How does THAT author’s website get traffic?

How does THAT author’s website get traffic?

Hey guys I’m Dave Chesson of and in today’s lesson we’re going to look at how you can figure out if
another person’s website is getting traffic and converting sales check it
out so the idea behind this lesson is is that you know of another author’s
website that’s out there and you want to figure out whether or not that website
is actually getting them sales or if people are even going there to do this
all you have to do is take their URL and place it into this website called similar web is a free website that will go through and tell
you some really important things like how many people go to that website
what’s the demographics and what kind of people actually go there is the person
doing any advertisement on facebook or google adsense are they guest posting
for other websites more importantly where are they focusing their marketing
and is it working as you can tell those are some really powerful things that can
help you with your website or just marketing in general for that target
market so let’s go ahead and jump on my computer and check it out in action now
for this we’re going to be using itself so that I can
actually give you some better information this website similar web
isn’t perfect but it sure beats nothing okay so let’s check it out okay so we’re
here on similar web calm and as you can see there’s in this bottom bar is the
enter your website to get started so in this case i’ll type in
otherwise you would want to type in the competitors website or whatever the
target is to find out exactly whether or not they’re doing well so immediately it
pops up and it gives us a global rank country ranking category rank don’t
worry about that it’s you know it’s just some metric to say that this website is
in the top 138,000 in the world or excuse me in the united states yeehaw
okay but here we can see immediately the number of traffic now as you
see Kindleprenuer has grown exponentially which is really cool I had a great month
in March and not dip down to tell you the truth actually I’ve increased since
then so I’m not really sure why they see the dip but they do it says that people
who come there on average are about two minutes and that’s about correct
pageviews a 1.67 that means every time somebody comes to the website on average
they see 1.67 pages so they clicked on to another page I’d say
using real metrics it’s about 22.3 so this ones a little low bounce rate six
about sixty percent and I’ll bounce rate means that the person came to my website
and immediately was like oh no no no I don’t want this you know and they
immediately left now that may sound high but that’s actually really good for a
blog and authority website in general sixty to eighty percent is where you
should be for an authority website for a super niche website you’re looking at
maybe twenty to thirty percent big big websites like Huffington Post’s are
usually singing at ninety percent so I’m sitting pretty good here and that’s
about right next we go on to find out exactly where in the world people of
Kindleprenuer are coming from a majority are coming from the United
States of course and then second is United Kingdom that makes sense then
India Canada Sri Lanka Sri Lanka oh yeah that’s where I am so that’s probably me
right there so no surprise there right okay moving on let’s look at the traffic
sources directly forty-three percent of the people that come to Kindleprenuer are
typing in and coming here so that’s pretty cool referrals
means that people are on other websites and they click on a link and it takes
them to search of course this is my strength is people go
to Google they’ve type in a phrase and they find one of my websites that’s
called search engine optimization so that’s that’s actually about right
usually it’s uh it’s about forty-five percent according to my metrics social
as you can see 6.29 percent of all traffic that come to can
opener come from social media like Facebook Twitter
Instagram and enter other pop up okay social media platform because every day
there’s anyone mail is about 1.72 percent and that’s that’s about right
I’m not much of a mailer I only send one email a month or excuse me a week where
is there a lot of people that will send out like two week and they’ll even send
out another one to those that didn’t open I just don’t do that so as you can
see my mail response is pretty low but I think it’s actually about four percent
if memory serves me correctly so we’ll go on referrals this is where it says
that hey these are the websites that are sending people to
they list a couple they say disqus Authority.hub you know that
Steve Scott’s websites that’s really cool navigator that’s a tactic
that I type that I teach about using so that makes sense and there
are a lot more but because this is a free version you would have to be in the
pro version to click and see the rest and then it also tells tells me or you
where I’m sending people so a lot of people are clicking on
so if you’ve read my kindle keyword article then you know all about that
little guy fakenamegenerator.calm which is a part of my pen name article
so that makes sense I really don’t know anything about OHFB maybe I should
look into that hopefully somebody hasn’t dropped the link in there that didn’t
know about um fiver and indiebookofthe… whatever that be and again there’s
more so you can kind of go through and see where where people are coming in and
where people are going afterwards pretty powerful next off we go to search so
this is where you see my keywords okay forty percent of traffic comes from
google like we talked about and if we go down at saying some of my keywords like
Kindle calculator kdp calculator pen name generator amazon sales something
Kindleprenuer these are the words that people are typing into Google and then
they’re clicking on it and coming to Kindleprenuer which is
generating forty percent of my traffic so you can find out if your competitor
is being found on Google and what it is that they’re being found by maybe you
could write an article about that too social media of course it makes sense
that about ninety-five percent of all my social media traffic is coming from
facebook that’s because I chose a long time ago to say to myself look there’s
so much social media out there I’m just gonna focus on one and my favorite is
Facebook so that’s where I hang out now although I don’t push social media as
much as as many others do it still is a part of my tactics it’s just not a big
part of it as you can see scrolling down display advertising no I don’t have any
advertising I don’t pay for traffic in that respect so of course there’s
nothing I think it’s pretty funny they put a cute little dog they’re good for
them and finally we’ve got audience interests this is the demographics ok
this is what tells you you know the kind of people that go to the website where
they come from categories where they came from some of the topics that they
like to search or the topics that they like to be on
interesting enough that here’s also other websites maybe you can glean like
for example another author might be on a forum that you’ve never heard of and
that might be a big part of where their target market is coming from that’s some
great information as an author so you’ll find that here finally similar websites
I guess there’s nothing similar to Kindleprenuer pretty cool in my book
I guess but shoot okay and of course no apps and finally their whole hey you
want more information pay to get here but as you’ve learned we don’t need
that this has a lot of great information all you got to do is put it in there now
say for example you put in a competitor’s website and it draws up
nothing it says that whole not enough data to be able to tell you what that
usually means is that there’s little to no life on that website and therefore
similar web was not able to gather it so if you see that good indicator that that
person’s website is not a major factor in their book sales for their book
marketing okay right we’re back so as you can see similar web is a really cool
tool that gives you a better understanding of whether or not
somebody’s website is really a part of their marketing value okay are they
using it to sell their book if the answer is no then guess what they’re
doing something else so I hope you enjoyed this lesson I hope this is
giving you a quick and easy actionable tool in which you can find out more
about your competitor and learn about other people’s success while not breaking
the piggy bank in next week episode we’re going to be talking about another
tactic that will help you to find other ways in which somebody is being
successful so you’re just gonna have to stay tuned till then take care guys and
keep calm right on Cheers you

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  1. Hi, Dave! Thanks for sharing how to use SimilarWeb. 🙂 Question: if an author's website is not a (big) part of their book marketing plan, what other avenues are they likely using instead? (Aside from paid ads, that is.)

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