How to Get Free Traffic to Your Shopify Store 3 Ways to Drive Traffic in 2019

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Shopify Store 3 Ways to Drive Traffic in 2019

Hey would you like to get sales without
paying a single cent on advertising in this video I’m going to reveal 3
PROVEN strategies to drive free traffic to your store so you can MAKE MONEY
without spending any money on ads isn’t it exciting by the end of this video you
will know exactly how you can get hot targeted visitors to your store and get
sales without paying a single cent watch to the end of this video because I have
some awesome bonus golden nuggets to share with you and you won’t want to
miss out on that so if getting sales without paying for ads sounds good to
you then keep watching by the way if you are new to drop shipping drop shipping
is one of the easiest way to start an online business instead of buying tons
of inventory for your Shopify store you only order products after you get sales
your supplier will ship your order for you directly to your customer so you can
sell all over the world all you need is a laptop and internet connection you can
work from home you can work from anywhere in the world you don’t need a
lot of money to get started you don’t need to invent any new products as well
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in this video you are going to discover the three proven strategies to get your
product in front of customers without paying a single cents in just a second
so listen free traffic takes time and effort you need to work for it there are
no shortcuts to being successful at dropshipping okay drop shipping is a
low-risk business model we don’t need to pay our friends for any inventory the
only thing you need to pay is your monthly Shopify account fee which is
only $29 per month and your domain which is only
$14 for an entire year other than this most of your money is invested into
advertising to bring customers to your stars and get sales okay
the popular methods to drive traffic is to run Facebook ads Google ads or
Instagram influences but what if you don’t have the budget what if you just
want to increase the revenue other than only relying on peanuts how do you get
sales without paying for traffic here’s the first way you drive free traffic
which is using YouTube now let me give you actual real-life examples so I’m
gonna put a mixture this is a portable blender bottle which is a winning
product I do it by leveraging YouTube you can see that this video alone has
generated over 1.2 million views isn’t that crazy by the way it’s totally free
to upload videos on YouTube so this person gets 1.2 million people to watch
this video without paying a single cents now imagine if that is your view you can
actually put a link to your store in the video description for those what buy
this blender oh look out of 1.2 million views there is definitely a good chunk
of people who buy after watching this video because they are interested right
if they are not interested they would not even click and watch the video in
the first place so out of those 1 by 2 million views even if you cover just 1
percent of these views into customers 1 percent means that every 100 people who
watches this video only one of them buy and look 1 percent of 1.2 million is
12,000 imagine how much money you would make with shaft hours and sales and
remember uploading a video to YouTube is 100% free let me show you another
real-life example this is also a winning product by the way this micro bleeding
eye broken now check out how many views these videos and carbon 2 point 6
million views 1 million views 644 thousand one hundred forty-eight
thousand and this was published go one hundred and fifty three thousand views
isn’t it amazing there’s so much traffic for free on
YouTube are you guys getting this you guys can search it for ourselves on
YouTube the proof is there it can go search it up and see for yourself do you
see how many views just one product is getting and again if you think about it
the buyers intent is very high everyone that searches and clicks and watches
these they are pretty interested in a product
right otherwise they wouldn’t click and watch these videos in the first place
does that make sense so out of all these views is guaranteed that the good chunk
of them will actually buy the product after watching the video now you can see
for yourself that winning products can generate a huge amount of views just
from YouTube alone and even if you get a fraction the tiny fraction of the views
to purchase from you you can imagine how many sales you can get without paying a
single cents and uploading videos to YouTube is completely free by the way
and I just proved to you that there is a massive amount of traffic you can get
from YouTube alright so that is the first way which is leveraging YouTube
which is the world’s second largest search engine by the way and the first
is obviously Google search now let’s move on to the second way which is
leveraging Facebook groups again I’m here to serve you and I want to help you
understand so the best way is to simply show you real-life examples so look
let’s say we did our product research and we decided to sell this product
basically this is a product that helps people to lose weight so we can leverage
free traffic from Facebook groups right so the next step is we are going to look
for Facebook groups that would be interested in this product okay so by
doing a simple search we can join facebook groups like this okay take a
look at how huge how massive these groups r7j fifty six thousand one
hundred twenty-nine thousand twenty-five thousand two hundred one thousand read
the titles of these Facebook groups okay the people inside these groups they will
want to lose weight and they will want a flat stomach right so joining these
groups and promoting this ship web product who make a lot of sense isn’t it
you can use this method for any product not just because products escape all you
need to do is simply search in Facebook join the popular Facebook groups that is
in the niche find Facebook groups that is related to the products whether
people inside the Facebook groups will be interested in their product does that
make sense now listen I’m not telling you to just
join all the groups and then start to spam and spam and spam
alright you can just join the groups and just copy and paste your Starlin over
and over again you have to be smart about it you can give like a product
review you can so share a video or a photo you can ask
people for opinions as people if anyone has used this product ask people if this
product really works so listen because these groups are so huge they have so
many members people are going to ask you where you got this from where you got
yours from so you can conveniently comment your store link in the comment
section right so are you guys getting this are you getting an aha moment right
