information in your MailChimp home and you’ll see them in audience so ideally you want this number to go up and if you keep doing the right things and keep creating great content it most certainly will Next we can learn how to add our logo to the site so right now it’s this cool little cookery icon and text but if you want to make your own logo Which I’m sure you do then head over to logo maker. That’s ello geo Mak are without the EECOM Click in the gray space and now let’s search for a logo graphic in our case coffee is usually good but you can search for literally anything like tree or a mountain Or if compass you get the picture and you can change the color after you select it, all right Don’t go too crazy looking at icons. Usually the simpler the better So I really like this one. I’m gonna click and select it and now it’s in our editing panel we could not click and drag to move it and You can change the color right away in your color wheel just click anywhere that you might like for a new color Beautiful to add text just click on the T and then start typing So that’s just a fake name We can just drag and position it with the convenient little guidelines and then dragging the corner to make it bigger You can click on the paint bucket, which is also the Select icon So there’s the Paint Bucket and now you can actually click on individual parts of the logo to change the color Cool to change the font. Just click to change the font Just click back to the T and now it might get some more text We can hit delete but then just click on top of your original text and we can change the font in the upper menu Beautiful just going to drag that towards the center a little more and we’re all set So once you like your logo go ahead and crop it in the lower right down here And if it doesn’t get it, right you can just help out the white bring it in So it’s as trim as possible and hit enter now we can save it by clicking on the floppy disk We’re gonna go – no. Thanks down the low res file And we can title it and save it. You also have to give credit to logo maker Make sure to follow this guide and give credit alright back on our site we can edit that logo just by clicking edit with elementary and now I guess welcome to the original element your editing window So before we were just editing a header now We’re actually editing the whole page everything the ocean WP created for us because they’re just so good at elementary You can make all these things from scratch in the future But I think it’s pretty much easier to have someone make them and edit them and play with them and Then sort of learn how everything works and then someday you’ll make one of these on your own from scratch So we’re gonna hover on the logo and see that it actually doesn’t Open up an editing window and neither does the menu So for example when you click on the scrolling images you can click on their settings But there’s really no settings for the logo and that’s because the logo actually lives in a different place So let’s click on the hamburger icon and go exit to dashboard And now I’m gonna take you to customize Customizes like the secondary place where if you can’t find something, it’s probably living in customize. So we’re gonna hover on appearance and click customize All right. Now we’re gonna click on header That’s where logo lives and we can remove that cute little logo. I really did like that one. Click select logo select files We’re gonna find our new logo, which is probably in our downloads somewhere. Oh just kidding. It’s on the desktop alright, so new logo version 1 Double-click to open it. And now your logo is uploaded to WordPress. So let’s select it We’re gonna skip the copying so we get the whole thing and it inserts itself perfectly. Nice job Maybe not the perfect logo for you, but it’ll definitely do the check right now you can also change the width of the logo if you want to be a little bit bigger as long as it stays inside a reasonable container That’s a little too big beautiful and publish to change the way our navigation menu looks click back and back in the customize window and now we’re gonna click on menu and Then main menu which ocean WP has set up for us is right here. There’s no need to rename it But of course you can change the order of your menu items just by clicking and holding and dragging To change what these menu tabs say just open them up and change the tab Let’s close that tab you can also change where this menu appears So right now it’s in the main location, but you could also put it in the top bar footer or mobile Let’s publish. Of course. You can also change the finer details like the font of your menu or the color Let’s go back back. And now let’s just hit on typography And here we have the typography of the entire site So all you need to do is click on main menu and you can change the font family right here So if dosis is obviously really good, but maybe you want dorsa not right now You can change the size of it too and the letter spacing. So maybe it’s a little bit too small for your audience Make sure you get that pixels in there though as well. And there you have it To change the menu color go back back now click on header Menu and here we can change the color of the links their position, which you probably wouldn’t want to edit and Things like the