How to create image link in WordPress

How to create image link in WordPress

Hello, let’s look at a useful option. Imagine you have an image inside your post. What happen if you click on it? We will look through all possible options
where the image link can lead. First of all there is no link. I would like to change that. I will go to the WordPress admin to edit this post. I look for the image and I click on edit details. You see the option named Link To which is set to None. I switch it to the Media File. I check the post and … it is not working. I did this for the purpose. We forgot to click on update post. We saved only the image options not the post itself. So I go back to the post and I click on the
update and on the frontend when I click on the image I see it as a media file in full resolution. Another option is to set a link to the attachment page. I go back to the admin to change the link. Click on update the image, then update the post and visit the post. Check how this page looks with your theme. In this Directory+ theme by AIT, the attachment page contains more details as usual. There is also the fourth option for the link
to lead to a specific page on your site or elsewhere. I go back to the image detail settings and
choose the custom URL. You could put any link to this field. I click on update image and update post and visit the post. When I click on the image, I will be redirected to the youtube channel with our videos by AIT themes. Thank you for watching.

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  1. I don't know why it doesnt appear on the option when I edit image the display settings, may you help me please!

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