now isn’t this awesome okay let me stress one more time don’t try all these
books and just spam k it’s not going to work and you are going to get banned
from the group all right so now before I review the third way if
you are enjoying this contents and the value make sure you hit the like button
okay smash the thumbs up to show your support now moving on this is the third
way which is partnering with Instagram influencers before I explain how to do
it let’s talk about the usually which is you paying the Instagram influencer to
do a shot up this is very straightforward you pay them a fixed
amount they will post for you they will do a standard post or a story post or
both okay and then from there you can get sales now how do you get Instagram
influencers to post and basically promote your product for free without
paying them a single cent it’s actually possible there is an approach that
allows the Instagram influencer to make money based on how many sales they
generate for you in fact the more sales they generate for you the more money
they make that sounds incredible isn’t it is an even better so here’s how we
can do it you pick a product as usual next you find an Instagram influencers
in the niche that is relevant to the product for each Instagram influence are
you permanent if you give them a unique coupon code you can easily create coupon
codes we’ve Shopify if you don’t know how to do that then you gotta learn to
Google so we give each of this is the grant influencer they are very own
unique there are special coupon code okay can give it this kind of ten or
twenty percent off for them to promote the product to their our audience and
their audience can use the special code to enjoy a discounted price okay thanks
to the Instagram influence on now at the end of every week we can actually see
how many times the coupon code has been used by simply log into your Shopify
dashboard and they can easily identify how many cells
each of this Instagram influencer reefer and from there you can pay them
commissions for each cell they help you generate now this will become a win-win
situation you are going to get sales for free by leveraging on the Instagram
influencers audience that is the great influence are you partner with will also
make money because you are paying them commissions for every sale they refer to
you now obviously that is a cut of your profit so both of you will make money so
look don’t approach Instagram influencers with a very huge following
so they are probably going to ignore you because huge followings they were really
bombarded with requests every day okay and the larger they are following the
more they will want to charge you upfront for any post right so look for
micro influencers instead listen free traffic takes time and effort you
need to work consistently to see results a lot of people are afraid to use pay
traffic because of the fear of failure they are afraid that they might lose a
lot of money so they want to go with the safe around the safer route which is not
risking at all and only depending on free traffic now here’s the problem if
you want to be successful at dropshipping you need to master paid
advertising eventually if you want to scale if you want to get results quicker
you need to use paid traffic because free traffic alone is too slow you can’t
scale to large numbers so again to be successful with pay traffic you need to
have a system we need to have a blueprint to follow you need to model
after success so a lot of beginners they actually lose money because they are
doing alone they are wasting a lot of time and money because they are trying
to figure out everything on their own they are learning through trial and
error and if you do that it will be very painful okay listen you can always make
money but you can never make bet your time okay
the time that is wasted on figuring out everything on your own can never be made
back so instead of wasting time and figuring out everything alone you can
cut short your learning curve by simply modeling after success by the way if you
want me to mentor you and show you step by step on everything you need to know
to be successful and drop shipping and how you can make a full time income
quit your drop and escape the 9 to 5 from just drop shipping go to
struck dotnet or click on the link in the description down below the price
will be increasing soon so enrolled to be alright now since you are still
watching I’m going to share with you some golden nuggets alright so here are
some bonus ways for you to generate even more free traffic all right so is it
okay if I over deliver is it okay if I give you even more value alright so
here’s the first bonus way for you to generate free traffic using ready you
can actually join subreddits that are related to the product and you can drive
traffic from them using the same strategy as I covered earlier you can
either give a product review or you post about the product putting a photo or a
video you can ask people as the community as the subreddit for opinion
ask them if it works better it’s real fit and etc then in the comment section
you can actually share where you bought yours from ok the next bonus matter is
using for our search for questions related to your product and you can
answer them and then you at the same time we recommend the products in a not
so direct manner alright does that make sense the next bonus
method is simply sharing on Pinterest Pinterest can give you a lot of traffic
for free so that is pretty straightforward
so moving on the last bonus which is growing and Instagram profile so instead
of just partnering with Instagram influencers it can actually grow your
own Instagram profile within a niche and then use it to promote products so just
choose a broad niche so that you have enough products to promote and like I
have stressed many many times draw this video free traffic takes time it takes
effort so don’t expect to make huge sales from day one all right so that’s
the golden methods speaking of which if you want the best golden nuggets if you
want me to show you how to master drop shipping from A to Z so you can make
money and escape the 9 to 5 ro 2 e com-shuk
net right now or click on the link in the description down below ok go to econ
shop dot next alright so thanks for watching don’t forget to hit the
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me leave it in the comment section down below
and can’t wait to hear what you have to see I read and reply to all my comments
alright so thank you very much for watching my videos thank you for staying
till the end I appreciate it and in fact if you are
still watching at this point please leave a comment down below let me know
that you are one of the special ones who actually watch the video to the end
alright so that’s it for this video once again I want to thank you for a time out
to thank you for watching I can’t wait to see you again in my next video so
have a great day

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