link color. So just hit select and then I like double clicking on the current color hex and copying it So we don’t lose it, but then you can just change the color manually if you want a different menu color So that would definitely stand out All right, there you have it folks. Let’s publish Then lastly in our header to change where our social buttons go and replace them with your own social pages and make sure you publish an X out of customizer And now you’re gonna hover it on From the home page or you’re gonna hover on a telemetry and click site header again And now we can see those little buttons are living right here So just click on the section settings which looks like an open book and just kidding We actually need to click on the pencil icon for the individual buttons that action WP made press super cool So here we find our social icons You can just easily open up each individual tab, like Facebook and replace that hashbrown sign with your own little social media page. So in my case we have slash dear vlogging is really just writing out and you can hit on the link options to open that in a new tab if you want ordinal follow it Alright do the same for Twitter and all the rest of them and then you’ll be set to go and collect social media fans so I’m going to Twitter and if you don’t remember it, maybe you’ll just go to Twitter and Click on the home button and then click on yourself And you can copy the link Then you can copy the link Back to the site and then paste it in over the hash brown alright, I’m gonna get rid of Pinterest really got to start using it though and add in Instagram and YouTube on my own and then We’ll be all set. And for the youtube link i’m gonna get clever and head to the blog and i’m gonna copy the link I have right here, which is actually a subscription link. So right click Copy link address And if we paste that in it’s like a custom subscription link. Alright, so super cool I like when people click that because it takes them to subscribe page saves them a couple clicks and you really should subscribe so you Get all the newest videos and WordPress help rate when it comes out when it’s fresh All right, we’re gonna paste it in on YouTube and update and now we click on the hamburger Egg it’s dashboard. Click on the site title to go to the home page. And now we should have our links working beautifully Alright great job So next we are gonna edit our blog post castle and what’s going on in here is our most recent post is first and then second and third we also have a Category like street food and a post title and then a read more link and if you click anywhere on the featured image It’ll take us to that post So let’s go ahead and make a new post and see how to put it in that castle and to start Let’s just edit this post So we click Edit post at the top And right away we can see we’re using the new Gutenberg Post editor which is the wonderful world of blocks so if you see this notification It means we’re using Gutenberg and we want to use the older blog post editor because that’s the one that most people still use and love So let’s go to plugins and let’s click add new and Probably the second one to come up will be the classic editor because it’s so popular. So click install now and activate Alright perfect. So now when we go to our home page and we do that process again, we’re gonna click on the first post Edit the post now. It’s gonna look like WordPress. It should look which is like this so we have the text to edit There’s no blocks or anything confusing like that. So to edit your post you can change the title so you can write like my first blog post You can also change the text easily that shows up just by deleting or changing what it says down here this is the first paragraph and it’s all pretty self-explanatory and Microsoft Word asked you can click on the toggle toolbar and get more tools like text color and You can change the category on the right like go from dinner to breakfast. Let’s go ahead and update and let’s see the changes I made so now when we look at the post on the home page, it should look a little bit different. It’s breakfast It’s my first blog post great to make a new blog post Just hover on the skinny nav at the top where it says new and click post. I Think every blog you make should have it. Welcome to the blog post To the blog because this helps explain to people why you’re writing and what they can get from your blog So we’re gonna write your story Is super awesome and we’re going share it here the world New and amazing ways All right, there’s your post we can add a new category like updates Add new category and then to change the image that goes on the homepage or on any place the blog is That’s going to be your featured image. So scroll down to featured image click set featured image Now I’m going to upload a thought for my computer just upload select Now I can find some images that I made on like PicMonkey for example But those don’t necessarily apply. If you’re struggling to find a good featured image one place. I like going is On pixabay you can find free images so you can look up something like coffee or workspace and Search and find some cool images. You’ve probably seen other bloggers using from time to time Ok to insert an image. We’re just gonna choose it by clicking on it. Then we’re