How to Make a Website in 10 Minutes – The Easy Way!

How to Make a Website in 10 Minutes – The Easy Way!

Hi, I’m Daragh from In this video, you are gonna learn how to
make any type of website in just 10 minutes. It’s become surprisingly
easy to build a website even if you have no technical skills and by the end of this video, you will have a complete
website live on the internet in just five easy steps,
so let’s get started. Step one is to get hosting and a domain. Hosting is the place where your website will be stored so people
can access it online and a domain is your websites address, like To get hosting and a domain I use and recommend Bluehost because they are the best
and most reliable option and I’ve organized a pretty cool discount for you save some money. When you click the link
in the the description you’ll get a free domain
and 60% off your hosting and if you use our referral
link to make a purchase, we will receive a commission
at no cost to you, so that helps us out too. So once you get to
Bluehost, click get started and select the basic hosting plan which is ideal for a new website. Next, we’ll set up your domain. You can create a new domain or you can use one you already own. If you can’t decide on a name, you can skip this step
and create a domain later. To create a new domain, just enter your website
name and click next. Once you see that the domain is available, fill out your account information, un-tick any extras that you don’t want, enter your payment information, agree to the terms and hit submit. Once you see that your
purchase was a success, go ahead and create an account, just enter a password and
login into the account that you just created. Then answer these short
questions about your website, give some details about yourself and then skip the final step
of the onboarding process. You will now be logged
into your Bluehost account where your hosting and
domain is already set up. Step two is to login to WordPress. WordPress makes it very easy to create a website without coding and with Bluehost, WordPress is pre-installed
on your website, saving you a step. To login into WordPress, click WordPress from
your Bluehost account, this will take you to
your WordPress dashboard where you can edit your website. Now believe it or not, your
website is already set up, to see what you website
looks like, click visit site and you’ll see your custom domain name and the default design
that comes with WordPress. Step three is to install a new theme. Installing a new WordPress theme will make your website look much better and the theme I recommend is Astra because it has dozens of free designs for you to choose from. To install a new theme, click into your WordPress dashboard and go to appearance,
themes, add a new theme and search for Astra, then click install and activate. To get the free designs
that come with this theme, go to plugins, add new and
search for the Astra plugin and click install now and activate. To see the free designs,
click see library, select elementor to
easily edit these designs and click on free at the top
to see all the free designs. Now, there are free designs
here for all types of websites, so scroll down through
them and choose the design that best matches the
website you want to make or choose a design that
you like the look of. No matter what design you pick, the process to edit them is very easy and it’s the same for every design. You can preview any template
to see how it will look and to apply a template to
your site click import site, once the import is complete,
you can view your new website. I think you’ll agree this
design is a huge improvement from the default design and you also get multiple pages pre-made which really cuts down the time it’ll take you to make a website. Step four is to edit your website. It’s very easy to make your website look exactly how you want, just open the page that you want to edit and start making changes instantly. For example, to edit the homepage go to the homepage and
click edit with elementor. To change text, select the text that you want
to edit and start typing, you can edit text on a
button in the same way, to change the button color, click on the style menu in the sidebar And select the color that you want, you can even change the
text color, it’s that easy. To edit the background, right click on the background
and click edit section. Your background can be an image, a gradient color, a video or a slideshow. To change the image, click
on the existing image, upload your own image and
then click insert media to add the picture to your website. Just click update to save changes and click view the page
to exit the editor. That’s how easy it is to edit
any page of your website. Now what if you want to edit the header which appears across the top
of every page on your website? It’s very easy. To edit the header, click customize and click any of the blue
icons to start editing. For example, to change the logo, click on the blue icon next to the logo, change the logo for your own and if you don’t have a
logo, you can remove the logo and display the site title. click publish to save
changes and exit the editor, that’s how easy it is to edit
the header of your website. Now what if you want to edit the footer which appears across
the bottom of every page on your website? It’s also very straightforward. To edit the footer click edit
with elementor, site footer and select anything to begin editing. For example, to edit text, just select the text and start typing, click update to save changes and click view the page
to exit the editor. That’s how easy it is to edit
the footer of your website. Now, what if you want to add
a new page to your website? It’s very simple. To add a new page, all you need
to do is click on new, page, add a page title and then
click edit with elementor. To add content to the page, simply drag and drop the
templates from the editor on the left onto the page. For example, to add a title drag and drop the heading
template onto the page and click on the text to edit it. To add more content to the page, click back to the templates and drag and drop another
template onto the page. Once you’re done, click
publish to save changes and click view the page
to exit the editor. That’s how easy it is to add
a new page to your website. Now, what if you want to add this new page to the menu at the top of your site so that people can find it easily? It’s very simple. To edit the menu, click customize and click on the blue
icon next to the menu, then click edit menu on the left and click add items to add a page, then click on the page
that you want to add from the list on the right and your page will automatically
be added to the menu. You can reorder the items
in the menu if you want and you can also remove
any pages from the menu by clicking on the x. Once you’re done, click
publish to save changes and exit the editor. That’s how easy it is to edit
the menu of your website. So, now you know how to edit
every part of your website and it’s time to move onto our
final and most exciting step. Step five is to launch your website. This is the most exciting step because a website is such
a unique and powerful way to connect with the world. Right now your website is displaying a coming soon page to visitors. To launch your site, click the coming soon button
at the top of the page and then launch your site. Congratulations your site is now live and you now have your own
little piece of the internet. That wraps how to make any type of website in just 10 minutes. Click here if you’d like to
get a recap of the five steps, subscribe for more tutorials, share this video with friends and comment below for what
video I should do next. Thank you for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. I just watched one of your other videos and I got a theme from "mythemeshop". Followed all the instructions and it was not there when you go to visit the site after the upload. What could be the problem?

  2. Daragh, this is amazing!!! I've been watching your videos and just last nite I launched the Astra theme w/ Elementor. I also really enjoyed your FB Ad course. As an Independent Insurance Broker you have been so helpful. Thanks for all you do!

  3. I love this video Daragh, thanks a lot…i am currently taking your digital marketing course on Udemy and it is a game changer

  4. I am still a college student and need your help Daragh…

    What is the total cost for hosting/domain in a year using Bluhost?

    I want to launch a website and am planning to save up for it

  5. Congrats on your first video! I'm enrolled in your digital marketing course in Udemy and it's helping me in my VA tasks. Thanks!

  6. Congratulations and Happy 2020. This video looks very professional. I guess your studio trip is worth it! Keep the good work and thanks a lot!

  7. Thank you for watching!
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    I'll see you in the next video!

  8. Got an email from you via Udemy. I didn't realise you had a YouTube channel, but then, I haven't got into your course yet either Wish I'd known earlier because this is really good Daragh! Subscribed, rung the bell and smashed the 'like' button!

  9. Thank you for this video. Can you tell us what is needed to add a shopping cart, pay now and a donate now button to the pages? Can you demonstrate this in a video?

  10. Hi Daragh, thank you for this video. I am on Udemy doing your Digital Marketing course and I'm so glad I clicked 'Announcements' as mythemeshop didn't feel right, I was so happy to find updated advise. Thanking you! Great videos, love them! I am a freelance designer (Dublin too) wanting to move my portfolio from wix to wordpress but not wanting to get bogged down in web design so I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge 🙂

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    However, now when I am trying to add backlinks to my article, I can't view the toolbox which helps us do settings and decide the keyphrase to appear in place of backlink.
    I mean the setting toolbox is just not appearing.
    What am I doing wrong? Did i change some setting accidently?

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