How to Make a Portfolio Website – Get Mural Jobs With This!

Nobody wants to get united, like what we gotta
do is meet everybody at 149th street at “The Bench”. Are you guys ready to get commissions?! Do you want to land mural jobs and paint the
graffitis?! Then check it out, today’s video is definitely
one you’re going to want to follow along with because we’re going to be building our own
professional artist website using Huge thanks to Wix for sponsoring today’s
video, they literally couldn’t have had better timing because in a recent video I was telling
you guys how I wanted to help you make your passion a career. Wix reached out and they were like “we want
to help you and your viewers build yourselves a site. If you go-ahead to the very first link in
the description it’ll take you over to Wix and you can follow along with today’s tutorial
on how to build your own professional artist website. I’ll even have time-stamps in the description
for you. Once you go ahead and click the link in the
description you’ll be brought over to Wix. So you go ahead and click “get started”, it
may prompt you to make an account in which you may see a screen something like this,
and here you’re going to have a bunch of different options. You can choose any one of these, it really
doesn’t matter, because no matter what one you choose you can still make whatever site
it is you like. So you guys will see in a second that even
though I click “Portfolio and CV” later on we’ll be able to choose whatever we want. Now, this screen right here is interesting,
the option on the left will pretty much make a site for you based on some questions they’re
going to have you answer. The button on the right will allow you to
manually make your own site so I’m going to click that. Remember how we clicked portfolio and CV? All clicking that button before did was bring
us right here. If we had clicked business, it would have
just started us off right over here. You know what, this works out perfectly because
i kinda like this right here. You can go ahead and look through all of these
different templates, but I’m going to go ahead and choose this one right here. Now once you got the templet loaded up that
you picked, you can go ahead and watch this little introduction video and here’s your
template. Wix provides you with a lot of opportunities
to customize, everything is just, point, click, drag, and drop. Let’s say for example, I don’t want these
logos, I can just click and drag, to select them all, come over here to the right and
click delete. So this whole bunch of stuff on the right
in this right box is going to be anything that’s going to allow you to organize the
content that you have on your actual website. So if you want to align something, if you
want to delete something, if you want to copy-paste or duplicate, you’ll be able to do that with
this thing over here on the right. These options on the left are going to be
what allows you to add features. So here on the left you have “Menus and pages”,
this is going to be stuff like our stuff at the top. Witch this is going to be where we spend most
of our tutorial, this is where we want to spend out time. You’ve got this right here, “page background”
witch will allow you to go ahead and swap out this nifty car in the back or whatevers
in the background of your template. Now I just loaded in some pictures, now I
want to make this my background, and as you can see that changes right there. In order to change this, we’re just going
to go over here, double click and type in Jon Grim and I actually kinda like this so
I’m just going to change this to graffiti slash oil there ya go. Now, this third button may look overwhelming,
it’s going to let you add a bunch of stuff and they give you a LOT of stuff. So you can add a gallery witch we’ll definitely
be doing, you can add a specific image, you can add text, you can add vector art, and
your store as well. Feel free to look at this stuff if you’d like,
we’ll be using some of it throughout this tutorial. You have the “Wix app market” here on the
fourth button, which is really interesting. I’m not going to be using and for my website
specifically but feel free to take a look at this stuff because it might interest you. Now this button here is going to allow you
to upload things to Wix that you can use for your site, but htey give you various opportunities
and different ways that you can go ahead and do this. This is just one specific way to do it. And here you can start a blog and here you
can schedule bookings. Now as you can see we only have the “Home”
page here and as a result we only have the Home at the top of our website as well. You’re going to want to go ahead and add in
a couple of pages, we’re going to need a page not only for the “Home” but we’re also going
to need a page for our “Artwork”so we’re going to go add that in, and if you do murals already
you can go ahead and title this “Murals”. If you go ahead and do illustrations you’ll
title it illustrations, you can title it various other things but we’re going to name this
this “Artwork”. Another thing you can do is you can add another
page and we can go ahead and say for example “Drawings”and hit “done”. You can come here to this button and make
it a subpage of “Artwork”. So now when people click on this, you’ll get
a little bit of a drop-down menu that’ll have drawings. So you can have like drawings, ya know, paintings,
murals, all in just one place if you’d like to. The next page you’re going to want is the
good ol “CV” and this essentially is going to be experience and things you’ve done. Next I’m going to make and “Info” page. You can title that the “About” section, or
Info, either one works. And now we’re going to make the contact page. You can order these however you want, so I’m
going to go ahead and make it , Home, Artwork, CV, Info, Contact, I actually like the way
this is. All you have to do is drag it and put it wherever
it is you’d like it to be. So now when you click on any one of these
it’ll bring you to that page. As you can see there’s not anything visually
changing here because the background to my web site is that picture, but you can change
that if you’d like. What you will notice however is when I go
to “Artwork” you’ll no longer see “Jon Grim” there so now you know you’re on the other
page. Let’s try changing that background, I think
I want to add, let’s say, add a white strip to that background and plop it in there, and
drag it down. With this page you want to make sure you kinda