gonna click free download You choose the size and download it Say you’re not a robot and download name it and save it and now go back to our new blog post and click select files All right, there it is double click and now set featured image voila Beautiful now, let’s publish So now we can click view post in the skinny now at the top we can see our cool new post with a beautiful featured image some text You can see who wrote it when the category and the comments and everyone can comment right away Hopefully you get a lot of them So it shows that your blog is social proof as they say and now I’m gonna go to the home page We’ll have one new blog post. Awesome if you notice that the sizing is off It’s because our featured image is the different size than these other images. Let’s change that. So let’s go back to our dashboard We’re gonna click media Where are all our images live and we’re gonna click on one of these featured images like this couple so this one’s 1200 by 900 pixels and The same goes for the other featured images 1200 by 900 so I have to make that the case for our new image 1200 by 900 to size down an image you want to click Edit image Now these numbers are pretty goofy. So to make it easier on us I’m gonna go with an aspect ratio of 4 to 3 because I know that 1200 to 900 It’s really the same as 4 to 3. Now. I’m gonna press and hold shift and click on top of the image and drag all right, and Then click and then drag a little more so we get more image and this will definitely be a 4 to 3 section of the image we can see it still says 4 to 3, and now let’s just click the crop button and Save it and accept and now let’s go back to our blog post And we might need to re add that featured image But instead WordPress already figured it out that the image was changed and now it fits great job and As you add in more blog post they will fill in on the second and third Positions and so on and so forth in the carousel next with our blog posts You might have noticed that when you click them you get a sort of funny looking link with index dot PHP and a date Google really just likes when you have keywords in your links and keeps it simple So to get rid of that index.php blah blah blah. Let’s go back to the dashboard and let’s hover on settings and click permalinks and Then let’s just choose post name and save it and you’re done with that And now all your links will it clean them simple for Google? Next up to edit our circle box right here, which is about us We are gonna go to edit with Elementor and once you’re here, you can just click on top of the image this parts really easy because ocean WP has set up this whole section for Us and now we can just and now we can just click on the image to change it upload files select files Alright, and I know I have a file in my email. I want to use all right, if the luxury of just having gone on a vacation, so I’m just gonna open up that one and Now we’re just gonna download it. Alright so circle Image save it now back in elementary we can just go to select files double click to use it and intermedia Beautiful if it’s not a perfect circle is because that picture itself is not a perfect square Let’s click on that image again, and let’s make it a square So we already know how to edit an image we can just click Edit And now I’m going to make the aspect ratio one-to-one first square click and hold shift and click and drag Keep shifting we’re gonna drag as much as we can in a square a little bit a little bit and Crop it and save it All right. Now I’m gonna close out of here and I’m gonna refresh this elementary window reload it So it knows that that image was updated now. We’re going to click on top of that image one more time Choose the image we are not square Insert media and we are now a circle perfect to change up the header in our about Us area. Just click on top to highlight double-click rather and write high Whatever you want to say Next to change the subtext click on the warm up some and start writing to your heart’s content This is a great place to say what the blog is about Next you want to get your social media buttons working and I’ll show you a trick here Which is to import this social media button section into this area so you don’t do write in those links twice So let’s make sure to update and now let’s see how to grab this social section and put it in this social section space Ok, we’re gonna open up the blog in a new tab and we are gonna go to the home page Now we’re gonna hover an arrow with elementary and click site header. Now, we’re gonna right click on the pencil and hit copy And we’re going to come back to the other page with elementary opened we’re gonna open a new section by clicking plus and then we’re just gonna hit paste and There you go. The social icons will come in there. Just looking a little funny because they’re in the middle of a huge space So what you have to do is click on the pencil and drag and drop those in right here in our about Us area beautiful To delete the old social icons. Let’s right click on the pencil and hit delete and Perfect. Now the only thing I’m not sure how to do if you have any ideas Let me know is how to position these social icons aligned to the left on the left side over here Instead of on the right. I’ve clicked the pencil a lot. Can’t figure how to do it If