How to Fix Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information from Server!

How to Fix Google Play Store Error Retrieving Information from Server!

WhatsUp Guys Raj here and welcome to a brand new video on the channel. and today video i show you what to do when your google play store is not working we all experiance google play store error message. When downloading apps , or the play store simply won’t open. So How to fix this problem let’s staet but before going to start i show you few common
google play store errors and problem, and how to solve these problem. but before that if you don’t subscribe my channle pls subscribe my channle and
support me. and now let’s start. Firstly you need to make sure your google play store up-to-date. o how to update your google play store. go to the Play store Tap on the Menu Button Hit on the Settings Under General hit on Auto update app, and now tap on the auto-update apps over wifi only. and make sure you’re conncted to wifi Now the Settings thing is google check your smartphone date and time settings. if google play store doss’t find a time then it could
cause some issue. To fix this issue Go to the device settings Now go to the bottom and tap on the Date and Time and you will see your phone is on the
automatic date and time If your smartphone already on Automatic and your Google Play Store still not working then you should manually
set the date and time. Now the main Tips, Clear Google Play Store Cache and Clear data. these tips solve 90% of google play store problem. So first of all Go to Your device settigns you should then go into your Apps section. And click on this 3Dot button Tap on Show System Now search Google Play Store and open it Hit on the Storage and first clear on Cache Now hit on the Clear data Remember, when you do this your files,accounts,
settings, databases and other information will be erased. and now if this not worked for you Go back and clear data and cache on Google Play Services like Play store or update your google play
services or re-install it. and get latest google play store and google play services link in the description. and the next things is check your disable apps :- under apps i mean here you can check your desable apps, if you find any desable apps
re-enable this because sometimes many apps need others apps in order to function properly and the Next thing is, Reset your Google Account. if your google play store still isn’t working then you may need to refresh your google account to do this again go to settings Tap on Accounts and then Tap on 3 Dot Button Hit on Remove Accounts Now Re-enter your Google Account and the Next, and final things is that Factory data Reset If all things is failed and you Still facing Problem try reset your smartphone. so how to do this. go to your settings Hit on backup and Reset but before restest your device take a full backup of your device and now hit on the Factory reset, and reset your mobile. so guyz these are some solution and tips for google play store. did this solution work for you. and if you have any other advice and tips for us commant below. hopfully guyz u enjoy this video. if you like this video be sure to give a big thumbs up and subscribe my channel.

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