How To Generate Traffic To Your Website – Top 4 Ways…

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website – Top 4 Ways…

hey hey Aaron Chen here hope you’re
doing well today if you’re here right now then you’re doing some research on
YouTube probably about how to generate traffic to your website okay so you’ve
probably got some sort of website going on maybe you have a blog maybe you have
a sales funnel you’re selling some products online and you want to
understand the mechanics behind how to get people get eyeballs right get
potential customers to your website because maybe you have no idea how to do
it okay so I’m gonna talk about that in the next
few minutes I’m gonna share with you some strategies what works well what
doesn’t work so well and I’m hoping that you’re gonna be able to use this in your
business and get some good results right hey there my name is Aaron Chen for
those of you who don’t know me I’ve been online for nine years marketing building
an internet marketing business but for the first eight years I failed miserably
you know really literally just slamming my head against the wall not really
knowing what I was doing wrong I’ve invested a ton of money into my business
so I know a thing or two about driving traffic and making sales building a
business online okay over the last year I generated over a thousand sales in my
business so if you want to check out how I did that you can click on the link
right below in the description box if you want to do that okay so let’s talk
about how to get traffic to your website right first of all I must say that not
all traffic is created equal all right now some people you know will tell you
that you know traffic is traffic is traffic but that is not true because it
really depends on what happens to that traffic before they come to your website
right now the best traffic online is the traffic where you are building a
relationship with that person with that potential prospects prospect before they
even come to your website now what am I talking about I’m talking about stuff
like Facebook for example where if you’re doing video traffic on Facebook
they watch your video and you sort of build a relationship with you know your
potential prospect and then when they’re ready they will click on your link and
they will go to your website so that process of doing the video and them
seeing you know a little bit about your story or your personality now of course
it’s very important that that video is good and it’s you know created in a
certain way but that kind of traffic generation is still hands down the
because they get to see you before they even come to your website so by the time
they come to your website they’re like okay I already know this person and I
kind of you know have a feeling of what they’re about I’m more willing to put in
my email address to find out a little bit more on on the next page right
versus traffic like solo ads where all they see is an email you know coming
into the email inbox and it says something like hey you want to learn how
to generate $500 a day click here to learn how and then they click on it and
it goes directly to to your website and then you you know that you asked for the
email address so in that kind of traffic generation the problem is is that
they’ve never seen you before they don’t know who you are all they see is like a
little you know email ad and it says you know first it talks about money so it
seems really like scammy you know people generally don’t get a really good
feeling from that type of traffic generation which is why solo ads are
very very difficult to become profitable with right I I was driving Travis old
ads for about eight years in my business that’s one of the main reasons why I was
failing because I didn’t really understand how to make it profitable
okay so low traffic is one of those strategies where a lot of people talk
about it online but I would not focus on it do not focus on solo traffic right
that should be one of the last things you try because it’s very complicated
and it’s not easy to get profitable with solo traffic okay coming back to what I
was talking about before where you’re building a relationship with your list
before or your customers before they even see your website other strategies
would include include things like YouTube okay so YouTube Facebook
marketing let me see SEO is pretty good too like blogging okay now why are these
to be good well in YouTube right if you’re watching this video right now you
probably did some sort of search on how to generate traffic to your website on YouTube right and my video popped up and now you’re watching a video of me talking about
traffic I know how to generate traffic now so far I haven’t asked you to opt-in
to any list right all you’re doing is is you you you were searching for something
and now you’re consuming the content that you search for I haven’t asked you
for any email I haven’t asked you to buy anything you’re you’re just consuming
content right so right now what’s going on is we’re
building a relationship especially if this is the first time that you’re
watching any one of my videos maybe you’ve never even heard of me before
right you’ve never heard of our and chin and that’s fine okay a lot of people
haven’t okay and that’s the same thing that’s gonna happen to you when you’re
generating traffic online but what this video is doing right now is it’s giving
you a bit of value it’s allowing you to interact with me you know you’re seeing
my face you’re seeing the way that I speak and I’m hoping that this this
video is going to build a relationship with you okay and in the same way as if
you were doing video ads on on Facebook and if you were doing you know YouTube
ads like this one or you were doing blogging where somebody types out a
keyword they see a certain search result on Google they click on it and it goes
to your blog and they read an article about the exact topic that they were
searching for okay now if they’re reading the information through on that
article that’s gonna create so even though it’s not a video per se it’s
still free information and it’s giving them value and they are you know they’re
building a relationship with you through that article that they’re reading now if
that article or the video that you’re consuming is good enough at the end it
would probably say something like hey if you want to learn a little bit more
about you know how to generate more traffic to your websites or you know if
you want to learn how to lose weight you know if you want to learn to lose 30
pounds over the next you know 60 or 90 days I want to show you how to do that
so for more information click on the link below right and if the information
was good what are you gonna do you would probably click on that link to find out
a bit more right and then you click on that link it would go to your website
and the chance is that you will enter your email address to find out more
information on the next page is much much higher than if you were just to do
some sort of little solo ad or some sort of pay-per-click ad that just pops up on
somebody’s website when they’re not even looking for that particular thing does
that make sense right so traffic generation is all about you know going
on different platforms and learning about that platform and then learning to
generate traffic through that platform but the best type of traffic is the
traffic like I just mentioned where you’re able to build a little bit of a
relation before you ask the person for the email
address okay I hope that makes sense so unfortunately you know I don’t have time
to actually dive into you know the exact mechanics of generating traffic because
I mean for that kind of stuff you need you need to invest in a course okay
because to learn how to generate you know traffic on YouTube for example or
Facebook it’s gonna take more than five minutes or ten minutes to learn you know
these courses are usually five to ten hours long because you have to learn all
the little things that you need to do to set up your website to you know
understand things about keywords you know understand about how to shoot you
know shoot a video or you know understand how to write articles and you
know upload them onto your blog and drive SEO traffic it can be quite
complicated okay so I’m hoping that this video all it is is it’s just a little
bit of an introduction to get you to understand how to generate traffic to your website and where you should be focusing your time okay I honestly think that you should be focusing your time on YouTube
on Facebook doing video all right or driving traffic through articles via
your blog by doing SEO traffic right so now your job is to go out there and find
you know more information about these topics in particular and at some point
I’m gonna do a bit of a more in-depth video on on YouTube marketing okay so
that you can get a bit of an idea because that’s what I love to do right
in the meantime let me know what you thought of this video okay let me know
in the comments below did this help you at all
did it give you some sort of direction on where you should focus your time on
and listen if you want to find out a little bit more about myself if you want
to see what kind of business I’ve built I want to show you some of my other
traffic sources that you can check out if you want right and all you have to do
to get that information is click on the link right below this video there’s a
little link right there go ahead and click on that it’s going to lead you to
my website you can leave your email address in there to get the free
information and I hope you know that you can take this info and you know in you
know including in your business and I wish you all the best in your online
endeavors and I hope you can generate a ton of traffic to your websites and be
very very successful my name is Aaron Chen and I’ll speak to you soon take

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  1. A technique i utilized in generating traffic for my website where i run my business selling second hand products was influencer marketing via phlanx as the platform. So far i've been doing really good with it

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