you know, please comment and let us know because that would look amazing to change up our cookbook section You can click on the tag And just edit it like you would any text in elementary Then you can click on the button and change the get now text if you want The arrow is just an icon so that icon could be any icon you want You can click on the icon and change it up really easily But the arrow seems to do the job here and then to change the background image click on the column Settings button Style and you’ll find your image just click the image of the sandwiches and you can easily change it to an image of different sandwiches beautiful So this particular button is a great button to take someone to your community page or your subscribe page or maybe a pop-out Where it offers people with the option to subscribe to a newsletter and get a free ebook download of course as usual I’ll leave you a link on how to set up a newsletter with a free ebook download beneath the video in the description So check that out next to change the heading right here that says get latest cookery tips Just click on it and edit the text to your heart’s content You can also change the subtext in the same fashion and Now we have a divider line, which you can click and change the width of it easily just click on the width button and drag it and there you go after that to change up the images in our nice little Masonry grid below just click on one of the images. Click Choose image Choose the image and one of the other ones in our gallery and you’re good to go You do the same for the other images if you don’t love them, or you can do this to match your brand Beautiful to change up the headers that are in between the images Just click on the bold text and now go ahead and start writing a new header We’re gonna click on a new section edit this All right, and there you have it folks of course changing The subtext is the same. We can just write out whatever it is that comes to our minds and our hearts All right, and we’ll update Next to change the parallax image You can just click on the outer section settings these six dots and click style and you can change the image All right, so we would go with like a cool nature background, but it has to be a big image so one of these larger food images is perfect just insert media and There you have the new background now, how does it become a parallax image Well, that’s just a setting by choosing position center center and more importantly attachment fixed you can see that image instead of scrolling like it does on scroll just Becomes fixed in one place and now you achieve the parallax effect Which is defined by having the text and the foreground content move at a different pace than the background content, of course There’s a more advanced parallax where the images moves like half as fast as the text here But in this case, we’ll stick with the simple parallax for those noodles look good Of course You can also change up the header text by clicking on top of it and changing it And you can change the subtext as well. Just so it’s not warm up some Okay, finally we have our subscription form here You can click on that and that’ll basically start working right away As long as you’ve gotten that MailChimp API and audience list key in like we did before and update Down below we have a food gallery, which are just a bunch of images lined up next to each other we can change the title by clicking on the header and writing in my blogging gallery So this is food photography so that subtext holds now we can just click on top of any image like the sandwiches because I really don’t like ham and You can change the image easily by editing the gallery. So click on the pencil icon in our image gallery We’re gonna accept the ham sandwich and we are gonna add in a new image But I click add to gallery maybe grabbing this mobile phone and add to gallery even though you can’t eat mobile phones That’s okay and insert gallery Now we’re gonna update it Close to ham sandwich and beautiful everything fits great. Alright, we’ve reached the bottom of the page now. So we’re done with our homepage It’s just time to edit our footer So guys we can edit that footer of yours just by going to customize at the top of the screen Then we’re gonna click on footer widgets Alright and here we can see we are controlling the widget on the left and which on the right So these are more just the styles of those widgets We’re gonna go back and we’re gonna go to footer bottom and then we can change the copyright area here So this is a theme made by ocean WP and the really awesome Nick. We’re gonna say copyright 2019 Set ground To calm I usually like creating a link here and you can manually write out a link by doing a href Just as I’m doing here with that open alligator bracket equals quotation mark Then we’re gonna do HTTP tuts comm Close the quote close the bracket now set context comm becomes our anchor text and just close it off It’s good to have a link to yourself on the page Now we’re gonna do a vertical bar and all rights Reserved and you can have some more links down there if you want to get a copyright symbol we can just go copyright symbol and Google and we can just pull that from Wikipedia right here Just copy that bad boy and come back to where pass and pop it in at the start