gear it towards you want to focus on right. If you want to do portrait, upload portraits,
if you want to do murals, upload murals. All you gotta do is come over here to the
add section, go to the gallery and you have a bunch of different options here. You can play around with what you think looks
best. Now I want something that they don’t really
have to try so hard to look at everything so for now, I’ma go plop this back in there
just by dragging and dropping it. If you click on the gallery It’ll give you
various settings like manage the media that will let you swap out pictures. Just come over here, click on it, hit manage
media, hit replace image, and once again you can come back to the images you uploaded. So we’re going to go ahead and plop this one
in here and there ya go! I’m going to hit the settings, and we can
decide how we want this to kind of layout depending on the kind of grid you chose you’ll
have some other options for the features of that grid specifically but I’m going to go
ahead and make this a little bit smaller, I’m going to decrease the spacing. Probably give me some more room, and here
ya go. Now obviously you guys are going to want to
go ahead and change these pictures out. If you can create a bond with people, and
if you can give information about your process and your concept, it’s more likely to hook
people into your artwork. Although it’s not necessary it certainly helps
out. As you can see we have the oil paintings with
a little bit of a blurb to introduce them kinda to my process and my concept when I
go ahead and I do my artwork. Now I saw this honeycomb design and I immediately
fell in love with it so I opted to go with this. I may change it later but I’m not going to
lie, I kinda like this. Next up we have the CV and I have a little
bit of an image just ot kinda spice up the page a little bit. I don’t want it to look too too plain. Also if you don’t have anything under your
belt, don’t feel like you need a CV right away. You can wait to do the CV page until you get
a couple things under your belt and once you do, load up your CV with all your prior experience. You’re going to want to go ahead and break
this up into the things you’ve done. If you’ve had exhibitions of your own, you’d
write”Exhibitions” and then all of your exhibitions underneath that followed by the name of the
exhibition, the month, the day and the year you exhibited and you would do that for all
of your press, all of your murals, stuff like that. You really wouldn’t put your commissions under
here, commissions are a little more on a case by case basis. You want to save this for more of your big
events and big accomplishments. Next up we have the info page witch this is
pretty self-explanatory, it’s exactly how it sounds like. It is information about yourself. Some people like to write this in 3rd person,
some people like to write this in first person. Personally, I would prefer to write it in
first person but I figured I would use an example of 3rd person just for any of you
guys out there. Kind of introducing yourself. Mention a couple of things you’ve accomplished,
a couple of things that you’ve done in your career. Tell people your story, let people fall in
love with who you are. And here is your contact form. So on this page, you’re just going to let
them know what it is they can contact you for and you can even choose to write more
than I did. So if you want to go ahead and let them know
for example what kind of murals you take and what kind of murals you dont take you’d go
ahead and specify something like that here or if you wanted to, you could go back to
your website editor and you can add an FAQ page in order to have all that information
for you. The FAQ page’s mission is to go ahead and
answer people’s questions preemptively. So let’s say you already take commissions
and you always hear a specific kind of question, put that question in the FAQ page and put
the answer underneath it. But other then some general information on
the contact page, you’re just going to have the contact form. Witch, once again we get by going to the add
button and getting your contact form. And once again if you wanted a store, you
can go ahead and make yourself a store. Now you may notice when we go from page to
page I have a fancy little fade in that comes on witch I quite like. All you have to do is click the thing you
want to animate, animations, and fade in. You could choose any one of the other animations,
I just really like the fade-in, and as you’ll see when we move to a different page, things
will fade in because I have it on that page. And we move back to the first page, everything
fades in. Once you’re done with your site, you can come
over here and click publish and that’s it, ya got your site. I do recommend you spend some time making
this site look as fresh as clean, as sleek as possible, that way when people go ahead
and they come to your site, they have that WOW factor. Now once your site is done all you’ve gotta
do is send hit up the gallery or hit up the business that you would like to do a mural
forgive them the normal elevator speech, like ” Oh I would love to exhibit in your gallery
because XYZ” and make sure you link them this site. This site is going to be your landing page,
it’s going to be where people become impressed and fall in love with you so once again it’s
important you make this look as beautiful as possible. I personally, I’m in love with this portfolio
site. I know a lot of you guys want to do murals,
I actually asked you guys on a different video what your ambition was and a lot of you wanted
to do murals. So I recommend, get your first mural job as
soon as possible, even if you have to do it for free, get it as soon as possible and put
it under your CV and then from there you can start getting paid for your own murals. Anyway ladies and gentlemen, that’s the video,
we have ourselves a site, we’re good to go! Huge thanks to Wix for sponsoring today’s
video, I really appreciate it, means the world to us. Once again be sure to check out the description
for a link to Wix, and you can follow this video in order to see kinda how your artist
website should be laid out. Guys, I genuinely hope you guys found some
value in this video and I hope it helps you out. For those of you guys who are new here, we
come out with weekly art videos so feel free to subscribe, we have a lot of good content!Any
way I’ll catch you guys next time, but untill then, PEACE!

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