How To Cheaply Drive Buyer And Seller Traffic To Your Clone Sites

How To Cheaply Drive Buyer And Seller Traffic To Your Clone Sites

Hey, it’s Joe. Today I’m going to show you how to drive
traffic to your real estate website and to do it very, very cheaply. Let’s take a look at the Automarketer and
I’ll show you what I’m talking about. I’m going to show you how to cheaply and
effectively drive buyer and seller traffic to your clone sites. When they go to your clone sites there are
forms on you clone sites that you want them to fill out based on who they are, whether
they’re you know, buyer leads or whether they’re seller leads or what type of seller
leads they are. And that’s the clone site’s information
which I’ve given to you in a different video, because each of those clone sites will go
after a different kind of lead. But you want to be able to drive the right
kind of traffic to the correct website so that they’ll fill out that form and they’ll
become a lead in your system. And there’s a few ways you can do that. One is through the Automarketer. This is the system that is scraping for sale
by owners from craigslist, gets their phone number and then sends them a text and tells
them, you know, different things depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re trying to find a buyer you can
contact the people that are looking for properties, looking for homes. And there’s a category in craigslist that
we send to and we get a great response to those people. In our text to those people, there’s URL
that leads them to the website where they can read about what it means to buy rent to
buy. And if they fill out that form it puts them
in your database that you can then send them broadcast messages. Your best leads are going to be the people
that are already in your database that have already responded. So, once you have them in the Automarketer,
first you get them through the Automarketer, then you get them into the broadcast messages
and then you send them regular broadcasts based on what they’re trying to accomplish. Also, when they fill out the form on your
clone site, you’re going to get their email address so you’ll have both their email
and their phone number in there, in their account. So, that’s what the buyers. There’s other ways to drive traffic to your
websites using things like Facebook ads or ad words on Google that’s more expensive
and it’s probably not necessary to use. You can also drive traffic there through you
know, newspaper ads for that matter, or signs in your yard, or any other type of media that
is going out that’s advertising your stuff. You can build your lists that way. But I would suggest that you use the Automarketer
because that’s all the leads that you’re going to need, you can get from the Automarketer. And you’re going to get them for pennies
instead of for dollars. The other type of leads that you’re going
to want is to find sellers. And you can use the we will buy campaign which
is the buying properties for under market value, getting wholesale deals, that type
of property. And I showed you that in a different video
in this series here. And then also the rent to own sellers, driving
people to your sites through the three-month campaign. And this campaign sends them to the site over
a period of time. So, again, you can use other sources, other
ways to drive traffic to your websites. You can use any source that you want. But start with the cheap stuff first. Start with the things that are least expensive. Always go for the low hanging fruit in your
business before you move on to a more expensive alternative. Sometimes as entrepreneurs we’re always
looking at the grass is always greener on the other side, let’s go for that. And then we don’t go after these really
important leads. There’s other things that you can do, too,
if you have phone numbers of absentee owners and those types of things. You can do blasts out to those people as well. Just make sure you’re following the rules
as far as the laws pertaining to sending out text blasts. We’re able to send out text blasts to leads
on craigslist because they’re advertising and they’re asking for us to call them. So, we have their phone number, they’re
asking to sell their properties. We’re contacting them about buying their
properties. So we’re making them an offer. So it’s not ever going to fall under the
you know, legislation that keeps you from sending out unsolicited text messages and
voice blasts and emails. All right. This is a great way to build your business.

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