So people know it’s copy written and publish then actually change what’s in your footer like the food blog by Emma We’re gonna X out here We’re gonna click to the dashboard We’re gonna hover on appearance and click widgets for the first time and now we’re gonna have footer 1 which is some widget areas and footer 2 4 3 and footer 4 and it looks like there’s nothing in those Which is odd, so let’s go back to the home page Alright, and we’re gonna click on edit with elementary because that must just be an elementary section Usually that’s footer widgets. But in this case Elementor actually created them From scratch which means they are gonna be just like the header Sorry, I’m all over the place at the moment they are gonna be in the Edit with elementary area in the site footer Takes a little trial and error sometimes Alright, so now we can pet it food blog by Emma. We’re gonna hit pencil icon. We’re gonna call this Java stop By Gregg you’re Ryan That’s me. And then we hit the text. I’m gonna write this is an educational demo website To help you make a wordpress blog. It’s a ground All right cool, and then we’re gonna change that joy newsletter to join The email Club and if I have time I’ll set up a real email newsletter here with psych around specific tips and tricks To help you guys be successful and profitable with your new blogs Get successful Site grande tips sent occasionally to inbox And update and of course, you can add like more sections here. You can put something in the middle You can also right click and duplicate this column. So you have two more sections I’m gonna hit command Z to undo that though and then just update Alright and our email form is working, but our social icons are gonna need replacing here So I’m gonna go ahead and open the site in a new tab Just like we did before when we copied that one specific widget, I’m going to end up with elementary site header And of course you can do this too, and I’m gonna grab the social icons in our header with a copy a right-click copy Okay, and then come to our other page with elements your open and I’m gonna pop those in right here to do that we just need to click in this dotted area and paste and There we have our new social icons now. We click on the pencil and drag into the right location Voila, and now we delete the old social icons You nailed it and update. All right. Now let’s at the hamburger icon and exit to dashboard Check out our site and our footer is looking awesome You know what while we’re at it I think I’ll put the logo in the footer Go to site for one more time I’m just gonna drop that logo in here. So I’m gonna open up this text editor area Make a little space spread by above this and then we can click the add Media button just like it would in a blog post Select our logo insert into post and now we have our logo in two locations on this site So good to have a little repetitive branding Next we can click on one of our sub pages like favorite eats And we can see we have a typical category page with all of the blog posts that fall in the category of Street food if you want to make a new page like this, it’s really easy. You just need to have a category first so let’s say you’re in the dashboard and you’re on your blog posts and You’re making some new posts. So there’s like a ton of examples that like I don’t know why they’re called this weird lorem ipsum like Greek stuff, but if you open a post you can make a new category at like tacos and add new category All right. So you do that you get rid of the street food category and then up to it And then you do that for several posts like you write a lot of posts about like finance advice or about like yoga Next you would come to appearance menus and You’re just gonna click on categories and choose the tacos category add to menu Make it a top level menu. This would be a drop-down if it looks like that alright save that menu and Now when we’re on our homepage like anyone who clicks on tacos, we’ll just go to every blog post about tacos So that’s how you make a specific Menu tab about a certain category of blog posts I’m gonna delete that there because it doesn’t make it ton of sense Alright, if we want to edit our sidebar, let’s say we’re on the blog page which is basically just a list of our blog posts and You want to edit the sidebar you can do that really easily For example, I don’t really like having the site admin and the logout and all that available to the public I don’t think your audience really needs to see that And we should change that picture right there and the social icons So to edit your sidebar the quickest way to do that is to hover on your site title and click widgets And it’ll take us to appear into widgets now we can just open up the sidebar items like the archives delete meta delete all The things that we want to delete like maybe we don’t have a ton of comments yet. So delete You want your blog to show your strengths at the start not show things you don’t have and a lot of times less is more Remember that less is more so we’re also going to delete categories because those can be put in the other menu and Really keep it simple. You want to direct attention to the things that you want people to see and take action on Okay, so now we have our about me if we open it It’s just this cool little like about me widget, but we have to change that up. So I’m gonna delete the image of that stop couple and upload the image of my girlfriend and I and then change the name to Greg and Krista and then the description is gonna be alright cool and you can change like the social style If you want, which will be your social links, it comes with this about me widget So that’s all part of the same thing. And this is a where you can now get your Facebook Links so might take a little time. It’s kind of hard to load like all your pages and then Get all the links, but at least you know, it looks good. So Google Plus, they should probably that one Sadly, I actually loved Google+ and then we can just write out the Instagram and the Twitter I’ll do that real quick right now and you don’t have to watch me do that Alright, there you have it folks if there is a hashtag sign in one of these sections. It’ll show the icon See, I know make sure to get rid of that if you don’t have a link to it And save it Now when we check out our shape Go to the blog. We’ll have a nice clean-looking sidebar All that makes sense except for this Instagram widget, which is for Adidas. That’s okay. I think IDs is really cool So yeah, that is how to edit our sidebar now we can go to our contact page and make some edits there So we have a cool contact form that Our website came with with us have the contact info and then we have some social icons that do another hover feature like that So you have like three different kinds of social media buttons now One in the header one on our sidebar and one in the contact page and in about section and then another newsletter prompt You might wonder why there’s so many newsletter prompts Well, that’s because some people forget to sign up and they need to be reminded So let’s click edit with Elementor here and make sure this page is working Alright to change your contact info text. Just click on top of it Now we’re gonna write a little something You can easily change the address just by editing the address tab for example right here And you can change the icons as well You know everything can be easily manipulated it’s all just right here in an input form Update I’m also gonna put in my email here because we do have a real email that you can send questions to For the sake of helping you with this YouTube tutorial Alright, so feel free to email me if you have any questions at all. I will help you just email me that said it’s a lot quicker to post a youtube comment because I see this every morning and my inbox is kind of a disaster right now, so Update that and don’t bother with the phone or fax because those are fake now for a contact form. I think it should be working It’s just gonna be a contact form that WordPress came with here from WP forms Alright, so I’m gonna scroll down and just quickly edit the About section Java stop All right, I’m gonna command a delete update that all right, so let’s check out the page let’s hit the hamburger icon view page and let’s see if that Contact form is working. So I’m gonna do a demo contact Or hi get some help Well the tote and then submit and let’s see what happens. So it says Green for success Now I’m gonna open my email As you can see total disaster and Then after a moment, there are two contact form entries that I tried came in we can click them and we can see that this would be a message that one of your users or your Prospective clients would send you so it looks really nice students their name email and message no fluff No nonsense sent from my wordpress. And if you click that it’ll just go to the place it was sent from Alright, so that is how to create and edit your contact us page Alright guys and the final step when you’re done making your blog is just to make sure you see the blog like the whole world Well and to do that we can log out. So we’re gonna hover on our name in the upper right and click log out Then we can just hit back to my wordpress and Here’s the beautiful fruits of our labor just for fun. We can check out a couple pages like the blog page see what we made and Check out all the awesome new content that you have posted Super great job everybody That is the end of our tutorial today Please make sure to ask any questions you have about SiteGround or WordPress in the comments below because I like helping with every single one of your issues whether its large or Super small love helping you figure out any issue. And if you’re making a blog right now, let us know about it, too Just post a link and we’ll send some traffic your way and check it out I want to invite you guys to check out our video on 10 ways to earn money blogging It’s our latest blog income guide and also invite you to our video on how to set up Google Analytics those are two things. You can check out and get started on right away when you’re done making your blog Hope you see over there. And of course, please make sure to subscribe You can just click on my face on the screen right there. And of course hit that notifications turned on button So you get all of our best and latest wordpress tips right when they come out Alright folks so I’m gonna sign out of our little YouTube classroom right here. Hope you enjoyed the past hour Thanks so much for watching. I’m Greg Ryan, and I’ll talk to you soon

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